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Our 2018 Carpet Fitting Price Guide

In early 2018 we sent price requests to dozens of carpet fitters in the UK.

We asked each of them to give us a quote for several projects including:

  • Laying carpet in a room
  • Carpet to a staircase
  • Prices for extras such as door easing, floor levelling and plyboard backing

We think the results of our research are very insightful and should help you budget for your next project.

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Example of Mid-Range Carpet Fitting Cost

Based on our research, we think it will cost around £700.00 for a carpet installer to remove and dispose of the old flooring and supply new underlay and carpet to a 30 square metre room.

The stated price includes new carpet grippers and door easing.

Carpet Laid on a Staircase

We think it should cost between £80 and £100 to have a carpet fitted to a single straight staircase.

If the staircase has several changes of direction, then it will cost more.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Carpet?

Carpet prices vary from store to store and depend on quality.

Here is a rough guide to per metre price for supply-only (excludes fitting):

Budget range – £7.00 per square metre

Mid range – £15.00-£20.00 per square metre

Premium range – £30.00+ per square metre

Underlay – The price for underlay ranges from £3.50 per square metre for a budget range up to £10.00 per metre for a thermal underlay.

Variations in The Prices We Were Given

The prices we were given by our chosen fitters varied quite a bit.

Some of them would not be able to take the old carpet away with them and stated it was up to us to dispose of it.

The prices displayed include new carpet grippers and underlay. You could leave the originals in place to save money but we don’t recommend this unless you are on a really tight budget.

The quality of the carpet will obviously have a significant impact on the final price but the labour fees are usually the same, regardless of the cost of the carpet.

How Long Does it Take to Lay Carpet?

We asked our chosen carpet fitters how long they thought it would take to lay a carpet.

The average time was between 2-3 hours for a standard room, assuming the old carpet needs to lifted and removed first.

If you’re unable to remove your possessions first and would like the carpet fitters to do this for you, they normally charge a set fee per room.

Carpet being installed to floor

Carpet Cut to Size

Additional Costs to Consider

In addition to the main carpet fitting fee, there are additional costs to consider:

Door Easing – If your new carpet is thicker than the old one, which is certainly possible, then the doors may rub on the carpet. Based on our research, we think that door trimming or easing will cost between £10-15 per door.

The lifting of Old Flooring – If you choose not to lift the old flooring yourself, the installer will probably charge you a fee to do it for you. We found this fee is between £1.00 and £2.00 per square metre. This price doesn’t include the cost of disposal which can cost another £15.00 or so.

Floor Screeding – If your floors are uneven, which sometimes happens when knocking through a wall or building an extension, then floor screed cam help to create a level surface. The going rate for a self-levelling floor screed is around £25 per square metre.

Ply Boarding – If your underfloor requires new ply boards, expect to pay around £20.00 per square metre.

Room Clearance – If you’re able to remove all your possessions and furniture from the room then you’ll save on costs because it can set you back upwards of £20.00 per room to get your carpet fitter to do it for you.

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