Why Does Guttering Leak So Often and How Much Do Gutter Repairs Cost?

Roof gutters are designed to catch the rainwater that comes off the roof tiles and to transport it to a soakaway or a drain in the ground where it can disperse without causing flash flooding.

Gutters require frequent maintenance to prevent blockages and leaks which can lead to serious damage in the home.

Below you’ll find guideline prices for the most common gutter repair and maintenance tasks.

We can even help you get your own price for the repair of your gutters.

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1) Are Your Gutters Overflowing?

This is the most common issue with gutters.

Moss, twigs and leaves fall into the guttering and block the flow of water. If the organic material isn’t removed, it rots into a thick sludge of mud which can completely block the gutters, causing rainwater to cascade over the front edge.

Gutters should be cleared once a year, with the best time in early winter after all the leaves have fallen from any nearby trees.

If your roof has excessive moss growing on it, you could instruct a roofing firm to scrape it off and treat the tiles with a moss inhibiting chemical.

See how much roof moss removal costs here.

In 2016 and again in early 2018, we contacted dozens of roofers, guttering firms and cleaners, we asked them how much it would cost to clear out the gutters on a typical semi-detached house.

The prices we were given varied between £95 and £200, although we have since been contacted by several firms who claim they can do the work for around £2.50 per linear metre.

You can explore our research into gutter cleaning prices here.

2) Cost to Repair a Gutter Leak at the Joint

Joints are used when the length of guttering is greater than four metres.

Each joint will have a rubber seal, which can fail and leak.

If the guttering is fairly new, the rubber seal can be replaced – they only cost a few pence.

If the guttering is old, the entire joint can be removed and replaced. Gutter joints cost less than £5 and the work doesn’t take long.

Expect to pay between £50 and £120 for a minor gutter repair like this.

If your guttering is very old and obsolete, it may not be compatible with new parts being manufactured. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need to replace the entire length of guttering.

See how much it costs to replace guttering here.

3) Missing, Damaged Brackets or Brackets Spaced Too Far Apart

Roof gutters are held in place with brackets which should be spaced no more than 1000mm apart, ideally around 800mm apart. This prevents the gutter from sagging under the weight of water, snow, ice and organic material in the gutter.

These brackets can sometimes snap or come loose, resulting in leaks and overflowing water.

Expect repairs to gutter brackets to cost between £50 and £120, depending on where you live.

If the gutter brackets have been spaced too far apart and the gutter is sagging, the entire length of gutter should be removed and refitted with the brackets spaced correctly.

4) Is The Rainwater Pipe Disconnected From Gutter?

This is a common leak; the pipe that connects the gutter to the drain in the ground has slipped and now there’s a gap that’s leaking.

The solution is often very simple; the pipe should be repositioned and a few screws used to hold it in place so it doesn’t slip again.

This type of work is very simple and should take no more than half an hour or so so expect the price to be in the £50 – £120 range.

5) Is The Gutter Overflowing Due to Poor Alignment?

Roof gutters shouldn’t hold water, it should never pond in the guttering.

All rainwater should flow unhindered towards to the outlet and pipe.

If the water flows in the wrong direction, it’s only a matter of time before a period of heavy rainfall causes the gutters to overflow. The rubber seals in the joints will also fail sooner as they aren’t designed to sit in water permanently.

If you need one 10 metre length of guttering removed and re-fitted to the correct alignment then expect the cost to be around £150-£250 depending on how easy the roof is to access and where you live.

6) Cast Iron and Aluminum Gutter Repairs

So far we’ve discussed plastic gutter leaks, as these are the most common.

There are several other types of guttering seen in the UK; cast iron and aluminium.

The joints on both cast iron and aluminium gutters are prone to leaking.

If this is the case, the joint should be taken apart, the existing sealant removed with a knife/chisel and new sealant applied.

The joint should then be re-assembled. This work can be quite fiddly and often time-consuming, especially on old rusty cast iron gutters.

It often takes several attempts to seal cast iron gutters.

Expect the price to be in the £95-£200 range for a few gutter joint repairs.

7) Can Mastic Sealant Be Used To Repair Plastic Guttering?

Mastic sealant should only be used as a temporary gutter repair.

Plastic gutters have a high degree of thermal expansion/contraction (movement), so the mastic seal will usually fail.

You may get lucky and the seal may last a few years but most fail much sooner.

A more professional approach would be to replace the leaking part rather than trying to reseal it with mastic.

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  1. angel .mApril 1, 2017 at 9:38 pm #

    need to have whole fixed, that wernt repared curecly by another company, the whole were suposed to been glooed, it is leaking and not draing , need it to be repared asap, notixed not woriking, know that it has been raing,

  2. pauline hayelMay 11, 2018 at 1:37 am #

    the gutter at the back of my house is leaking and has caused the interior wall to become damp. its where my &the neighbours gutters join i think.

  3. Essie HardySeptember 12, 2018 at 3:05 am #

    The water come between my gutters and washing the yard out. I had saddling put on my house the company took them off and they been leaking every sense

  4. les gunterJuly 22, 2019 at 2:48 am #

    need guttering at the back of my property replaced approx lenth is 5mtr guttering to be fitted on main roof above single story extension

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