Eaves Felt – What is it and How Much do Roofers Charge to Fit it?

Eaves felt is located at the lowest part of the roof and usually overlaps into the guttering.

This felt often rots and fails, in some circumstances, this can lead to roof leaks.

Eaves felt is almost always replaced when the roofline fascias are replaced, plastic trays can be used as they never rot.

On this page you’ll find a price guide for the replacement of eaves felt, we can even help you source a competitive quote.

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Photos of Eaves Felt

This is what eaves felt looks like. The photos show the original roofing felt and the plastic trays:

Eaves felt overlapping into the gutter

Felt eaves tray, bird stopper & vent

Eaves felt being installed to roofline

Tiles laid onto bird comb and felt

Eaves Felt – A Quick Guide

Eaves felt is installed at the lowest part of the roof and overhangs into the guttering.

There are two main purposes of eaves felt:

  1. If any water gets past the roof tiles, the main roof felt and eaves felt will prevent it from entering the loft. The eaves felt will ensure the water is guided into the gutter. The felt under the tiles is very important – if you get a broken tile, they are the difference between a flooded house and dry house.
  2. Because eaves felt overlaps into the guttering, it will prevent rainwater from running/dripping behind the guttering and rotting your timber fascia boards.

See the photo below as a good example of this felt being fitted:

Cost of eaves felt installed to eaves on roof

Eaves felt tray being fitted to eaves level

How is Eaves Felt Replaced?

The work is usually done from a scaffold or from access towers.

It may be possible to complete the work from a ladder but it would need to rest on the guttering, which isn’t ideal.

Most roofing contractors will replace the felt like this:

  1. Erect access equipment up to the height of the gutter.
  2. The first course of roof tiles is then removed and set aside, sometimes the second course must also be removed.
  3. Using a Stanley Knife, the existing felt is cut and removed.
  4. A plastic eaves felt tray is then slid into place and nailed to the rafters (see photo above).
  5. The roof tiles are laid back into place and nailed as required to the roof batons.
  6. The scaffold is lowered and the waste material disposed of

How Long Will it Take a Pro to Replace Eaves Felt?

This depends on the size of the roof and how easy, or difficult, it is to access.

We believe it would take a team of two people around half a day to fit eaves felt to a typical semi-detached house. This includes the time to erect and dismantle access towers.

While this work could be done from ladders, health and safety regulations require access equipment such as towers/platforms should be used where practical.

Roofs with very small tiles may take longer as each tile needs to be nailed to the roof and with so many tiles, the project will take longer.

Cost to Install Eaves Felt

The table below contains an example price for the installation of 16 metres of roof eaves felt.

We sourced these prices from roofing firms in 2015 and again in 2018. The figures shown are an average.

The prices assume that the roofers have their own access equipment. If heavy duty scaffold is required, perhaps to reach a high roof or bridge a  large conservatory, this will cost extra.

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£275.00£400.00
South, SW and Midlands£350.00£350.00
Outer Region and North£300.00£300.00
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We hope you found our research into eaves felt helpful.

We believe our price guides are a great resource but they aren’t a substitute for a firm written quote that’s based on the size and spec of your roof.

The next step is to arrange your own price. We can help you with that:

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Where Can You Purchase the Product Directly?

Roofing contractors usually purchase this product from specialist roofing suppliers and even online via Amazon.


(Q) Do I have to use an eaves tray?

(A) No, you can use traditional felt, but it may sag. You can install ply underneath the felt to support it at the eaves. The plastic eaves trays are easier and quicker to install and they’re cheap. They also provide a rigid overlap into the gutter and they won’t flap around in the wind like traditional felt that overlaps into the gutter.

(Q) What happens if my roof doesn’t have eaves felt?

(A) Plenty of roofs don’t have eaves felt, usually because the traditional felt has rotted at the point where it overlaps into the gutter. You may get watermarks on the fascia/soffit boards and they may rot sooner than ones that are protected by an eaves felt. If you get a broken tile, the water won’t pass through to the gutter but may empty out onto the soffits or ceiling close to the eaves part of the roof.

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