What is a Fair Price to Pay To Replace Guttering?

Guttering is secured to the edge of most roofs in the UK and is designed to catch rainwater and carry it to a drain or ground soakaway via rainwater downpipes.

In the past, cast iron was a popular material used in the manufacturing of gutters.

Nowadays, plastic is the preferred material for various reasons:

  • It’s cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be made in many different colours and shapes

But how much does it cost to replace roof guttering and how difficult is this project?

On this page, we’ll break down the cost of installing new gutters and explain both the labour and materials.

The prices displayed on this page were sourced from companies and tradespeople during 2016  and again in 2018, we last updated this page on the .

Guttering Photos:

Below you’ll see a couple of photos taken during a guttering installation:

This gutter is being installed with a string line to ensure the water flows in the correct direction (click to enlarge)

One of many gutter leaf filters designed to keep the gutters clear and free flowing (click to enlarge)

Our Price Guide

In 2016 and again in 2018, we contacted dozens of roofline installers in the UK and requested prices for the installation of plastic guttering to a typical semi-detached property with 14 linear metres of guttering and an additional 3 metres to a porch.

The prices you see on this page are based on the prices we sourced from these businesses.

Schedule of Works – New Guttering Installation

Below is a schedule of works for a typical semi-detached property, it’s based on the information provided to us by our chosen guttering installers.

  • Erect access equipment to the desired work height.
  • Remove the existing guttering, support brackets and all rainwater downpipes.
  • Supply and install new Upvc rainwater guttering, support brackets to be spaced no more than 800mm apart to prevent gutter sag.
  • Supply and install new Upvc rainwater downpipes, connecting into existing drains at the ground level.
  • Water test gutters to ensure rainwater flows freely to the outlets.
  • Lower access equipment and remove all waste material, leaving the site clean and tidy.
  • Supply customer with a written guarantee.

Cost to Replace Guttering

Below you’ll see the results of our research.

As you can see the average cost to replace roof guttering is £630.00 inc VAT.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£500.00£800.00
South, SW and Midlands£475.00£750.00
Outer Region and NorthN/A£N/A
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We feel the results of our research are insightful and can help consumers budget for future home improvement projects.

However, every property is different and it’s always prudent to source a written quotation that’s based on the size and spec of your roof.

  • Provide specifics about your guttering project
  • Receive a written price in a timely manner
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How Much Does Guttering Cost to Buy?

Below is a list of materials required to install guttering to a typical semi-detached house with a porch.

The prices were sourced from published price lists in 2018 and should give you a rough idea of how much the materials cost, excluding the labour.

5 x Gutter lengths – £55.00

30 x Gutter support brackets – £35.00

4 x Joints – £9.00

6 x End caps – £10.00

3 x Outlets – £10.00

2 x Rainwater pipe (5.5metre) – £35.00

1 x Rainwater pipe (2.5metre) – £9.00

6 x Pipe angles – £12.00

8 x Downpipe wall brackets – £12.00

3 x Downpipe ground level connectors – £5.00

Screws (30mm for gutters, 40mm for pipes) – £2.00

How Difficult is it to Replace Roof Guttering?

How easy or difficult it is to access the roofline will have a big impact on how much it costs to replace guttering.

Gutters located above a large conservatory or on a 4-storey building may require scaffolding and that can cost a lot.

Once access is gained, it’s very easy to remove the old guttering and replace it with new materials.

Guttering is always installed with a slight “fall”, so the water runs freely to the outlet and pipe.

If the gutter is installed “level” then silt may collect in the gutter and block it. Also, large pieces of debris such as moss or leaves will reduce the flow rate and during periods of prolonged or heavy rainfall, the gutters may overflow.

To prevent the gutter from sagging under the weight of water, snow and ice, the gutter brackets should be spaced no more than 800mm apart.

The only tools needed for a gutter installation are:

  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Stringline
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver

How Long Will it Take?

A team of two people could easily install new gutters to a semi-detached house in around half a day, perhaps a little longer if there are access issues.

Pro Tip:

If you’ve chosen to have the new gutters installed to the existing timber fascia boards, do consider having these painted first.

By removing the old guttering your installer will reveal old screw holes that may need to be filled.

It’s unlikely that the new guttering will be fixed in the exact same location as the old gutter, especially if the old gutter brackets were not spaced correctly.

This page has more information about painting roofline boards and the costs involved.

Gutter Colours

Black and white are the most popular gutter colours.

Black tends to discolour with sunlight and gradually turns into a very dark grey, however, it’s not easy to see any dirt on black guttering.

White gutters show up all the dirt that splashes onto them and they need to be cleaned more often if you want to maintain a clean appearance.

Gutter Sizes:

There are several different sizes and profiles of guttering, each will have their own maximum flow rate (capacity).

If your existing gutters are struggling to cope with normal rainfall, consider upgrading to a higher capacity gutter.

Semi-circular guttering – Poor water capacity, needs more frequent clearing of leaves/moss etc.

Squareline gutters – Better water capacity, can hold 25% more than semi-circular gutters. Square gutters are very popular in the UK.

Deepflow – Even higher water capacity, requires less maintenance but isn’t always compatible with other gutter styles so isn’t ideal for terraced or semi-detached homes.


When we received our written quotes for new guttering most of the installers offered us a guarantee.

These ranged from 5 years to 12 years. The average was 8 years.

While the guarantee covers the materials and labour it doesn’t cover blockages from leaves or twigs etc.

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