A Detailed Look at House Rewiring Prices in the UK

Welcome to Quotation Check’s guide to electrician’s costs and charges. Are you thinking about having your house rewired soon? Do you want to know how much it should cost? We can help (and save you some money along the way). That’s what the team here at Quotation Check does best.

What Do We Get For Our Money? (3-Bed House)

In a nutshell, the price we have shown on this page is to replace everything in a three bedroom house, from the electricity meter onwards.

Specifically, the rewiring price displayed below includes:

  • Three double sockets in each bedroom.
  • Eight in the front room.
  • Fourteen power points in the kitchen.
  • Two double hallway sockets.
  • Two smoke alarms.
  • A selection of down-lighters as well as the general ceiling lighting.
  • Bathroom wall light, shaver point. Point for immersion/water heater.
  • An outside power point and two external security lights. Power to a garage, points and light.
  • New split loaded consumer unit.
  • We are assuming white plastic finish on all the materials.
  • Quote assumes full bonding (see here if you are unsure what this means).
  • The electrician will arrange for a plasterer to come in and repair the walls/ceiling but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to paint/wallpaper over the dried plaster.
  • Remove and dispose of all waste material.

What is Quotation Check?

Quotation Check is a website created by a small team of individuals. We send out quote requests to businesses and tradespeople within the home improvement sector.

We then publish the details of our research including an average price (see further down the page for that). Our hope is that with our guideline prices, you can steer clear of businesses that overcharge and rip people off.

Don’t forget that this is just one of our price guides – You will find our full price list here.

Quotation Check has been mentioned in several discussions on the Money Saving Expert website, on the Sainsbury’s Finance website, on the Direct Line website and also in several newspaper columns.

We believe our research is very insightful but we will let you be the judge of that.

Limitations and Caveats

Here at Quotation Check, we love our job; gathering quotes and displaying an average cost online is what we do best and we hve doing just that for three years. (see our complete price list here).

BUT you should be aware of some caveats and limitations to our methods:

Not every house is the same.

The price you will pay for a complete house rewire may vary from our guide and will depend on these factors:

  • Where you live
  • How large your property is
  • Will the house be empty or full of possessions?
  • What about the repair work to the plaster/walls?
  • The type of finish on the sockets and switches etc

How Many Companies Responded?

In total, we sent out 23 quote requests but only 18 companies and tradespeople responded and provided us with quotes. The chart below includes both small one-man type traders and also larger firms, from three locations around the UK:

Typical Cost to Rewire a House

Cost to rewire a house,
The table below shows the average cost to rewire a house as per the specifications and requirements stated on this page.

We have tried to display the costs based on approximate business size and location:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£4000.00£4650.00
South, SW and Midlands£3700.00£4000.00
Outer Region and North£2600.00£3200.00



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When Was This Page Last Updated?

There is nothing worse than outdated information and prices.

This page was last updated on the .

We will update this page again within the next two years; we want to keep our prices fresh and relevant.

What You Must Know

In addition to gathering and averaging quotes, we also learned a lot about the whole rewiring process and what factors affect the price.

Keep reading to find out more.


If you live in London, then our research suggests you could pay up to 45% more for a full house rewire than a customer residing in the north of the UK.

That is a huge difference, isn’t it?

And just one reason why you MUST gather at least three quotes before proceeding with the work.

Size of Property

The bigger the property, the more sockets, pendants and switches that are needed. There will also be more “circuits” on a larger property and a larger consumer unit (fuse box).

House Occupied or Vacant?

An occupied property can have an enormous impact on the cost of a rewire.

Trust us on this – nearly every electrician we spoke to explained that it’s harder to rewire a home with a family living in situ.

If your electrician has to complete the wiring work around your possessions and you (and your family) living in the house, then the job will take much longer.

Don’t forget that the electrician will be lifting floorboards; cutting wall plaster, and the house will be without full power for up to a week.

