Double Glazing Windows – How Much Do They Cost?

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What is a fair and reasonable price to pay for double glazing? How much are other people paying for their replacement windows?

Our Quotes

We contacted 22 different glazing firms and asked them to provide us with a written double glazing cost for a semi detached house. In total there 8 windows, one patio sliding door and one front door, all in white Upvc. The bathroom window was to be frosted but otherwise, the installation was to be standard, no special requirements.

As you can see from the table below, the average cost to fit double glazed windows is £5400.00:

LocationSmall BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£5500.00£6500.00
South, SW and Midlands£5000.00£6000.00
Outer Region and North£4500.00£5000.00

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How We Gathered and Compiled This Data

We gathered 22 written quotes from window installers across three regions in the UK, we then broke the quotes down to create a “per double glazed window” cost for each region. We understood that there were different sized windows on our houses but we were looking for an average price per window, regardless of size.

We don’t expect prices to fluctuate too much in the coming years as they have been relatively stable for the last decade.

You can find out more about how we gather quotes by visiting this page

What Can Increase the Double Glazing Cost?

Bear in mind that our quotes were for a standard installation with no special or unusual requirements. We wanted typical double glazed windows with a typical frame, nothing fancy or customised.

The following will increase the double glazing cost:

Coloured Upvc Frames – White Upvc frames are popular, cheap and mass produced. Coloured Upvc window frames such as Rosewood, Mahogany or Golden Oak effect are less common and can therefore cost up to 40% more to purchase, although the labour charges for installation is usually the same. The same applies to coloured Upvc fascia and soffit boards, white boards are cheap as chips but coloured boards can cost over twice as much.

Lots of Window Openers – Windows without any openers are cheap, the more opening windows you have the more expensive they will cost.

High Level Windows – It’s quicker to install windows on a bungalow. A house with two levels will take a bit longer. A town house with three or four levels will take longer and may require scaffold at extra cost.

“A” Rated Windows – These are more efficient at retaining heat and can reduce your heating bills but they come at extra cost, usually around 10% more expensive then “C” rated windows.

Lead Framed Glass – This costs more than a traditional glass.

Added Security – From Shootbolts to triple locking mechanisms, there are dozens of different types of locking systems designed to keep your property. This hardware costs money and the more complex systems will add to the overall double glazing cost.

Type of Glass – There is also a wide choice of different glass for most windows.

Triple Glazed Windows – These are more secure, more energy efficient and more expensive.

Double glazing cost and price guide

How Long Does it Take to Install Double Glazing Windows?

A team of two people will usually install between 3-6 windows per day, depending on how big the windows are and access issues etc.

How are the Windows Installed?

It’s actually quite simple on an average property, you may like watching this video:

Watch Out For These Dodgy Sales Tactics

The double glazing window industry in the United Kingdom has a bad reputation for aggressive sales tactics.

Some (but not all) companies will use high pressure sales tactics, some of the larger well known companies are the worst offenders. This approach usually involves a long visit to your property – perhaps several hours. The price will start very high but you will get a discount for any of the following reasons:

  • First house on your road to have this company install the windows.
  • If you agree to display an advertising board.
  • Discount only applies if you sign the agreement right NOW.
  • The salesman just needs to phone head office to confirm this amazing discount, it’s such a great deal he can’t authorize it without permission.

Of course all of the above is complete bullshit. The first figure you are given is usually artificially increased and sometimes you can get 50-70% knocked off that price.


Our advice is simple; never sign a contract without first spending a few days thinking about it and comparing it to other quotes. Ignore all attempts to rush you into a decision, including all “same day” discounts, which believe it-or-not will still be there next week. Just get a written quote and make it 100% clear you will be comparing quotes in your own time.

You may be very surprised to see how low the quote will go when you play “hard to get”.

Trade Bodies and Organizations

Fensa – One of the largest organizations within the double glazing industry. They are part of a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors and roof lights in England and Wales. Visit their site here (opens in new window).

Certass – Is a UKAS approved certification body. Visit their website here (opens in new window).

Can You Trust Double Glazing Installers?

Can you trust your financial investment with double glazing installers? Does this industry have a good reputation?

We created a poll and asked hundreds of our website visitors which tradespeople they trusted the least.

How did window installers fare compared to other tradespeople in the United Kingdom?

The results of our web questionnaire certainly brought up a few surprises!

Check out this page to see how double glazing window installers ranked.


What do think of our article about double glazing costs? Have you received quotes for this type of work? What figures were you given?

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    >>We contacted 22 different glazing firms and asked them to provide us with a written double glazing cost for a semi detached house. In total there 8 windows, one patio sliding door and one front door, all in white Upvc. The bathroom window was to be frosted but otherwise, the installation was to be standard, no special requirements.<<

    Please advise if the "8 windows" quote include two bay windows which is standard in some semi-detached properties.

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