Save £300 Off Your Energy Bills With This One Trick

Page updated 9th December 2015

With winter here and the cold starting to bite, it’s that time of year again – so how can we save money on our energy bills?

Research has shown that the average consumer changes their energy supplier every TEN YEARS.

We also know that energy “deals” from suppliers become less competitive after 1-2 years as special discounts expire and new offers are released under a different tariff.

According to MoneySavingExpert you can save up to £300 by changing your energy supplier.

This figure assumes you are one of the millions of people who are still on a standard tariff. Even if you aren’t, you are still likely to save money if you have been on the same tariff for more than ONE YEAR.

Don’t Trust Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are easy and simple to use but there’s often a catch: Some only display energy suppliers that are paying them a commission to list their tariff.

Also watch out for tariffs located at the top of the results page, are they really the cheapest? Or is the supplier paying a fee to be listed above the cheapest deals?

While comparison sites can be of use, they shouldn’t be the only place to check for prices. Also make sure you check any tickboxes titled “show all tariffs” because some comparison sites hide the energy suppliers that don’t pay them a commission.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

  • Switch supplier/tariff regularly. We suggest every 1-2 years.
  • Duel fuel – grab a discount for having both gas and electric with the same supplier.
  • Set up monthly direct debits. Most supplier will offer a discount of around 5% for paying this way.
  • Upgrade your insulation, it’s cheap and quick fix that can save you money. Some energy suppliers will do this for free or offer fantastic discounts.
  • Ditch the old boiler. You can save hundreds of pounds each year and increase the value of your property by installing a new modern, fuel efficient boiler.

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