A Detailed Look at Artificial Grass Costs

A few years ago I would never have even considered fake grass as an alternative to the lush real turf I currently have in my garden.

That’s probably because I’m a little old-fashioned and adverse to change.

But times have moved on, and the quality of many fake grasses has improved considerably in recent years.

A good quality artificial grass looks like grass, feels like grass but doesn’t require any maintenance and lasts for decades.

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Fake artificial grass carpet

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Costs For Larger Areas

We did some additional research and found that artificial grass costs decrease on areas above 50 sq metres.

The smaller-sized gardens tend to cost more on a per square metre basis.

We also found that unusual shapes tend to add to the cost, curves, in particular, can result in a higher quote. Presumably, this is due to the extra wastage.

That said, we hope our price guide on this page is helpful to you.

A Price Guide For Artificial (Fake) Grass

fake artificial grass costWe contacted several dozen companies to get a quote for a 50 sq metre fake lawn in a typical back garden.

We took an average of the quotes we received from landscape gardeners and specialist artificial lawn installers and have published them below.

As you can see the average artificial grass cost is £68.00 per square metre deivered and installed.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London AreaN/A£75.00 per m
South, SW and MidlandsN/A£7200 per m
Outer Region and NorthN/A£65.00 per m
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Roll Sizes and Joints

Rolls of artificial grass usually come in 2 metre or 4 metre widths, lengths up to 25 metres in a continuous roll can be purchased.

If you want to minimise the number of joints in the lawn we suggest you check with your supplier, as they are all different.

Where a joint is required, your installer will use special backing tape, this has adhesive on either side and is placed underneath the two sections that need to be joined.

Installation Tips

Artificial Grass CostsIn case you were considering laying your own artificial grass yourself or if you wanted to keep an eye on your landscape gardeners, explore these steps as a guide:

You will need: a shovel, wheelbarrow, brush/broom, rake, timber for edge fixings, kiln dried sand, weed proof mat, joining tape and adhesive, artificial grass, Stanley knife/cutter, hammer and nails.

  1. Strip out all old grass, weeds and vegetation etc.
  2. Install a timber board around the perimeter of the area (optional but recommended).
  3. Level the soil, rake out large stones and firm down.
  4. Apply a top layer of kiln dried sand and firm down
  5. Lay a weed proof mat over the sand (optional but recommended).
  6. Lay the artificial grass, ensure you don’t walk directly on the sand, keep feet on the carpet.
  7. Use tape and adhesive on all joints.
  8. Sprinkle kiln dried sand over the carpet to weight it down.
  9. Use pan headed nails to secure the edge of the carpet to the timber edgings (optional).

Below is an installation video, they use a thick underboard instead of a thin weedproof layer but otherwise the installation is standard:

Maintenance Requirements

While artificial grass does require some maintenance, it is considerably less than what you’re used to with real grass/turf. The artificial grass will require the occasional brush off to keep leaves and twigs from settling on the surface and compacting into a muddy surface layer.

We also suggest you wash the surface with water occasionally, a hose and brush should do the trick.

A pressure washer should only be used on the lowest of settings. Using a high powered pressure washer can shift the sand under the grass or lift the artificial grass up altogether.

One of the biggest problems with this type of grass is mud/dirt collecting on the surface, if this isn’t cleared frequently, weeds can grow and the whole thing will look grubby and awful, brushing and the occasional wash is all that’is needed to keep the artificial turf looking as good as new.

What is the Life Expectancy of Fake Grass?

Almost every website we looked at stated that the product is resistant to UV rays or “UV stable” but we think that after 10-15 years there will be some fading of the colour which is normal for most types of plastic.

Even with some fading and assuming average wear and tear, the product should still last 12-18 years before it needs to be replaced. The life expectancy will depend on the chosen product and how much wear and tear it experiences. The premium products have much thicker artificial grass, they don’t just look better but should also last longer.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Grass


  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy to install once the base is laid
  • More resilient than normal grass
  • Perfect for balconies and shaded areas where grass often struggles to grow


  • The initial high cost to install
  • Not great for the environment as insects do not like the sand underneath
  • Cheaper variants don’t feel real grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the top most frequently asked questions:

Q: Is the artificial grass rough on the skin, does it graze skin?

A: Modern materials mean that the grass is soft on the skin.

Q: Can artificial grass be installed DIY?

A: Yes it can, most manufacturers have installation guides on their websites. The most difficult part is laying the base correctly.

Q: How long will artificial grass last?

A: 10 years for sports turf. Up to twice that long for domestic turfs than experience only foot traffic.

Q: Will pets be okay on artificial grass?

A: Yes, pets will be just fine on the grass, droppings are easy to pick up and the grass can be washed with disinfectant if needed.

Q: Can artificial grass be installed on sloping ground

A: On slopes less than 12 degrees it can be installed and walked on. For steeper slopes the sand underneath should be removed (as it can shift) and the grass should be pinned into the ground with long pan headed nails. For slopes over 15 degrees, the grass should not be walked on, only lay it for ornamental purposes only.

Q: Does artificial grass cost more than real grass?

A: Yes, it costs more. Check out this page for more information on real turf costs.

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