Cost to Knock Through a Wall/Take Down Wall

How much does it cost to take down and remove a wall inside of a house? We contacted dozens of contractors and asked them to provide us with quotes. Explore our research on this page and see what others are paying for this type of work. We are a popular website with thousands of visitors every week, we hope you find our price guide insightful.

About Our Prices

Our prices were sourced from a wide pool of contractors in June and July 2016. The price tables below are a reflection of their responses and we last updated the content of this page on the .

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Take Down/Remove an Internal Wall

How much does it cost to take down an internal wall? What is a fair price to pay for this type of wall removal work?

There are several walls that could be removed inside a typical house, the most common are those between a kitchen and front room, between a dining room and front room or the stud wall located directly underneath a staircase.

We contacted dozens of builders and other professionals before gathering quotes to remove an internal load bearing wall between an existing dining room and a front room.

The quotes INCLUDE the following:

  • Initial inspection by a builder to check electrics, pipework and the load the wall is supporting.
  • Inspection by a structural engineer who will create a set of calculations for the load bearing RSJ (joist that will support the upper floor).
  • Approval by building control.
  • Skip hire costs.
  • Labour and all materials, including plastering.

The quotes we gathered EXCLUDE the following as they will cost extra if needed:

  • Moving electric sockets or rewiring/moving ceiling lights etc.
  • Moving a radiator and associated pipework.
  • Flooring, carpets, painting/decorating i.e finishing off.

For clarification, the table below is to remove a four-metre load bearing wall, insert an RSJ onto a pillar at each end and make good the plastering. Because there is a pillar in place, it will be obvious that this was once two separate rooms.

See photo below as an example.

Other options are a nibbed support or resting the RSJ directly onto the wall, although that isn’t always possible. More information about party walls below.

wall pillar supporting RSJ

Pillar supporting RSJ (click to enlarge)

Our Price Guide:

Below is our price guide, based on written quotations from 16 different builders. As you can see, the average cost to knock through a wall is £1830.00.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London AreaN/A£2050.00
South, SW and MidlandsN/A£1850.00
Outer Region and NorthN/A£1600.00

Highest and Lowest Quotes

The lowest quote we received was £950 and the highest was £3250 – quite a big difference! Do remember that there are regional differences and also differences based on the size of the company. Small traders have less overheads so will charge less.

Extra Wall Removal Costs to Consider

Below is a list of extras that may apply to your wall removal project:

Install an additional radiator or move an existing one -£125-250.

Move a light switch and power socket – £150 – £250.

New wooden flooring costs or even new carpets.

Painting internal walls and general decorating.

Party wall agreement legal costs – £100-£300 depending on whether there is agreement or further negotiation is required.

Party Wall

A party wall is a wall dividing two properties, each homeowner owns half of the wall, any changes to the wall will be subject to a party wall agreement. This is paid for by the homeowner who wishes to make the changes, such as cutting into the wall and resting an RSJ on it.

Removing a load bearing wall and making changes to a party wall can affect the strength of both buildings so a structural engineer will need to inspect the wall and the proposals.

As a general rule, cutting into a party wall requires more structural checks, associated fees and is likely to cause some damage to the other side of the wall that will need to be repaired and made good.

You may find this article by the Telegraph reporter Jeff Howell helpful.

Other Considerations

When taking down a wall it’s important to understand that the two side walls may not line up exactly, will your plasterer do a patch repair? Or will he plaster the entire wall? The same applies to the ceiling, if there is a slight bulge after a plaster repair, how much will it cost to re-plaster so both ceilings line up seamlessly?

These issues can even manifest themselves at ground level (depending on the age and construction of the property. If the two-floor levels don’t quite match, how much extra work is involved with “leveling out”. How much extra does this cost?

How Long Will the Work Take?

Its best to allow a couple of days.

Day one is removing the existing wall, carting the old materials to the skip and then inserting the RSJ and any block work that is required.

Day 2 is when the plastering work is completed. If you need to move a radiator or electrics then these tradespeople will need to come in, so add an extra day to the project. It won’t actually take that long but trying to get three different tradespeople to arrive at specific times is nearly impossible!

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