Does Your Roof Ridge Need Replacing Re-Cementing? Explore Our Prices

Cement has been used for hundreds of years to secure roof tiles, not every tile is bedded onto cement but almost all ridge tiles are.

If you’re not sure where cement is located on a roof, check out these photos:

Photos of Ridge Tile Cement Work

1) Ridge tiles removed and set aside. Cement chipped off and removed.

2) New ridge tiles are bedded onto sand and cement mixture.

3) The surface is then pointed-in to leave a smooth and neat finish

Our Prices

The prices you see in the tables further down this page were sourced from genuine roofing firms during 2016 and again in 2018.

We have calculated an average price for you, so you can see what others are being charged for this type of work.

We hope you find the results of our research informative.

Should You Replace The Cement or “Point Over”?

Ridge tiles are laid onto the very top of a roof and are designed to keep the water out and to prevent the top row of roof tiles blowing off with the wind.

These tiles are usually semicircular in shape but can also be arrow-shaped. They are typically secured to the roof by cement which can, of course, fail after a few decades of weathering.

Most of the professionals wee contacted recommended lifting the ridge tiles, removing the old mortar and re-bedding the tiles onto new cement. A 3-1 sand/cement mixture would be appropriate.

It is possible to “re-point” over the existing cement but on this part of the roof there is likely to be excessive weathering, and you may find this thin layer of cement only lasts a few years before it comes loose.

What Can Affect the Cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost quotation, here are the main points;

  • The cement is rock solid and the contractor will break all the ridge tiles and plenty of roof tiles just trying to lift them off
  • You want new ridge tiles too, rather than just re-using the old ones
  • The tiles are rare and any breakages will be costly
  • Access is difficult, it’s very high or a conservatory needs to be sheeted over first
  • The roof overhangs a public right of way/footpath, scaffold, netting and pedestrian diversions will need to be approved and applied
  • Is the contractor VAT registered? If so, you will need to add 20% to the cost

Price Example 1 – Small Repair | Re-Bed One or Two Ridge Tiles

This price is for a small repair, we assume that two loose ridge tiles will be lifted and the old cement underneath removed. The tiles will then be re-bedded onto new 3-1 sand/cement mix and pointed-in to leave a neat finish. The work will take 1-2 hours and this is reflected in the cost/price.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
London Area£225.00£300.00
South, SW and Midlands£200.00£250.00
Outer Region and North£150.00£200.00
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Price Example 2 – Buttering Up (AKA Pointing) Ridge on a Semi-Detached House

We don’t know why you would want to do this, the cement will last much longer if you have the tiles re-bedded rather than pointed/buttered (see photos below). But assuming you just want it to look nice for a few years, then here is the price/cost for this “quick fix”. It will take no more than a few hours to do this work, probably much less.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
London Area£225.00£N/A
South, SW and Midlands£200.00£N/A
Outer Region and North£150.00£N/A
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Price Example 3 – 10 Metres of Ridge Tiles | Easy Access | Standard Tiles

This quote assumes 10 metres of ridge tiles to be lifted and set aside, the existing cement will be removed and the tiles then bedded onto a new 3-1 and/cement mixture. Easy access to the roof is assumed and the tiles are of a standard concrete type. This quote includes replacing any broken tiles and an access tower erected to gutter height (this acts as roof edge protection for Health and Safety). The cost is calculated on an assumption that it should take no more than one day to complete the work, maybe a little less.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
London Area£500.00£600.00
South, SW and Midlands£4500.00£500.00
Outer Region and North£350.00£N/A
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Is This Work Difficult? Can it be Done by DIY?

This type of work should not be done by DIYer. It involves working at height with tools and materials that if dropped could cause damage or injury. This work should be carried out by a competent and experienced person only.

Photos of Bodge Jobs, Buttering Up and Pointing

Pointing over existing roof cement, aka “buttering up” is considered by many to be a short-term roof repair that will not last more than a few years before it peels off. Here some photos of this type of work:

Poor quality "buttering up" of ridge tiles

Poor quality “buttering up” of ridge tiles

Loose cement fillet, should never have been buttered/pointed over.

Loose cement fillet, should never have been buttered/pointed over.

Update – February 2018

We originally wrote this article several years ago, and while we have updated the prices since then, there have been changes to both standards and best practices.

Tiles that are bedded onto cement should also be fixed with a clip, nail or screw.

This is is to prevent the tile from coming loose should the cement fail.

While these standards are not “the law” they are considered best practices and may form part of official contracts.


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