Cost & Price to Repair a Leaking Gutter

Welcome to Quotation Check – The web’s leading guide to home repair costs and charges. This page is all about guttering repairs and how much they typically cost in the UK. We hope you will find our research insightful, feel free to leave us a comment at the base of the page if you wish.

The figures you see below are all based on written quotes we received in 2016. We calculated an average price so you can discover what others are being charged.

Don’t forget that while our research can be insightful, it’s not a substitute for a fixed quote. There are limitations and caveats to our data; every roof is different and prices do fluctuate.

Here are 5 common causes of gutter leaks and example prices you should expect to pay.

1) Blocked Gutters/Pipes

This isn’t a leak at all, the gutters are overflowing because they are full of leaves, twigs and other debris. Please read our cost/price guide for gutter cleaning.

2) Cost to Repair a Gutter Leak at the Joint

Plastic gutters come in 4 metre lengths, to join two gutters together a joint or “Union” is used. These have rubber seals which are known to perish after a decade or so. Also, the gutter can slip out of the joint or the joint can shift if it isn’t secured with a screw, this when they leak. Expect the price of this type of gutter repair to be between £50 and £120 (depends on where you live) for a tradesman to replace a gutter joint. They are not expensive and the work usually takes 10 minutes. If your tradesman cannot source a gutter joint because your gutter is so old it’s obsolete then consider replacing the entire gutter length. Upvc plastic guttering is not that expensive to either purchase or install.

3) Missing or Damaged Brackets/Hangers

Roof gutters are not screwed directly to the roof, instead brackets/hangers are used and the gutter is simply “clipped” into place. If any of these support brackets are missing or damaged then the gutter may sag and overflow. The brackets are very cheap to purchase – less than £1 and fairly easy to install. The gutter length must be unclipped, the new bracket screwed into place and the gutter length clipped back in. Again, expect this gutter repair to cost between £50 and £125, depending on where you live.  It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

4) Rainwater Pipe Disconnected From Gutter

This is a common leak; the pipe that connects the gutter to the ground has slipped and there is a gap that is now leaking. The solution is often very simple. A few screws in the right places and the pipe is now secured and won’t slip again! Don’t forget to check the other pipes on the property, if one pipe has slipped the others may be at risk of doing the same. It may be wise to put some extra screws into the other pipes just to be on the safe side. The cost for this gutter repair is again fairly cheap, the work should take no more than half an hour at most so expect the price to be in the £50 – £125 range.

5) Gutter Overflows Due to Poor Alignment (water flows in wrong direction)

Your roof gutters should not be holding water permanently, all the water should flow freely to the downpipes. If your gutter holds water then the rubber seals will perish much sooner and the gutter may overflow during heavy rainfall. Some gutters hold water because they are blocked with leaves and twigs etc while others because they have been incorrectly installed. If you need one 10 metre length of guttering removed and re-fitted to the correct alignment then expect the cost of this type of gutter repair to be around £150-£250 depending on access and where you live. The work will take a couple of hours at most.

6) Cast Iron and Aluminum Gutter Repairs

The joints on both cast iron and aluminium gutters are prone to leaking. The joint should be taken apart, the existing sealant removed with a knife/chisel and new sealant applied. The joint should then be re-assembled. This work can be quite fidley and often time-consuming, especially on old rusty gutters that should really be replaced! The price will be in the £95-£200 range for a couple of gutter joint repairs.

7) Mastic Sealant Repairs to Plastic Guttering

Mastic sealant should only be used as a temporary gutter repair. Gutters have a high degree of thermal expansion/contraction (movement), so the mastic seal will usually tear in less than one year. You may get lucky and the seal may last a few years but most fail much sooner. Mastic sealant is usually seen as bodge gutter repair.

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