Moving Home Soon? Explore Our Guide to House Survey Prices

Thank you for visiting our website here at Quotation Check, this page is all about house surveys in the United Kingdom, the different options available to you and which will best suit your attitude to risk and the type of property you are buying. We last updated this page in December 2015.

We also explain the typical house survey costs you can expect to be pay; there are four different types of surveys so read on for more information.

To keep things simple, all of our research into survey costs were for a three bedroom house.

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New Build Survey Cost

Looking to purchase a newly built property? A “new build survey” will detail any parts of the build that haven’t been completed or completed to satisfaction. With so many different tradespeople working on a build, including subcontractors, often working to tight deadlines, it’s not uncommon for parts of the project to be left incomplete. These are usually minor issues, often referred to by those in the trade as a “snagging list”.

A new build house survey usually takes 1-2 hours.

A new build survey for a typical three bedroom house will cost around £350 inc VAT

Condition Report

This type of survey, or to be more accurate “report” is the most basic available. You can expect an overview of the property’s condition that highlights major issues, but the report will not go into much detail. This type of survey is best suited to modern houses that are in good condition; it’s best to think of this type of survey/report as a “double check” for reassurance purposes.

The survey will again take between 1-2 hours.

You can expect a condition report for a typical 3-bed house to cost around £350.00 inc VAT

Home Buyers Report

This is a visual inspection of the property, and the surveyor won’t be removing items (carpets, floorboards, etc.inspection) for an examination. But still, this type of survey covers much than a condition report. You can expect anything that doesn’t meet building regulations to be listed, along with a rough price guide for the repairs. Damp and subsidence issues will be noted in this type of report. We suggest this type of survey if you have some concerns about a property but don’t want to pay for a full house building survey.

The survey will take around 2-3 hours for a three bedroom house.

You can expect a home buyer’s report to cost in the region £500.00 inc VAT for a three-bed house

House Building Survey Cost

This is the most comprehensive type of survey you can get, most commonly arranged for older properties or those that are obviously in need of repair. While the most expensive option, you also get the most protection. The issuer should highlight all problems with the house in this report.

The surveyor will lift utility hole covers, go in the loft, lift carpets/floorboards (if necessary) and dig around. Building surveys cost more than other reports, but they are also the most comprehensive.

For a three bedroom house, you can expect a house building survey to take half a day.

The cost of a house building survey is between £700-800 for a three bedroom house inc VAT

DIY Surveys

While we would never suggest you carry out a DIY survey instead of instructing a professional and registered surveyor, you can do some checks yourself to compliment any official survey:

  • Check maps, Streetview and do Google searches, look for major roads, railway lines, nearby housing estates etc.
  • Contact local council to see recent planning applications.
  • See if any neighbouring or nearby houses have had extensions.
  • Check the neighbourhood at different times of the day, note any traffic and parking issues.
  • Check crime maps. Look at the general condition of nearby houses.
  • Locate the nearest stream or river and do a flood risk assessment, do Google searches to find any information about any previous flooding to the area.
  • Check for local transport links; A roads, motorways and mainline railway stations.
  • Search for local amenities; banks, doctors, shops, schools etc.
  • Check the roof from ground level, use binoculars if required, check for broken tiles, the condition of any cement and the roof in general.
  • Examine areas beneath the guttering, look for any damp or green/mouldy patches that may indicate a roof/gutter leak.
  • Check exterior of all walls, look for any bowing and general condition of cement. Check damp course is above any patios, bedding or timber decking.
  • Open and close all windows and check the condition of frames and glass.
  • Switch on/off all lights and appliances. Note general condition of switches and plug sockets.
  • Check hot/cold water and central heating, check the age of boiler and any strange noises/rattling.
  • Check ceilings and walls for signs of damp penetration.
  • Note any work that has not been completed to a professional standard (DIY).
  • Go in the loft and check the condition of felt and timberwork.
  • Get home insurance quotes, if they are unusually expensive this could indicate an issue (high crime area, previous flooding, etc.) that needs further investigating.

Photos of Defects

You can see a selection of photos here showing defects typically discovered during an inspection. You could look for similar defects if you were carrying out a DIY inspection yourself.

Recommended Websites

We suggest you explore the following sites before arranging a house building survey from a professional:

RICS website

Money Advice Service

Homeowners Alliance

Feedback – House Building Survey Prices

Are you a homeowner? Have you received quotes for a house survey? How much were you charged and what was your experience?

If you are a surveyor, have you got any tips or advice to share with our visitors?

Please feel free to leave a comment at the base of this page.

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  1. Mr MistryJuly 11, 2016 at 1:53 pm #

    Interesting and useful advice.

  2. Jenny HowellFebruary 2, 2017 at 5:03 pm #

    I’ve been give a quote of £1200 for a comprehensive home buyers survey stretching to 40 pages. Is that a rip off. I live in Hampstead London but buying 2 bed house in Archway

  3. Jay JayFebruary 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm #

    I have been quoted £600 for a defect inspection report. The defect is a ceiling leak in one bedroom of a first floor flat that has two bedrooms. Is this too high a quote?

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