Typical Price to Fit a Ladder to The Loft

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How much should it cost to install a loft ladder and a drop hatch so you can safely gain access to the loft space? Who carries out this type of work and how long does the work take?

Specialist Installers

While chippies and handymen should be capable of carrying out this type of work, you will be pleased to know that this type of installation can be done by specialist installers from as little as £125.00!

How Long Does The Work Take?

Loft ladder installers usually complete between 2-3 jobs per day. Simple installations only take a few hours but widening the loft hatch and converting a “push up” hatch to a drop hatch all add time to the job.

Other Options

These can really bump up the price but might be worthwhile, depending on how often you intend to use the loft access ladder.

If you want a larger hatch but with the aluminium ladder then add around £250 to the quote.

While cheap aluminium ladders are suitable for occasional use, it would be best to have a sturdy wooden ladder installed should you wish to use the loft frequently. This will also mean widening the loft hatch. This can add a further £400 to the above prices.

You can also pay extra to have the loft hatch insulated.

Our Price Guide

As with every other page on this site, we contacted several different contractors and asked them for a quote, we have averaged the prices and displayed them into a table which you can find below. The average cost for a loft ladder is £228.00.

We assumed the following when getting quotes:

  • A simple 2-part aluminium ladder.
  • The hatch needs to be changed so it has a hinge and drops down out of the way.
LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£250.00£300.00
South, SW and Midlands£200.00£250.00
Outer Region and North£175.00£200.00

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