Need to Replace a Fuse Box? Check Out This Price Guide

Are you looking to replace a fuse box? Want to know how much does it should cost and what is a fair price to pay an electrician? We can help – we have been researching prices charged by electricians in the United Kingdom for nearly two years – that’s the point of this site.

The team here at Quotation Check gathered fuse box replacement quotes from several electricians during the summer of 2016.

You can see the average cost of a new fusebox on this page.

Don’t forget; this is just one of several price guides we have, we also know how much it costs to rewire an entire house.

Are These Prices Reliable?

We believe that our prices are a great starting point for those that are budgeting for electrical work.

The quotes displayed on this page are based on real prices we collected from real companies and tradespeople in the UK; an average figure is then taken and published here on our website.

Our goal is to cast light onto prices charged by electricians so you can budget accordingly and also avoid those who overcharge.

To see exactly how we gather these figures check out this page.

Do remember that every house is different, that there are always caveats and the time of year or how busy tradespeople are also affects the costs supplied.

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When Were Our Figures Last Updated?

Prices charged by electricians can frequently change, so we aim to update all of our prices on this website at least every two years.

We last gathered quotes for a new fuse box in early summer 2016 and updated this page on the

Fuse Box Cost (Aka Consumer Unit)

fuse box costThe price examples below are to replace an old fuse box/board with a new compliant RCD consumer unit (aka fuse box) on a typical 3-bed house with six circuits. The prices include testing and fixing any basic faults.

The quotes exclude any additional earth bonding, separating circuits or any other substantial wiring work.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
London Area£525.00£650.00
South, SW and Midlands£475.00£575.00
Outer Region and North£350.00£400.00
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Further Information

Below you find information that we gathered from our chosen electricians.

Modern RCD Consumer Unit

RCD Consumer Unit

Price of Materials and Completion Times

The consumer unit and materials will cost anywhere from £90-£150. The work will take half a day, maybe a little longer depending on the results of the fault-finding. If your property has more than six circuits then obviously the work will take longer, and the unit will cost more.

As you can see from our table above, the average cost to replace a fuse box is £461.00.

Checking the Earth and Bonding

The electrician will test the earth/bonding for the property.

Should any issues be identified, your electrician will postpone the work until it’s fixed.

Testing and Fault Finding

Fault finding should be done before the unit is installed, that way you will have an idea of any extra work that may be required.

The circuits need testing after the installation of the consumer unit.

This testing is by far the most important part of the entire installation, not only is this life saving but will also prevent you from having nuisance issues such as frequent tripping due to over-sensitiveness of the RCD.

Part “P” Regulations

Part “P” regulations are very strict, and it’s essential that the electrician adheres to the rules. Certificates of both the electrical installation and compliance with Part “P” of the Building Regs must be issued after completion.

What is an RCD?

RCD stands for Residual Current Device and is a much quicker way of detecting a power surge or imbalance. The RCD can cut the power much faster than an old fuse box. RCDs are now compulsory for all new electrical work. Don’t accept a certificate issued by a different person; it must be by the individual who carries out the work.

Hidden Costs/Added Extras

During the testing/fault-finding, your electrician may find/predict that the RCDs are very sensitive and are tripping whenever an appliance or light switch is used. RCDs are well known for being sensitive. One solution is to separate the circuits, if your property has all the power sockets on a single ring, then these will need to be divided into at least an upper ring and a downstairs ring. The same applies to the lighting as well. This will apparently involve a lot of extra wiring and will add considerably more to the bill. It’s better than having to reset the RCD every time you switch on a kettle, though!

Even without separating the circuits your electrician may find that the existing wiring isn’t quite long enough to reach into the new unit, this will involve more work that he will add to the bill. Sometimes it isn’t always obvious that these extras are required, fault-finding doesn’t detect every issue, and occasionally it isn’t until the unit is being installed that the problems arise. The experience and competence of your electrician are crucial here as he should be able to predict how much extra work is involved.

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3 Responses to “Need to Replace a Fuse Box? Check Out This Price Guide”

  1. mrs m.m.russellJanuary 24, 2016 at 6:30 pm #

    we are disabled /terminally (1)pensioners needing to upgrade fuse box ,are there any grants we can get please

  2. Peter ShiptonJune 26, 2017 at 5:03 pm #

    When you consider one can purchase a new fuse box for say £80 – £100 and average fitting time is 4 hours how can it be justifiable to charge an average of £461 (though most quotes are £500). Even allowing for £30/hour it would come to £220 + VAT = £264.
    Are our electricians taking the Michael? Or is there something more involved to justify the cost?

    • Steve MFebruary 1, 2019 at 5:10 pm #

      In reply to Peter Shipton it’s not just the labour cost. Any electrician that replaces a consumer unit takes ownership and responsibility for the work when he issues a certificate for submission to Building Control. The knowledge and experience gained over the years should not be underestimated. There are also wide variations in material costs. An RCBO equipped CU will cost much more than a split RCD CU.
      The size of the property and number of circuits will partly determine the cost as the number of tests required will vary. You get what you pay for. Pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys.

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