What is a Fair and Reasonable Price to Pay For Roof Moss Removal?

Are you looking for a price to remove and prevent moss growth on a roof? We have been investigating home improvement costs for over two years and know how much roofing contractors and specialist cleaners are charging for this type of work. We believe we can help you save money, so check out our research on this page.

What to Expect

As you can see from the photos below, you can expect great results when the moss is removed. The only tools used are a scraper and a firm brush.

Clearly, these roofs won’t suffer from excessive moss growth for years to come.

moss and other growth on roof tiles

Before: Moss on clay roof tiles. Image from Roofing Corner

Roof Moss Removal to Clay Tiles

AFTER: Moss Removed Manually. Image from Roofing Corner



Cost of roof moss removal

In progress: Moss being scraped form roof tiles

Moss covered roof

In progress: Moss and algae on roof tiles

The photos above show moss being manually removed using traditional methods such as scraping and brushing.

If you want the roof power washed then we have a separate price guide here.

About Quotation Check and Our Prices

We gathered prices from roofers and cleaners during February and March 2016 and then calculated an average figure that you will find displayed on this page.

Our website is used by thousands of people every week, but don’t forget; there are some caveats and limitations. No two roofs are the same, different businesses will have different costs and product margins, prices can also fluctuate throughout the year as this type of work is seasonal and weather dependent.

That said, our service is very popular and we have been mentioned in several newspapers and online publications.

Our prices displayed further down this page are just one of several hundred on our site. You will discover our full price list here.

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How the Moss is Removed

This is what is involved in removing moss from the roof, it’s not rocket science but the work should be carried out by a company competent and experienced in working at height:

  • Cover the ground with a tarpaulin/cover
  • Erect access equipment – ladders, ridge ladders and access towers
  • Disconnect gutters from rainwater pipes and remove moss using an instrument such as a scraper
  • Use a brush to sweep the loose moss from the roof
  • Replace any broken tiles
  • Clean Out the gutters and reconnect the rainwater pipes
  • Treat the tiles with a surface biocide to stop moss/algae/lichen from suddenly growing back
  • Carry out any minor repairs – usually gaps in cement, small roof repairs etc
  • Dispose of waste
  • Re-apply the biocide every few years to keep moss growth in check

Factors that can Affect the Cost

Here is a list of factors that can increase the cost of the roof moss removal work:

  • Higher than a typical house
  • Rare tiles that are costly to replace
  • Poor access to the roof i.e. a conservatory that needs to be scaffolded over
  • Larger company adding VAT to the quote

Our Guide Price

Below are some example costs/prices for roof moss removal work, just choose which example best matches your requirements:

Example 1 – Moss Removal to “Up and Over” Roof on a Semi-Detached House

Remove moss and treat tiles as described at the top of this page:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
?Need a Custom Price? >Compare Up To 3 Personlised Quotes Here
London Area£500.00£800.00
South, SW and Midlands£450.00£600.00
Outer Region and North£400.00£500.00



As you can see from the table above, the average cost to remove moss off a small simple roof is £390.00 +vat if applicable.

Example 2 – As Above but to Larger Property – Inc Garage and Porch

Remove moss and treat the roof tiles as explained above but to a semi-detached house with garage and porch:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
Need a Custom Price? >Compare Up To 3 Personlised Quotes Here
London Area£500.00£750.00
South, SW and Midlands£500.00£650.00
Outer Region and North£400.00£500.00

Example 3 – As Above but to Larger Detached Property With Detached Garage and Porch

Remove the moss from the tiles manually as explained at the top of this page but to a large detached house with detached garage, porch and above several bay windows:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
Need a Custom Price? >Compare Up To 3 Personlised Quotes Here
London Area£900.00£1200.00
South, SW and Midlands£900.00£1100.00
Outer Region and North£700.00£850.00

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Can This Work be Done by the Homeowner? (DIY)

No, in most cases this work will involve ladders, roof ladders and equipment such as towers and harnesses. Working at height carries significant risk and this should not be carried out by a DIYer.

How Long Until the Moss Grows Back?

The key here is to use a strong moss killer after the moss has been removed, this will treat the tiles and any gaps in between them. If you don’t treat the tiles then the moss will start to grow back as soon as it starts to rain, so expect some minor regrowth within a year.

If the tiles are treated with a biocide then all the remaining moss spores will be eliminated and it will take several years before any significant moss growth will develop.

I would suggest having the tiles retreated every 2-3 years with the surface biocide. By keeping moss growth “in check,” you will never have to scrape the roof again!

If you are concerned about using chemicals on your property, then you could consider having a copper wire or strip installed across the roof, they are not as effective but when rainwater comes into contact with this metal a small amount of copper oxide is released. This oxide is a natural fungal/moss inhibitor. The copper will not be enough to treat existing moss on a roof but should be enough to prevent growth on a roof that has already been scraped.

Reasons Why You Should Remove Moss From Your Roof:

Here are the advantages of removing roof moss:

  • Reduces gutter blockages
  • Prevents blockages in the underground drainage system/soakaway
  • Improves appearance of roof
  • Protects tiles from surface damage
  • You can actually see the tiles underneath the moss layer and replace any that are damage
  • On certain roofs where there is excessive moss growth, you can extend the life of the tiles slightly by removing the moss, although this claim should not be exaggerated

After the Moss is Removed, Can I Paint/Coat the Tiles?

No! Re-colouring the surface of the tiles has become popular in recent years but If you wish to paint or coat the tiles with a coloured paint/sealant then the tiles should be thoroughly cleaned by using a pressure/power washer. This will remove not only the moss but also lichen, dirt, oils and pollution. Failure to remove the oils/dirt/pollution will result in the coating/paint peeling off as it won’t adhere correctly to the tile surface. Simply removing the moss is not sufficient in these circumstances.

If you want to clean your roof by using a water/powered pressure washer instead of manually then please see this page.

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