Chimney Pointing – A Look at Prices

Due to their exposed location, chimneys experience considerable weathering, from wind-driven rain, ice and snow in the winter to scorching sunlight in the summer.

This is why the mortar between the bricks often fails earlier than any other part of the home.

Once the mortar has failed, water may leak into the loft and bricks, cowls and aerials may come loose.

Chimney repointing is a process whereby the original failed mortar is raked out and replaced with new mortar.

But how much does it cost to repoint a chimney and how long does the work take?

Below you’ll find a price guide which we last updated on the .

Repointinig of a chimney stack on a roof

This is a photo of a very small chimney being repointed. No scaffold was required and the work only took a few hours.

What is Pointing?

Bricks are typically laid onto a bed of mortar that’s made from several materials, often sand, cement, water and sometimes hydraulic lime.

The surface of this mortar is “pointed” with a trowel to leave a neat finish.

Repointing is a process where the original mortar is removed and a new one pressed into the brick joints and “pointed” over with a trowel.

Chimney Repointing Prices

The price you’ll pay to repoint a chimney will depend on several factors:

  • The location of the chimney and how easy or difficult it is to access.
  • The size of the chimney.
  • Any additional work that needs to be completed such as cutting out and replacing damaged bricks, replacing leadwork or roof tiles nearby etc.

Small chimneys that are easy to reach with a roof ladder can be repointed in a matter of hours (see the photo above) and cost no more than a few hundred pounds at most.

Guideline Prices

The photo shown at the top of this page shows a very small chimney, located on a very shallow roof, on a bungalow, hence, why it was quick and easy to repoint.

Not every chimney is so easy to work on, in fact, most are higher, larger and require costly scaffolding.

In 2016 and again in 2018, we sent out price requests to roofers in the UK.

We asked them to provide us with written quotes for the erection of scaffolding and repointing work to a fairly large chimney, located on a roof.

Below you can see the results of our research, we’ve averaged the prices and displayed the data according to the region where the roofers were located:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
London Area£950.00£1100.00
South, SW and Midlands£800.00N/A
Outer Region and North£750.00N/A
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It’s worth noting that the scaffold often costs more than the repointing, so the cost of the entire project will vary and really does depend on the height, size and location of the chimney.

As we are sure you can appreciate; every chimney is different and it’s difficult to provide a price guide without looking at the roof first.

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Why Does the Mortar Wash Out or Fail?

As previously stated, excessive weathering is something most chimneys experience throughout the year and this is a common reason why the mortar may fail.

It also worth noting that the mortar mix used on chimneys should be slightly stronger than that used on other parts of the home (to prevent washout from rain). However, most bricklayers use the same sand/cement mixture throughout the construction of a new home.

We recommend using a strong 3-1 sand and cement mortar mix when repointing a chimney manufactured from modern (post 1940’s) bricks.

Historic buildings are usually made from softer bricks and hydraulic lime should be used instead of cement.

The incorrect use of cement in older homes and weak cement mixtures on modern buildings are also reasons why chimney mortar may fail.

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  1. LucyMay 19, 2016 at 12:21 pm #

    I have had and am still am having – an ongoing experience with a Roofing Company. Being elderly
    I trusted – but was ‘taken for a ride’.
    So please be careful.
    Ensure you have a Detailed Quotation and a Signed Receipt for any monies paid.
    I don’t understand how people can sleep at night when they treat vulnerable people this way.

  2. Kenneth FerchAugust 17, 2016 at 2:59 pm #

    Hi Lucy, you have to be careful with contractors, always check for how these things are supposed to cost on sites like this one or this one, [link removed]

  3. Denise MasihNovember 16, 2018 at 11:37 am #

    Quote for chimney repair please – repointing, flashing repair and reflaunching. 1930’s semi detached house in Great Barr, North Birmingham. Chimney for our house and neighbour are together on centre of roof. Quick quotation required please – a fairly accurate estimate will suffice to give us an idea as to whether we wish to proceed. Also, a timescale would be very helpful.
    Many thanks.
    Denise Masih

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