In a nutshell; until the contractor completes the project, it would be better for you to move out of the house.

Repair Work to Plaster/Walls Etc

Most electricians won’t re-plaster the walls afterwards, as that’s a separate job to be done by a specialist.

You should ensure your written quote includes details of who is responsible for repair work to the walls and how much it will cost.

Painting/decorating the dried plaster may have to be arranged separately by the customer/homeowner.

Finish of Materials

White plastic is the most common finish for sockets/switches and pendants etc. A polished alloy finish will naturally cost more!

How Long Will it Take an Electrician to Rewire?

We asked our chosen electricians how long this work should take, and the average response was between 3-5 days for the rewiring.

Nearly all of our traders told us that the testing would take one more day and the plastering a further day. So assuming the house is empty or almost empty it will take around four days to install the wiring, a further day for testing and one more day for the plastering which will be completed by a different company but is included in the quote.

So you are looking at around six days, this estimate is based on two tradespeople working on the property, one electrician, and one labourer/supervised trainee.

The work will take less time if your chosen company throws more men at the job or if both electricians are very experienced.

If the house is occupied and full of possessions then expect the work to take much longer – several of our electricians suggested if the house was occupied it might take more than ten days plus time for testing and plastering.

General Advice

You can make the whole experience go a lot more smoothly by:

  • Make sure your Sparky has a parking space near your house.
  • Put as many of your possession in storage or a garage for the duration of the work. You can leave some large items in the centre of the room, though.
  • Move out of the house and stay with friends for a few days!

Living in a House During a Rewire

Residing in a property during a rewire isn’t ideal, assuming you want a power supply in the evenings then the electrician will need to arrange this safely. Your electrician will find in necessary to lift many of the floorboards in the upper rooms. There will also be dust from where they have cut into the wall.

The job will take longer if you are staying in the house but how much stress this causes you will ultimately depend on how understanding your “Sparky” is. If you must live in the property during the work, then do try to move as much of your possessions out as possible. You will need to discuss with your electrician who is responsible for moving any items that remain.

Do remember that you are paying a premium for a qualified electrician to do this work, if you expect him to spend hours and hours moving your possessions from one roof to another then it’s going to cost you more!

If you live in a small house, have three kids in situ and nowhere to move your furniture then the whole experience will be very unpleasant for both you and your electrician. It doesn’t have to be this way, plan everything with your Sparky beforehand and try to move out of the house or at the least move as much of your possessions as you can. Don’t forget; if you require power during the evenings, then your Sparky not only has to create a “circuit” for you but must also test it.

This would have to be done again at the end of each day; this is obviously going to take time and cost more for you. Don’t expect him to cut corners here; he would be responsible if something went wrong while you were supplied with a temporary source of electricity.

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  1. Janine kingJune 10, 2016 at 6:16 am #

    Great site. Do these prices include VAT?

  2. TracyJuly 27, 2016 at 10:24 pm #

    Interesting information which I needed. I, however, have an ex-guest house now turned back into a house. We suspect former owners did their own electric wiring for the guest house & have uncovered now & again cables that seem to no longer be needed. Worse, according to sparks, things that make our house a potential death trap. Would be good to see an evaluation of rewiring a similar type of property.

  3. Angela TaylorJanuary 17, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

    I think no one should take risk in case of electricity problem and must get services from a professional team. I tell you about on team who are the best Electrical Contractors across Yorkshire and nearby areas and that are Industry Contractors. I will give you friendly suggestion to call them if you ever have Electricity problems.

  4. Andrew BMay 5, 2017 at 10:45 am #

    In 2016 in West Scotland I was quoted a rough rule of thumb for a rewire was £1,000 per bedroom.
    I used this as a benchmark for a 3 bed semi and managed to get well below this but using a sole trader electrician with lower overheads. It was quite a lot of work and I bought him the materials from Screwfix, CEF, Toolstation.
    The testing and signoff was very important as the contractor has to be certified and authorised to issue the certificate.

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