How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Garage?

With costly stamp duty, mortgage setup fees and estate agent charges, more and more homeowners are choosing to extend or alter their existing property rather than selling it and moving to a bigger home.

There are many ways to add extra space to your existing home; convert the loft, extend the home or convert an existing garage.

The government has even made it easier to extend homes without the need for a time-consuming and costly planning application. This is called “permitted planning” and most garage conversions fall into this category.

This page contains a garage conversion price and we last updated the figures on the .

Garage conversion

Our Guide to Garage Conversion Prices – Updated For 2018

During early March 2018, we asked 7 builders and conversion specialists to provide us with a price to convert our single garage into a habitable living space.

The purpose of the conversion was to extend the kitchen into a kitchen-diner.

We asked our chosen installers to provide us with two quotes, the first being a “bare essentials” conversion that excludes any kitchen remodelling and decorating but includes all the structural work, electrics, plumbing and plastering.

The second quote was for the garage conversion and also some remodelling of the kitchen, some new units, worktop and also the installation of a small diner as well as decorating.

We hope you find the results of our research insightful.

Item:Total Cost:
Single garage conversion - basic conversion only£10,500
Single garage conversion with kitchen extension and remodelling £16,000

Rough Guide to Prices

The cost to convert the garage will depend on whether it’s an integrated garage, attached or detached.

While we didn’t inquire about the cost to convert a detached garage, we think the following ballpark prices are good for integral and attached garages:

Integrated garages (see photo above) will cost from £7000 to £10,000. These garages require the least amount of work to make them habitable.

Attached garages will cost more as additional blockwork and insulation may be needed. You may also want to convert any flat roof to a pitched roof. – £12,500 – £14,500.

Is Planning Permission Required and What About Building Regulations?

The Planning Portal is the government’s guide to building regulations and planning permission.

Here is a quote:

Planning permission is not usually required, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

If your intention is to convert a garage into a separate house (regardless of who will occupy it), then planning permission may be required no matter what work is involved.  – Planning Portal

Building Regulations approval will almost certainly be needed, but assuming the conversion is straightforward and you adhere to building rules and best practices, this should be little more than a formality.

How to Keep Your Garage Conversion Costs to a Minimum

As a general of thumb; the more remodelling of the existing home, the more the conversion will cost.

Bear the following in mind when considering your options:

Converting the garage into a bedroom or home office – this is one of the cheapest options and little integration with the existing property is required, just a door.

Open up and extend a living or dining room – this option is more expensive as an entire wall needs to be removed to create an open plan living space.

Kitchen extension into a converted garage – this is one of the most expensive options and in addition to opening up the entire space, may require new gas piping, kitchen units, worktops, wall and floor tiling as well as redecorating.

Extra Costs to Consider

None of the following projects is included in our cost guide as they weren’t relevant to our garage conversion.

Do budget for these if applicable:

  • Relocating the consumer box and electric meter if it’s located in the garage – £700 – £900.
  • Relocating the gas meter – £700 – £900.
  • Constructing a small external or internal cupboard to house the electric and gas meters if you don’t have anywhere else to relocate them to.
  • If the foundations of the garage wall aren’t as deep as the those under the rest of the house, some reinforcements may be required.
  • The concrete floor should be strong enough to support the brick wall that will replace the garage door. Additional work will be required if it isn’t.
  • Our prices assume the garage is internal, partially internal or attached. If your garage is detached, it will most likely cost more.

Will a Garage Conversion Increase My Home’s Value? Is It a Good Investment?

Garage conversions are one of the easiest, cheapest and quickest ways to add space to your home and increase its value.

You can compare a garage conversion to other types of home improvement:

Loft conversion costs – a basic small loft conversion with roof windows but no dormer will cost around £21,000. Add a dormer and you’re looking at over £26,000. Include a shower room and a double bedroom and the price gets closer to £38,000.

House extensions cost upwards of £1500 per square metre of floor space. So an extension with a small footprint roughly the same size as a single garage would cost you around £20,000.

If you choose to convert your garage, you can expect to, at the very least, get your investment back when you decide to sell the property.

Are There Any Reasons Not to Convert a Garage?

If you have plenty of parking space on your driveway and your garage is used as a junk room, it’s most likely a good candidate for converting.

If however, you live in a town or other location where parking is limited and at a premium, you may find some buyers are put off by a lack of parking on your property.

Parking is a major consideration for many buyers. Don’t forget that if you convert the garage into an extra bedroom, any potential buyer may expect enough parking space for two or even three cars.

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