How Did We Gather These Figures?

Studies have shown that if homeowners want to save money, they should get at least three quotations before proceeding with any work.

We actually sent out over 1000 requests for figures and quotations to builders, plumbers and other tradespeople up and down the country.

We invited contractors and salesmen into our homes and gathered all the paperwork. We also asked close friends and relatives to help us by getting quotes for certain jobs. At one stage we even employed people to get salesmen around to provide quotes for various jobs.

We also sent out quote requests by email for smaller projects.

We then built an entire database of figures for a myriad of jobs around the home.

This website is created on the back of that database. We also cross checked our figures against other similar comparison websites, we then investigated any wild discrepancies, which usually resulted in us sending out more quotation requests to yet more tradesmen.

The figures you see displayed on each page of this website are an average of all the prices we received from the contractors for that particular job. The figures do not include VAT unless otherwise stated (don’t forget that small businesses with a low turnover are not required to charge VAT – read more here)

A Word of Warning

While we did get the help of friends and relatives who own houses in various parts of the UK, we also gathered quotes by sending photos and specifications by email to our chosen companies. It is possible that some of those who responded with a price gave us a deliberately low figure – just to get their foot in the door, so to speak.

If you are looking for anything more than a “ballpark” figure then we strongly urge you to gather your own quotes and estimates. The specifications and requirements in our quote requests could be very different from yours. It’s highly possible that our figures will differ from any quotes you receive.

Read our full disclaimer here.

Variations Based on Region and Size of Company

When we first started gathering figures we noticed a big difference based on location and also the size of the company. Larger businesses were more expensive, as were those based in London.

We decided early on in our development to break down the figures into a table so our visitors can see the average cost by location and approximate company size.

Comparing Quotation Check to Other Comparison Sites

We have found that our figures were somewhat steeper than our competitors but we also noticed many of these other sites haven’t been updated for several years. We have spent many months compiling our database, creating this website and will continue to update the figures regularly.

If you see a wild discrepancy in our figures, please leave a comment at the base of the page for us and your fellow visitors to this site.

Learn more about the people behind Quotation Check – read our story here.

Get a Quote For Yourself

If you want a more accurate cost for a specific job around your home then the next step is to contact reputable tradespeople and request a quote.

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