Typical Oven Cleaning Costs – Based on Real Prices From Cleaners

Welcome to Quotation Check – the web’s leading quotation comparison service. We know how much it costs to have an oven cleaned because we sourced quotes from dozens of cleaners from various locations around the United Kingdom. So, what are others paying to have an oven cleaned?

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Where Did We Get These Prices?

The oven cleaning prices shown below were gathered in 2016 and were from 26 different oven cleaning companies and individuals in the United Kingdom.

We took an average price from the 26 businesses and then displayed it in the table below.

Most of the oven cleaners we contacted were small businesses that were operating below the VAT threshold so didn’t need to charge VAT. Only a few of the companies were larger and charged VAT.

How Long Does it Take to Professionally Clean an Oven?

Based on our research we believe it usually takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to clean a conventional oven, hob and hood. Larger ovens, commercial ovens or appliances that haven’t been cleaned for several years may take longer.

Average Cleaning Prices

Below is our price guide for oven cleaning in the UK.

Most of our guides on this website show very different prices depending on where you live, with London and the south-east being the most expensive. However, when we looked into oven cleaning costs, we noticed quite quickly that the prices were very similar regardless of where you are located.

This is most likely due to the high levels of competition and the fixed cost of the cleaning materials. Labour fees obviously vary upon location but for a relatively small job such as oven cleaning they don’t have a huge impact on the overall price charged.

ItemTotal Cost
Standard Oven£45.00
Double Oven£65.00
Full Aga Clean (Mid Size)£115.00
Halogen Glass Hob Clean£10.00
Gas/Electric Hob£15.00
Hood/Extractor£15.00 each

Are The Chemicals Dangerous?

This is a question we asked all of the oven cleaners we contacted. Apparently, the question is frequently asked.

From the responses we received, we understand that most oven cleaners use bio-degradable, fume free and non-caustic cleaning products but if you are concerned about chemicals and possible adverse reactions, perhaps because you have sensitive skin or breathing concerns then do consult your chosen cleaner in advance of any work.

Racks and Trays

One of the advantages of using a professional firm is their ability to take out all the removable parts from the oven (trays racks etc.difficult) and clean them by dipping them in a specialist chemical dip tank that is usually stored in the back of a van.

This can save a considerable amount of time as cleaning racks, trays and other parts manually without a tank is a challenging task.

Fancy Doing it “DIY”?

Oven cleaning chemical and cleaning kit price

Cleaning professionals do this type of work each and every day, so they will have the tools, cleaning chemicals and expertise to get the job done promptly and to a high standard.

Some on-the-shelf chemicals can produce nasty fumes and are quite caustic, so we don’t recommend supermarket chemicals.

However, if you are keen to have a go yourself, then we recommend Dirt Busters. They sell a kit that contains chemicals and scraping tools that are perfect for oven and hob cleaning.

You can read reviews and purchase the product from the Amazon website.

Best Place to Find a Cleaner

If you use Facebook, you may find a local discussion group for people living in your area, these types of groups are perfect for getting recommendations.

You could also post a job request on Rated People and see if there are any oven cleaners in your area. CheckaTrade may also have details and reviews of local cleaners.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked oven cleaning questions:

Q) Why Clean an Oven?

A) A dirty oven can become very smoky when in use, seals, filters and fans can also become clogged with grease.

Q) Can parts be replaced?

A) An experienced oven cleaner will notice issues with your oven and suggest a course of action. That could be replacing a universal seal, light bulb or fan. Most of our chosen cleaners charged around £4-5 for a new universal bulb. For specialist ovens, parts may need to be ordered separately and a second visit required at extra cost.

Q) Can the space between the glass panels be cleaned?

A) If the panels are not part of a sealed unit and can be removed, then yes they can be cleaned.

Q) How often should an oven be cleaned?

A) That depends on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. Once a year is ideal, but for ovens that are not used frequently, every two years is sufficient.

Q) Can “self-cleaning” ovens be cleaned?

A) These ovens rarely clean themselves as they don’t reach the required temperature. While some oven cleaning chemicals used by professionals cannot be used on self-cleaning liners, they can still be cleaned.

Q) How soon can the oven be used after it’s cleaned?

A) Straight away. There is no need to wait. The chemicals are fumeless and safe.

Q) Should I choose a local business or a larger national company?

A) There is usually no difference in quality, and some national companies charge substantially more than local firms. There are also several websites that appear prominently in Google’s search results that are just “middlemen” – they subcontract your oven clean to a local firm. They typically charge around 15-20% more, and this is their commission.


Have you recently had your oven cleaned? How much did you pay and what was your experience?

You can post a comment below and share your experience with other visitors to this site.

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