Chimney Sweeping – How Much Should You Pay?

Welcome to Quotation Check – the web’s leading guide to home repair prices. We have been researching tradesman’s quotes for nearly three years. How much does it cost to sweep a chimney? What is the going rate for this type of work? Our site is very popular, check out our research and discover why so many people use our website.

About Our Quotes

We gathered quotes from chimney sweepers in early 2016 and then calculated an average figure, that’s what you will find displayed further down this page.

We suggest you compare this to any quotes you receive. Also, don’t forget; this is just one of hundreds of price guides we have created, see our full price list here.

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A Legal Requirement in Germany

Did you know that in Germany it is a legal obligation to have the chimney swept? Also, that death from carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires are considerably fewer than here in the UK?

How Often Should A Chimney be Swept?

For smokeless fuel, oil and gas the chimney should be swept once a year. For coal and wood, there will be more deposits of carbon so consider having the chimney cleaned more frequently.

How frequently the chimney needs to be swept will ultimately depend on how often it is used.

Does it Make a Mess?

A professional chimney sweeper will have all the tools necessary to prevent dust/soot from escaping. This usually involves sealing off the fireplace/entrance and setting up a powerful hoover to collect fine particles. Brushes and chains are then used to remove deposits inside the chimney which fall into a collection basket set up at the base.

How Long Will it Take?

The work usually takes between 30-60mins, including the time it takes to set up all the equipment and place protective sheets over carpets and furniture. If the chimney hasn’t been swept for many years and there are substantial deposits within it, then it may take longer.

Costs to Have a Chimney Swept?

We did a lot of research into average costs to have a chimney swept, by contacting sweeps and also looking at forums on the internet which are full of stories and prices guides.

While chimney sweepers can carry out other tasks, we have assumed only one standard sized chimney needs cleaning. Don’t forget you may get a discount if you have two or more done at the same time.

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£60.00£80.00
South, SW and Midlands£40.00£50.00
Outer Region and North£35.00N/A



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