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This page is all about call out fees and charges.

How much should you expect to pay in call out fees for plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople in the United Kingdom? What are the average fees charged?

The results are displayed below. The data was last updated November 2015.

Plumbers Call Out Fees

call out fees - pound signHere are the results of our research into call out fees by plumbers in the UK. We contacted 27 plumbers directly and gathered an additional 14 figures by checking plumber’s websites (some plumbers displayed their call out fees and prices on their websites.) We then took an average which can be seen in the table below.

Note: Plumbers will charge a call out fee for work that is carried out there and then, our research shows you can expect the first hour’s labour cost to be included in that fee. Subsequent hours and materials are additional costs.

If you are just gathering quotes, perhaps for a larger project and the work isn’t urgent then the plumber shouldn’t charge any call out fees at all.

LocationAverage Call Out Fee (inc VAT if Applicable)
London Area£58.00
South, SW and Midlands£49.00
Outer Region and North£41.00
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Electricians Fees/Charges for Call Outs

As with our research into plumbers fees, we also contacted electricians from various locations around the UK and gathered call out fee data.

The table below shows how much you can expect to pay an electrician for a call out. Most of our chosen electricians stated that the first hour is included in the cost.

We gathered this data from a total of 42 electricians.

LocationAverage Call Out Fee (inc VAT if Applicable)
London Area£55.00
South, SW and Midlands£45.00
Outer Region and North£37.00
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Roofers Costs/Fees

In most cases roofing companies do not charge call out fees except for out of hours calls, i.e emergency call outs during the night. Our research has shown that these costs can vary considerably, the lowest figure quoted was for £95 and the most expensive was for £250.

Variations Based on Location

As with all of our research into cost and charges by tradespeople in the UK, call out fees vary depending on location. London has the highest rate but companies that cover the entire country typically charge the same flat rate regardless of where you live.

What Does a Call Out Fee Cover?

We discovered that a call out fee covers the cost of the call out and either the first hour or half hour. An hourly rate is then charged on top for any extra time. The cost of materials are always extra and some tradespeople will charge a per mile travel fee if you live outside of their usual area. Some traders will have a separate call out rate for out of hours (nighttime) calls.

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