Bathroom Tiling Cost – An Updated Price Guide

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Bathroom wall and floor tiling prices will vary and depend on several factors including:

  • The size of the tile with small mosaics taking much longer to fit.
  • How many tiles need to be cut – rooms constructed to an unusual shape can require hundreds of cut tiles.
  • The cost of the tiles and adhesive/grout.
  • Where you live, London being one of the most expensive areas.
  • The size of the room and whether you want the entire wall tiled or only part of it.

Our Bathroom Tiling Price Guide – Updated For 2018

In March 2018, we got in touch with dozens of tilers and asked them how much it would cost to tile our bathroom which is typical of those found in 3-bed houses.

Our aim was to get an idea of how much this work costs, not a ballpark figure but a researched price.

Below you’ll find the results of our research, you can use this a guide to bathroom tiling costs in 2018. If you would like a written quote for tiling, just fill in this form.

What’s Included in The Prices Below?

We measured our bathroom and chose tiles suitable for a room of this size – small tiles look great in small rooms while large tiles are more suited to larger bathrooms.

We also allowed an extra 10% for damage and breakages.

If you’re not sure of how many tiles you’ll need, use a calculator such as this, you’ll first need to know the size of the room’s walls and floor in square metres and also the size of the tiles.

The prices below are for chessboard layout, this is the simplest design and quickest to create.

The labour fee includes the adhesive, grout and floor backing material if needed.

What’s Excluded From the Figures?

The removal and disposal of any existing wall tiles is excluded from the prices.

If the walls need plasterboard – this will cost extra. Our prices are for bathroom tiling only.

If you want small mosaic tiles, then the project will take considerably longer and cost much more.

Unusual patterns require more time and create more wastage so will cost more.

The cost to drill holes into the tiles for shelves, loo roll hangers and towel rails etc aren’t included in the figures, although your bathroom fitter rather than the tiler will probably do this.

Bathroom Tiling Cost

The labour prices below are for bathroom tiling and include the adhesive and grout, we have averaged the figures given to us in 2018.

The cost of the tiles is based on 30 square metres which includes 10% extra for breakages. The tiles cost of the tiles is £20 per square metre which is typical for an average wall tile.

The property is located in Surrey:

Item:Total Cost:
Tiles and Trims£650.00

How Long Does it Take to Tile a Bathroom?

We asked our tilers how long they thought it would take to tile our bathroom which is in a 3-bed home.

While each tiler gave us a slightly different timescale, the average was four days.


Herringbone wall tiling

Unusual wall designs require more skill, need lots of cuts, take longer to complete and create more wastage. Image source.

Bathroom wall and floor tiling

The shape and design of your room will ultimately determine how much it costs to tile your bathroom. Image source.

Large wall tiles

Large tiles cost more but are quicker to fit. Just make sure your walls are perfectly straight (see photo below) Image source.

Large wall tiles badly fitted

If your wall is bent or warped, this is what large wall tiles will look like. Either straighten the wall first or choose smaller tiles that will follow the line of the wall. Image source.

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Wall and floor tiling is a skill that can take years to master.

While this work can be completed DIY, it’s unlikely you’ll get a professional finish if this is your first time tiling.

If you would like to arrange a competitive quote for bathroom tiling, just fill in the form below.

It only takes a few moments to get the ball rolling:

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