How Much Does it Cost to Remove Asbestos From a Roof?

If you’ve discovered asbestos products on the roof of your property and would like to know how much it costs to remove it, this page is for you.

Asbestos is a dangerous material and while different products may contain different concentrations of the harmful fibres, there’s no such thing as safe asbestos.

In 2018 we asked several dozen asbestos removal firms to quote us for removing this material from the roof of our house.

Here are three locations on a roof where you’re most likely to find asbestos:

  • Garage roof panels.
  • Roofline soffit boards.
  • Roofline guttering.

(for guidance on Artex and asbestos  textured ceiling coatings, check out our guide to removing Artex page)

Asbestos roof panels, often found on garage and shed roofs

Asbestos soffit boards

Asbestos ceiling panels and soffit boards

Asbestos guttering

These gutters and pipe are made from asbestos

Our Asbestos Roof Removal Cost Guide

While we were unable to get a price for removing roof gutters that contained asbestos, we did manage to get plenty of quotes for the removal and disposal of roof asbestos panels and boards.

Below you’ll find the results of our research, we last updated the prices on the

The figures below are an average of all the prices given to us. You can use this data to get an idea of how much it costs to remove asbestos from a roof:

Item:Total Cost:
Single garage roof:£650.00
Soffit boards to 25 metres of roofline£800.00

What’s Excluded From These Prices?

None of the prices above includes the cost of scaffolding, which might be needed if you want to remove asbestos soffit boards.

You won’t need a scaffold when removing asbestos from garage roofs though.

These prices are for roof asbestos, this is a very different material from that often found indoors such as insulation, pipe lagging or loose fibres.

As a general rule of thumb; it costs substantially more to remove asbestos from indoors than it does from outdoor locations such as on a garage roof.

Not Sure if The Material is Asbestos?

The easiest, cheapest and safest way to check if the material on your property contains asbestos is to send off a sample for analysis.

Prices for a single sample start at a very reasonable £39.99.

You can order the kit, which includes a mask and overall, from the online retailer Amazon.

Asbestos testing kit

Asbestos Sampling Reviews

We’ve used this company for asbestos testing and were very pleased with the service they offered.

But don’t take our word for it, here are a few reviews from other customers:

As a property developer I have been looking for a solution such as this. Have used several companies in the past but have found this product to be the best value, best quality and by far the best customer service – August 2017

Package came with all the necessary PPE to take a sample of material, which proved to be very useful. Easy instructions to follow with a straightforward form to fill out. I had sent the sample on a Monday afternoon and received a response on Thursday. – August 2017

Obviously not everyone will feel comfortable doing it themselves but it really is relatively straight forward & I had my answer quickly & cheaply. Some firms quote upwards of £85.00 – £150.00 to conduct the test themselves so there is a big saving to consider. – March 2018

All reviews taken from Amazon.

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