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Roof tiles that are manufactured from clay or concrete can suffer from moss growth, lichen and a general build up of dirt/pollution.

Most of this growth is unsightly, and while it rarely causes any damage to the roof, it is possible to remove it with a high-powered water pressure or manually by using a scraper and a brush.

Roof cleaning has become popular in the United Kingdom over the last decade. This is partly due to an increase in moss growth, which is caused by improvements in air quality. With less moss killing chemicals such as lead in the air, there has been a notable increase in moss growth on roofing tiles.

Once the work has been completed a moss inhibiting chemical treatment can be sprayed onto the tiles to stop the moss from immediately growing again. Roof coatings or sealants are an optional extra which is applied to the roof after it has been power washed and treated. The examples on this page cover roof cleaning only and do not include any costs for coloured coatings or sealants.

Example 1 – Cost to Clean a Roof by Pressure Washing

This example cost is to thoroughly clean the roof tiles with a powered pressure washer, which will need to be connected to a power supply and a water connection. Neighbours should be informed that this work is being undertaken as there is likely to be spray and moss being blown onto their property:

  • Erect access equipment up to the roof (roof ladders, access towers, ladders, etc.)
  • Cover the ground with a cover/tarpaulin
  • Clean the roof with a power washer
  • Replace any broken tiles and carry out any minor roof repairs
  • Treat roof with a chemical moss inhibitor
  • Clean up the area and remove all waste

As you can see from the table below, the average cost to pressure wash a roof is £480.00 +vat if applicable.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£500.00£750.00
South, SW and Midlands£450.00£625.00
Outer Region and North£450.00£500.00

Example 2 – Price to Remove Roof Moss Manually With Scraper and Brush

This price is to remove the moss manually with an instrument and a brush, this won’t remove the lichen or the dirt on the roof but the chemicals applied afterwards will take care of this. Manual moss removal may take longer than pressure washing but the clean up afterwards is completed much quicker.

The manual moss removal process involves:

  • Erecting ladders and other access equipment to the roof
  • Covering the flower beds/patio etc with a tarpaulin
  • Remove the moss with a scraper
  • Dust off the roof with a brush
  • Check the roof for any damage and carry out minor repairs
  • Treat the roof with a fungicide chemical treatment
  • Clean the site and remove all waste material

This price/cost quote is for a simple “up and over” type roof:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
?Need a Custom Price? >Compare Up To 3 Personlised Quotes Here
London Area£500.00£800.00
South, SW and Midlands£450.00£600.00
Outer Region and North£400.00£500.00

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Roof Coatings and Sealants

The example quotes above do not include any cost to spray the tiles with a coloured sealant or coating, this is covered by another page on this site. Coatings/sealants are optional extras which should only applied to a roof that has been thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer. They should not be applied to roofs that have moss removed manually as there will still be some dirt and contaminants on the tiles that may prevent the coating from adhering properly.

A Warning From Trading Standards

This type of roofing work is popular among “cowboys” and other unqualified and inexperienced traders. The UK’s Trading Standards have put out several warning notices in recent years, advising homeowners to be wary of cold callers.

The quotes on this page are examples of roof cleaning costs/prices from reputable traders and not door-to-door cold callers.

Photos of Roof Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

Roof moss cost to remove

Manually Removed Roof Moss

power cleaning roof

Power Pressure Washing a Roof

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    Just treat the tiles with a moss killing chemical that is all that’s needed.

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