Chimney Sweeping – How Much Should You Pay?

Chimneys transfer harmful chemicals from the fireplace up through the roof and out into the atmosphere.

Keeping the chimney stack clear of obstacles such as soot will keep the fireplace burning efficiently.

But how much does it cost to hire the services of a chimney sweeper and how often should this work be carried out?

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A Legal Requirement in Germany

Did you know that in Germany, homeowners are required by law to have their chimneys swept?

It’s no surprise that deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires are considerably fewer than here in the UK.

While there’s no legal requirement in the UK, landlords and homeowners could still be prosecuted for failing to maintain their properties should a serious incident should occur.

Chimney sweeper

A chimney sweeper from 1850

How Often Should A Chimney be Swept?

If the chimney is used frequently, it should be swept once per year.

For chimneys that are only used in the winter, once every two years is acceptable.

Is Chimney Sweeping Messy?

This is a common misconception, professional chimney sweepers will have all the tools and equipment necessary to seal the fireplace and extract any dust without mess entering the room.

Heavy duty hoovers are used and carpets/sofas covered with protective sheets.

How Long Will The Work Take?

A typical chimney takes around 30 – 60 mins to thoroughly sweep. This includes the time taken to set up all t eh equipment and lay protective sheets over carpets and sofas etc.

If the chimney hasn’t been swept for a number of years and contains substantial deposits of soot and chemicals, it may take a little longer.

What Happens if You Don’t Sweep The Chimney Regularly?

This depends on the type of fuel being used.

The build-up of soot can reduce the updraft through the stack which can result in the fireplace burning inefficiently or smoke entering the home rather than exiting via the chimney.

Soot can also hold moisture which can lead to damp patches on chimney breasts.

Soot and chemical deposits can also catch fire and in the UK there are over ten thousand chimney fires each year.

How Much Does it Cost to Sweep a Chimney?

We contacted 37 chimney sweepers in the UK and asked them how much they charge for a typical chimney sweep.

The prices below are an average of the figures provided to us.

You can use this information as a guide, so you don’t get overcharged.

We’ve broken the data into sections to reflect the location and size of the business:

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£60.00£80.00
South, SW and Midlands£40.00£50.00
Outer Region and North£35.00N/A

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