Capping Over Fascia Boards

Thank you for visiting our website here at Quotation Check. This page is about average costs and prices charged by roofline companies to cap over fascia boards with a Upvc plastic trim. This guide is just one of hundreds of price examples we have here at Quotation Check. You can see our full price list here.

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If you are a little confused by the strange names we give these roofline boards, the photo below may help to explain things:

Roofline fascia and roofline board

Bargeboards and fascia boards are the same things, the only difference being bargeboards are located on an apex/gable. The specifications of Upvc fascias and bargeboards are the same.

In most cases, all the boards are either replaced or capped. That’s the fascias, bargeboards and soffits. If the guttering is more than ten years old, then it should be replaced. Plastic guttering is inexpensive, and it’s false economy to try and refit old guttering that will probably leak after it’s been disturbed.

Cost to Cap Over Roofline Fascia and Soffit Boards

We contacted several roofline installers and roofing companies and asked them to provide us with a quote for capped boards and new guttering/pipes to a 3-bed semi detached house.

There were 15 metres of fascia/soffit boards and guttering to the front and rear of the property and 9 metres of fascias and soffits to a side gable/apex. So a total roofline of 24 metres.

Based on our research the average cost to cap over roofline boards is £960.00. See our table below for more information:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£825.00£1250.00
South, SW and Midlands£800.00£1200.00
Outer Region and North£675.00£1050.00

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Where Did We Get These Prices From?

The cost examples we publish here on Quotation Check are based on real quotes and estimates sent to us from from trade people and businesses in the UK.

Our method is simple but effective; we source written quotes from traders in different locations around the UK and calculate an average cost.

We then display the cost on our pages, along with any relevant information gathered from the tradespeople we selected.

You can read more about how we gather quotes here.

Since launching, Quotation Check’s popularity has gone from strength to strength, we have been featured in several newspapers and online publications. Each week tens of thousands of people use our website.

The insurer Direct Line even suggested using our service as a place to source figures:

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What Should a Written Quotation Look Like?

See an example of a written fascia/soffit quotation, so you know what to expect:

Click Here to See an Example of a Written Quotation For Roofline Fascia/Soffits

Works Schedule

This is what you (should) get for your money:

  • Full inspection of the roof to see if it’s suitable for capping.
  • Written quote detailing specifications for materials.
  • Removal of guttering and rainwater pipes.
  • Thin capping fascia and soffits pinned into place on top of existing boards.
  • New guttering and rainwater pipes are then installed.
  • New eaves felt should also be fitted.
  • A guarantee will then be created for the customer upon completion.

Notable Exclusions

If any rotten timber (rafters) need to be replaced this will cost more and be subject to a separate quote.

Cement work isn’t included in the original quote, but as the original bargeboards (see photo above) are being left in place, the existing cement shouldn’t be disturbed by the work.

Our quote was for a property with easy access all around the house. If there is a conservatory or other significant obstacle that needs bridging then scaffold shall be erected and that will cost more.

(see how much it costs to scaffold a semi detached house here)

How Long Does the Work Take?

Capping over the original boards is very easy and will take about one day. We assume there are two workmen and the house is semi-detached.

If the boards were to be removed and replaced, the work would take around two days. There will also be a lot of waste if the old ones are removed and a trip to the waste disposal yard will be needed.

Difference Between Capping and Full Replacement

It costs substantially more to fully remove the old boards and replace them with new ones.

The cost of this work is covered by our guide to replacement fascia and soffit costs.

This usually involves erecting scaffold or access towers and removing a few courses of roof tiles before the existing boards can be taken off with a pry-bar.

It is much easier to cap over the existing boards, and the work is usually completed via ladders and the tiles do not need to be removed. The work can be finished in a fraction of the time compared to a full replacement.

Which is Best – Cap or Replace?

The purpose of QuotationCheck is to provide our visitors with a ballpark cost for various construction and home repair costs.

We know that there is a difference of opinion within the roofing industry as to whether it is best to replace or cap over fascia and soffit boards.

Here are the pros and cons:

Capping – This website explains why their company feels it’s best to cap over the existing roofline boards.

Replacement – Here is why some tradespeople believe it’s best to remove the boards first.

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