How Much Does it Cost to Unblock or Jet a Blocked Drain?

I have plenty of experience when it comes to drain unblocking, I’ve cleared several drains myself and hired the services of a pro to do it for me on two occasions.

I’ve also seen some ridiculously high quotes for what should be a simple and quick task.

Drain unblocking is, unfortunately, one of those projects that seems to attract tradespeople who overcharge and try to sell products that aren’t always needed, like drain relining and cctv surveys.

While I don’t want to paint every business with the same brush, I do recommend researching the going rate and also getting a second opinion if you’re told you need to spend more money on something like relining or surveys.

On this page, you’ll find a researched price guide, you can also get a competitive fixed price here.

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Updated Drain Clearing Cost Guide

In 2018 I got in touch with 18 drain clearing firms and asked them to provide me with a quote.

Below you’ll see what prices I was given.

I’ve displayed the price by location and approximate business size.

This is what’s included in the price:

  • An inspection to determine who is responsible for the blockage, it might be on a neighbours property instead, or it could be the main sewer that is blocked (that would be the responsibility of the water company).
  • Rodding and/or jetting with high powered water to clear the cause of the blockage.
  • Flush the pipe through with water.
  • A clean-up of the area.

Jetting drain costs

How Many Firms Responded?

While I sent out 18 quote requests, only 16 firms replied and provided me with a price for drain unblocking.

Below you’ll see a chart showing all of the prices I was given, don’t forget that these were from both small and large firms based in different locations around the UK.

Drain Unblocking Cost

Drain jetting costThe table below shows the average cost based on all the prices I was given

None of the prices given included the cost of cctv surveys and many of the firms stated that this figure includes up to one hour of time.

I personally can’t imagine that a simple blockage would take more than an hour to clear.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£95.00£110.00
South, SW and Midlands£85.00£105.00
Outer Region and NorthN/A£N/A
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Be Wary of the Up-Sell and Costly Extra Charges

There are extra services that cost extra and may or may not be needed.

I know from personal experience that some unscrupulous firms try to sell these services all the time when in reality they are only needed occasionally.

CCTC Camera Surveys

CCTV surveys can be very helpful in determining why your pipework blocked in the first place.  They are often used to diagnose pipes that keep blocking, even after being jetted.

It could be a collapsed pipe, a crack or tree roots that are causing the problem.

In the past, CCTV inspections used to be a very expensive but in recent years the cost has come down considerably.

Several of the companies I contacted even offered free CCTV pipe inspections if I purchased their drain jetting service.

Be wary of expensive CCTV offers and always ask upfront if this service is included in the price, if not ask how much extra it would cost.

The cheapest quote I received was: £zero but only if we had the pipe jetted by them first at a fixed cost of £145.00.

The most expensive CCTV quote I received was for £295.00.

Most of the quotes were in the £50-£150 range.

I suggest finding out how much extras like this cost before you get the firm to jet the drain. Just because a firm offers cheap jetting doesn’t mean that the CCTV surveys will be cheap too.

Dig Ups

It’s quite rare for a modern UPVC plastic drainage pipe to completely collapse and cause a blockage, old concrete pipes are more prone to cracking and collapse though.

A full dig up can be very expensive, especially if you need to excavate a patio or driveway.

I didn’t gather quotes for a full dig up, but expect it to cost a lot. I would recommend CCTV evidence before accepting that the pipe has collapsed and needs to be replaced.

Drain Relining

Pipes can be relined, the process involves sliding a sock-like pipe into the drain and then inflating it (there are plenty of videos on YouTube that explain how it works)

Pipe relining creates a pipe within a pipe and is an effective way to solve blockages caused by pipe cracks or root penetration.

I enquired about the cost of relining a pipe and the prices given to me ranged from £800 – £1200 for a ten-metre section. This included all the necessary jetting and CCTV inspections etc.

Emergency Call Outs/Out of Hours

When I gathered cost quotes for our drain jetting, I didn’t require an out-of-hours or emergency call out which I assume would cost more.

Is Drain Unblocking Covered by Home Insurance?

Drain unblocking is often covered by home insurance policies.

Also, if you have separate boiler cover, such as that provided by Homeserve or British Gas. you should check the details of the policy as many of the upgrade options include drain cover.

Leave Feedback

I hope you found my guide to drain unblocking costs insightful.

Have you been given a price from a firm recently?

You can leave a comment at the base of the page for other readers to see.

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    Hi Quotationcheck,

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  2. Lonnie BourneFebruary 23, 2017 at 10:39 pm #

    I got an emergency call put on a Sunday to unblock a soil blockage, they told me £290, I agreed as it was a Sunday.. They couldn’t do it so also came Monday… And then as if given my card details to get them out on Sunday, they took £900, and tried to take 400 more! They told me I agreed to £290 an hour… Which I most certainly didn’t, so now I have to wait for the bank to return my money and the drain firm says they’ll take me to court.. I said bring it on, £290 an hour is more than the judge would be on, rip off merchants

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