How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tiled Roof?

Replacing an existing roof with a new one is a significant project that involves scaffolding, lots of materials, produces a significant amount of waste and requires skilled labour.

But how much are roofing firms charging to replace a roof in the UK?

On this page you’ll find:

  • How much work is involved with a replacing a roof
  • How long the work takes
  • What the average cost is, based on our unique insightful research – updated for 2018

What is Quotation Check?

Quotation Check is a price research service based in the UK.

We regularly send out quote requests to roofers and other tradespeople in the UK and then publish our findings here on this website.

To date, we’ve researched over one hundred home improvement prices, you can see the entire list here.

How Many Roofing Firms Responded to Our Quote Request?

We first sent out quote requests to 18 firms in 2015.

We then repeated the process with a new set of roofing firms in January 2018 and updated the results.

If you want to get a handle on new roof prices, we think our research is a great place to start.

We can also help you source your own quotes, based on the size and spec of your own roof.

The Size and Spec of Our Roof

Obviously, every roof is different and prices vary, but the roofs we sourced quotes for were all of similar shape and design:

  • Over a 3 bed house
  • Had an up-and-over roof design
  • Approx 65-70 square metres
  • Tiled with new concrete roof tiles

What Work and Materials are Included in the Prices Below?

Below you’ll find the average price for a new roof.

When we gathered the quotes, we asked our chosen companies a few questions, such as how long the work should take and the process involved.

Several of the businesses provided us with a written works schedule.

What you see below is based on the information given to us by the 18 roofing firms:

Day 1 – Preparation – Get the scaffolders in, arrange for skip hire, arrange for delivery/collection of materials to the site.

Day 2 – Remove the existing tiles, cement, timber batons, underfelt and lower all to the ground. Salvage any tiles that are in reasonable condition for re-sale. Supply and install a new breathable underlay/felt. Install new timber batons.

Day 3 – Transport tiles up to scaffold. Lay roof tiles and secure to the roof with fixings according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Secure cement under boards to gable ends.

Day 4 – Cement tiles to ridge and gables with a mechanical fixing and also bed down onto 3-1 sand/cement mix. Tidy up in preparation for lowering of the scaffold. Sell any old tiles to builder’s reclaim yard.

We were told by our chosen contractors that as a rough guide: an “up and over” terraced house or semi can be completed around 2-3 days.

An “up and over” detached will take 3-4 days.

What’s Excluded From the Prices Below?

To keep things straightforward and simple, we’ve excluded several items from the cost guide below.

We suggest you consider having these replaced, it makes sense to do the work while the scaffold is already in place:

  • New rainwater guttering
  • New roofline fascias and soffits
  • Chimney repointing
  • Leadwork – we assume the existing lead can be re-used

A Breakdown of the Average Cost

Below you can see a breakdown of where the money goes.

This is handy as you can see where your money goes (last updated in January 2018:

  • Cost of materials – £1400 (roof tiles, ridge tiles, batons, felt, fixings, sand/cement, cement under cloak)
  • Sale of old tiles to reclaim yard saves around £100 (depending on the type of tile and condition
  • Scaffold costs – £1200
  • Waste/skip hire costs £225
  • The labour costs are variable and will depend on location. Assume minimum £300 per day for both a roofer and labourer.
  • Company profit covers expenses such as insurance, sick pay, admin, advertising, vehicles etc and then leaves a taxable profit for the company. Assume minimum £250 per day but depends on the size of the company.

The Cost of a New Roof – Based on Our Research

Redland 49 roof tiles and felt

Redland 49 – affordable, long-lasting and blend in well with any roof

In the table below you’ll find the average cost to replace a tiled roof, based on quotes from 18 roofing firms in the UK.

Don’t forget; this price is for:

  • An up-and-over roof
  • Around 65-70 square metres
  • With concrete roof tiles such as the Redland 49 (see photo)

We last updated this page in January 2018.

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£4500.00£5500.00
South, SW and Midlands£4500.00N/A
Outer Region and North£3750.00N/A
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Get Your Own Quote:

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Optional Extras You’ll Want to Consider

As previously stated, there are some optional extras that you’ll want to consider when replacing a roof.

As the scaffold is already costed, you may find it makes sense to have these projects done at the same time as the new roof rather than paying for the scaffold to be erected again at a later date.

The above list of jobs can add several thousand pounds to the cost of a new roof on a detached home but are generally a little cheaper if the scaffold is already in place.

Factors That Can Increase the Price

The price example on this page is based on an “up and over” roof design, which is the simplest and easiest to replace.

If your roof has hips or roof valleys, then this will add between half a day and two days to the project.

If you have a more complex roof design then naturally, the overall cost will increase.

The following should also be taken into account when sourcing prices for a new roof:

Choosing small tiles, such as Plain tiles can add a day or so to the job as they take so much longer to lay on the roof.

Choosing natural slate will add significantly more cost to the project as they are so much more expensive.

A typical hipped roof

A Typical Hipped Roof

Roof With Barn End

Roof With Barn End

M Shaped Roof

“M” Shaped Roof

Gable Roof (up and over)

Gable Roof (a simple up and over)

Roof Brow/Eye Brow

Roof Brow/Eye Brow

Hip and Valley Roof

Hip and Valley Roof

A Rough Guide to Roof Replacement Charges

The figures below are based on our research and were last updated in 2018.

As there are such wide variations in both labour charges and material costs around the UK,  you should get a fixed quote for your specific requirements rather than relying too much on this data.

The figures below are ballpark prices:

Up and over roof, concrete interlocking tiles on a 2-bed terraced house – £4000.00

Up and over roof, concrete interlocking tiles on a 3-bed semi-detached house – £4500.00

Up and over roof, concrete interlocking tiles on a 3-bed detached house – £500.00

Roof with two valleys,  concrete interlocking tiles, 3- bed detached house – £5500.00

Roof with two valleys, concrete plain tiles, 3-bed detached house – £6000.00

Roof with valleys and hips, concrete plain tiles 4-bed detached house – £8000.00

Up and over roof, Welsh slates on a 3-bed detached house – £9500.00-£12000.00

Can Roofers Be Trusted?

Trustworthy Tradespeople UKSeveral years ago we created a poll for our site’s visitors.

Who are the least trustworthy tradespeople in the UK?

To date, over eight THOUSAND people have taken part in our poll.

See the results and cast your own vote. Where do roofing contractors rank against other trades?


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