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Dissecting a Quotation

<—Back to Our Blog So you have just received a quotation for some building repair work you desperately need doing to your property. It turns out to be damn more expensive than you thought. Shock. Horror. Damn. Shit. The first thing that may pop into your mind is: AM I BEING RIPPED OFF? As you […]

81 Ways to Lower Energy Costs

It’s finally here! Our list of 81 ways to save money on your household electricity, gas and water bills. Save it, bookmark it or even better; share it on Facebook or Twitter! Watch the video or scroll down for the full list: Check prices of other energy suppliers frequently – the gas and electric prices […]

Dealing With Salespeople

With such poor consumer regulation, underfunded/uninterested police services and weak sentences by our courts, it should be no surprise that the UK is rife with dodgy salesmen willing to go that extra mile to coerce honest homeowners into parting with their cash. Here are 20 Ways to Deal With Pushy Sales People An ounce of […]