Cost For a Decorator to Paint a Front Door

Thank you for visiting Quotation Check – Your guide to painting and decorating costs and charges in the United Kingdom. This is a simple job, you want a decorator to paint the exterior of your front door. How much should this cost and what is a fair price to pay for this work? This is just one of our pages, see our full price list here.

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While the work isn’t difficult your decorator will have to allow for drying times. If the door is brand new and unpainted then several coats will be required, so a days work may be spread out over a week, a few hours here and a few there etc. This will be reflected in the cost of painting your door.

Here is the works schedule for painting an existing door, just add an extra coat or two for an unpainted door. We have assumed oil based paints because they last longer but have longer drying times.

  • Remove letterbox, door knocker and other fittings
  • Wipe down door with damp cloth to remove dust/cobwebs etc
  • Fill any holes/gaps etc with a quick drying wood filler
  • Sand down timber
  • Apply knot treatment to new timber (stops knots from bleeding)
  • Apply primer, undercoat (2 if required) and top coat of gloss, allow for drying times
  • Put fittings back onto door
LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£225.00£300.00
South, SW and Midlands£200.00£275.00
Outer Region and North£145.00£145.00

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How to Cut Costs Down

If possible wait until you want other painting/decorating work done and have it all completed at the same time.

While your contractor will be happy to complete this small job over several days, his travel costs will be included in the price you pay. Driving back and forth to your property after drying times is only going to add to the final cost. If you are having other work done then he won’t need to leave the site, thus saving you  money. This advice applies to almost any small job that requires a revisit.

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