What is a Fair Price to Pay For Roof Guttering?

Welcome to Quotation Check and our price guide for replacement roof guttering. The guttering cost example on this page is for Upvc plastic gutters and rainwater downpipes. Other types of guttering, such as aluminium or cast iron will cost substantially more, so are not included here.


Gutter being installed with a string line to ensure the water flows in the correct direction (click to enlarge)

One of many gutter leaf filters designed to keep the gutters clear and free flowing (click to enlarge)

About Us and Our Figures

The prices displayed on this page were sourced from companies and tradespeople during spring 2016 and we last updated this page on the .

The figures you see below are an average of all the quotes we were given, we hope you find our data insightful.

Quotation Check has been checking home improvement costs since 2014 and we have been cited and referenced in several well-known publications.

We believe our research is invaluable but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Schedule of Works

Below is a schedule of works for a typical semi-detached property, it is based on the information provided to us by our chosen guttering installers. We assume 14 metres of guttering to the upper elevation of the property (front and rear of building),  3 metres of guttering to the porch. Plus a total of 3 rainwater downpipes.

  • Erect access equipment to work height.
  • Remove existing guttering, support brackets and all rainwater downpipes.
  • Supply and fit new Floplast Upvc rainwater guttering, support brackets to be spaced no more than 800mm apart.
  • Supply and install new Floplast Upvc rainwater downpipes, connecting into existing drains at ground level.
  • Lower access equipment and remove all waste material, leaving the site clean and tidy.

Access to the Roof

The two houses we wanted guttering quotes for both had easy access up to the gutter height. The chosen installers would be able to gain access using their equipment, without the need for an external scaffold company. If your property has access issues such as a conservatory, narrow alleyway or another obstacle then the job may cost substantially more due to unique access requirements.

Total Roof Gutter Installation Cost

We contacted dozens of roofline installers and guttering companies and asked for a price to install guttering to a three bedroom semi detached house.

Here are the results of our research, as you can see the average cost to replace guttering is £630.00 inc VAT if applicable:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£500.00£800.00
South, SW and Midlands£475.00£750.00
Outer Region and NorthN/A£N/A

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Guttering Materials Price

Below is a list of materials for the job on a semi detached house with a porch:

5 x Gutter lengths – £50.00

30 x Gutter support brackets – £30.00

4 x Joints – £8.00

6 x End caps – £9.00

3 x Outlets – £9.00

2 x Rainwater pipe (5.5metre) – £35.00

1 x Rainwater pipe (2.5metre) – £9.00

6 x Pipe angles – £10.00

8 x Downpipe wall brackets – £10.00

3 x Downpipe ground level connectors – £5.00

Screws (30mm for gutters, 40mm for pipes) – £2.00

How The Gutter is Installed

Guttering is always installed with a slight “fall”, so the water runs freely to the outlet and pipe that carries the water to the ground.

If the gutter is installed “level” then silt will collect in the gutter and block it. Also, large pieces of debris such as moss or leaves will reduce the flow rate so during heavy rainfall the gutters may overflow.

The support brackets for the guttering should be spaced no more than 800mm apart, this prevents sagging. Don’t forget that the guttering can become very heavy when full of water or ice/snow.

How Long Will it Take?

A team of two people could install the new gutters in less than one day. We assume that access towers are erected but if they used ladders the work could be done even quicker.

Pro Tip:

If you are fixing the gutters to timber fascia boards, then it’s best to paint these boards first. By removing the old guttering you will reveal old screw holes that may need to be filled. It’s unlikely that the new guttering will be fixed in the same location as the old gutter, especially if the old gutter brackets were not spaced correctly

This page has more information about painting roofline boards and the costs involved.


Black and white are the most popular gutter colours. Black tends to discolour with sunlight and gradually turns into a very dark grey, it’s not easy to see any dirt on black guttering. White gutters show up all the dirt that splashes onto them and they need to be cleaned more often to maintain their clean look.

Gutter Sizes:

Semi-circular guttering – Poor water capacity, needs more frequent clearing of leaves/moss etc.

Squareline gutters – Better water capacity, 25% more than semi-circular.

Deepflow – Even higher water capacity, requires less maintenance


When we received our written quotes for new guttering most of the installers offered us a guarantee. These ranged from 5 years to 12 years. The average was 8 years.

None of the guarantees cover blockages from leaves or twigs etc.


What do you think of our guide to guttering costs?

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