Ceiling Artex – A Removal Guide Including Prices

Artex is a textured coating that was very popular in the 1970’s and 80’s and can still be seen today in many homes.

While occasionally found on walls, you’re more likely to see this product on internal ceilings.

Artex was once seen as a fashionable home improvement product but has fallen out of fashion during the last twenty years.

If you want to know how to get rid of Artex or how much it costs a professional to remove it for you, this page is for you.

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Ceiling Artex

Just one of the many designs that can be created with Artex

Your First Step

If your property contains Artex and you would like to get rid of it, your first step is to take a sample and send it off for asbestos testing.

Artex contains fibres that make it easy for the applicator to create patterns.

While the company that produced Artex stopped using asbestos in the early 1980’s, there were thousands of bags of asbestos-containing Artex on shop shelves for years afterwards.

To be on the safe side, any property with Artex textured ceilings constructed before the year 2000 may contain asbestos and you should test it before removing it.

The good news is that asbestos testing is quick, cheap and easy.

You can even buy a testing kit on Amazon, just send the sample off for analysis and you’ll get the results in less than three days.

Your Options

Once you’ve tested the Artex for asbestos, you have a few options:

Board Over the Artex

You can have plasterboard panels screwed directly over the Artex ceiling, thus sealing it in.

The panels are then plastered over with two coats of gypsum before decoration such as painting can begin.

This is a very popular option, especially if the Artex has deep grooves.

Plaster Overskim

Another option is to apply two coats of plaster directly onto the Artex textured coating.

This is also a popular option and also the cheapest and quickest way to mask the textured coating.

See our guide to plastering prices for more information.

Artex Removal

There are two ways to remove Artex:

  1. Remove the entire ceiling back to the joists, both the Artex and the plasterboard backing will be removed and disposed of.
  2. Use a chemical gel to dissolve the Artex, which can then be scraped off, leaving the plasterboard intact.

Both of these processes create a considerable amount of waste and if it contains asbestos, that will be hazardous waste.

Removal is the most expensive option and you’ll still need to pay for plastering and decorating as well.

Artex Removal and Over-Skimming Cost

Below is a rough guide to Artex removal prices, we’ve also published a cost guide for over-boarding and over-skimming.

The prices are for a typical lounge ceiling with roughly 20 sq metres of area.

Project:Total Cost:
Overskim plaster to lounge ceiling£375.00
Over-boarding and plastering to lounge ceiling£500.00
Remove non-asbestos Artex with chemical gel and steamer to lounge£250.00
Remove asbestos Artex to a lounge ceiling£2000.00

What Type of Tradespeople Do This Type of Work?

Over-boarding and plaster skimming is a task that any experienced plasterer can undertake.

If your property contains asbestos, your chosen contractor should have completed an “asbestos awareness” course which gives them permission to work near to asbestos-containing products.

Because asbestos is so dangerous and hazardous, it should only be removed by a qualified individual. For internal asbestos removal, air testing equipment will need to be set up and records kept of how many particles were released into the air.

Can Artex be Removed DIY?

As long as it doesn’t contain asbestos, it’s certainly possible to remove it DIY.

The best method is to apply a chemical dissolver to loosen up the material, a steamer and scraper should then be used to lift the Artex.

Our Recommendation

There is no need to remove asbestos textured coatings like Artex, it can be plastered over and sealed in, so no fibres are released.

Asbestos removal is costly, creates a considerable amount of dangerous dust and isn’t needed.

Asbestos containment and management is the preferred option in most dwellings that contain this harmful material.

We suggest over-skimming or over-boarding as an alternative to Artex removal, regardless of whether it contains asbestos or not.

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