A Guide to Chimney Pointing – Including How Much Roofers Charge For This Type of Work

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About Our Research Into Trade Prices

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While we do believe our research is thorough and many people find the results insightful, don’t forget that there are limitations and caveats. Every chimney is different, as are the access requirements. Different companies will also have differing overheads and profit margins. This work is also seasonal, roofing contractors tend to be very busy in the summer but less so in winter, thus, prices may fluctuate throughout the year.

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Repointinig of a chimney stack on a roof

Re-pointing a very small chimney, no expensive scaffold required and the work took only a couple of hours. This is not the case for all chimneys, access requirements can cost more than the repointing itself.


“Pointing” refers to the finished cement between the brick courses either on a wall or chimney. How much it costs to point or repoint a chimney stack will ultimately depend on the size of the chimney and the access to it.

If your chimney is very high, big and has a glass roof/conservatory located directly beneath it, then it’s going to cost a lot more in scaffold fees, potentially more than the pointing work itself.

If you are looking at having your chimney repointed, chances are you have a leak and are hoping this will solve the problem. There are several areas around the chimney you will want your roofer to inspect:

  • The chimney pot
  • The flaunching (cement on the top of the chimney)
  • The pointing/condition of brickwork
  • Condition of lead around chimney base
  • Tiles under the lead/around the chimney



How Difficult is it to Point or Repoint a Chimney?

The most difficult part is gaining safe access to the chimney height. This will, in most cases involve bringing in a scaffold company.

Once access has been gained, the flaunching on top of the chimney will need to be inspected and removed/replaced if it has cracked or is in a bad condition. The cement between the bricks should be raked out and any loose dust removed with a brush.

There is no point in “smudging” a thin layer of cement over the existing pointing, as it will be so thin that it will peel off after a few months of weathering. It is paramount that the existing cement is raked/cut out, usually about an inch deep.

New cement can then be pointed into the brick course.

As the chimney is subject to considerable weathering, with rainwater hitting the bricks and cement on the exposed stack, it is recommended that a strong sand/cement mix is used. A typical “roofers mix” of 3 parts sand to 1 part cement would be suitable for pointing a chimney.

Price Guide

The photo shown above is of a very small chimney, located on a very shallow roof, on a bungalo.! It was a very easy chimney to repoint, and that was reflected in the price – £250.00+VAT- and the work took less than half a day. That price included the flaunching on the top, the pointing and a broken tile under the lead.

Assuming your chimney is bigger, higher and more difficult to access (ie requires scaffold) then use this as a starting point for a typical chimney repoint:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£850.00£950.00
South, SW and Midlands£600.00£850.00
Outer Region and North£550.00£600.00

Scaffold costs sometimes cost more than the work itself, so if your chimney is very high or difficult to reach then you will need to budget extra for scaffold.

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Why Does the Cement Wash Out/Fall Out in the First Place?

As previously stated, the best mixture is three parts sand mixed with one part of cement. This will ensure the sand is strong enough to handle the rainfall that will lash against the brickwork up on the chimney. When houses are being constructed, it is common for the bricklayer to use the same cement mixture on all the brickwork, including the chimney. The usual mixture is five parts sand to one part cement, but this is just too sandy for a rain-soaked chimney. Hence why the cement often crumbles and needs to be replaced with a stronger “roofer’s mix”.

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