A Look at Refurbishing Fascia and Soffit Boards by Painting Them

Welcome to Quotation Check – the most popular home improvement cost comparison website in the United Kingdom. What is a fair price to pay for a tradesperson to paint roofline fascia and soffit boards on a house? How long does this usually take and what work is actually involved?

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Quotation Check has been researching home improvement prices since 2014. We source quotes from tradespeople and businesses and then publish an average figure.

We want to shed a light on the charges made by businesses in this sector. Hopefully, with our help, you can avoid painters and decorators that overcharge. The prices you see below were gathered during the summer of 2016 and we last updated this page on the 

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How Long Will the Work Take?

The following is based on the information we gleaned from our chosen contractors.

We assume that the painting will be done in the summer, so each coat of paint will dry quickly. If the work is done when it’s cold and damp then your painter will need to leave more time between each coat of paint.

We also assume there will be two tradesmen working on the site, it will take longer with just one person.

The guide below is for a semi-detached house with three sides, both fascia and soffits to be painted:

Day 1 – Remove guttering and set aside. Prepare timber and apply quick drying primer and one undercoat (full day).

Day 2 – Apply second undercoat (a mornings work)

Day 3 – Apply gloss coat (a mornings work)

Day 4 – Fit guttering (a couple of hours)

The actual painting doesn’t take very long but the preparation work can be time-consuming, especially if the fascia and soffits are in poor condition with peeling paint and/or rot.

The contractor also needs to leave adequate drying time between each coat.

Painting Roofline Boards – A Works Schedule

The prices displayed in the tables below are based on real quotes from several painters/decorators in the UK and also from roofing firms.

We found that both roofers and decorators took on this type of work.

Our prices assume that all the roofline boards were made from timber and are in fairly good condition.

Here is a works schedule that we took from the written quotes we received:

  • Erect access equipment to soffit/fascia height.
  • Remove existing guttering and set aside.
  • Scrape/burn off any flaking or peeling paint.
  • Cut out any rot and use filler to fill holes.
  • Sand down timber boards to provide a suitable key (painting surface).
  • Apply one coat of primer to any bare sections of timber.
  • Apply two coats of undercoat.
  • Apply one gloss coat.
  • Fix existing guttering back to fascia boards.
  • Lower access equipment, remove all waste material and leave the site clean and tidy.



Cost to Paint Fascia and Soffit Boards

Based on our research which was extensive, we think you should expect to pay on average £825.00 for a roofer or decorator to prepare and paint your roofline fascia and soffit boards.

Obviously, how much you actually end up paying will depend on the condition of your fascia and soffits and also how much time your tradesperson will spend preparing the boards prior to painting.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£900.00£1000.00
South, SW and Midlands£800.00£850.00
Outer Region and North£700.00£700.00

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A Warning – Asbestos Soffits

If your property has soffits made from a cement-based material then chances are it contains asbestos.

Below is a photo of an asbestos soffit board:

Asbestos containing soffit board to roof

Asbestos Soffit

This board should not be sanded, scraped, drilled, brushed or prepared for painting as doing so will release asbestos fibres.

If these types of boards are to be painted they should be done so with masonry paint, direct to the surface.

These boards contain cement with a small amount of asbestos, so gloss will not adhere correctly. One should not sand down the boards prior to painting with masonry paint, just remove any cobwebs with a damp sponge and then apply the masonry paint direct to the surface.

Work such as this, with this type of material, does not currently require a license but the tradesperson should have received training on how to safely work with asbestos products and should spend no more than one hour per week working with this material.

Alternatively just leave the boards unpainted, they are made from materials that will never rot or degrade.

Note: According to the HSE approximately 40% of soffit boards contain asbestos to some degree. Fascia boards do not contain asbestos, they are usually made from timber or Upvc plastic.

Paint Brush

Day Rates

Below are approximate day rates (labour only) for a painter/decorator based in the south east of the country:

Experienced Painter/Decorator – £125-£175 per day

Labourer/Trainee – £70-£80 per day

How Often Should They be Painted?

The fascia boards are exposed to the elements so should be painted every 7-9 years. Doing so will prevent rot and will mean the cost is kept to a minimum.

Soffit boards are protected by the roof overhang so do not need to be painted as frequently.

Some homeowners do not paint their roofline boards for several decades, this can lead to rot on the fascias which can spread to the rafter ends.

Also, as the guttering is secured to the fascia boards with screws, if the board becomes rotten then the guttering may come loose, sag and overflow during rainfall.

Which Paint Brand is Best?

For timber fascia and soffit boards we feel that Dulux Weathershield paint is the best, it’s the most expensive but is Dulux’s top-of-the-range exterior paint product and has been proven to last for years.

Dulux paint for roofline fascias and soffits

Did you know that you can buy Dulux paint from the Amazon website?

We suggest you avoid cheap gloss such as a non-brand product from the bottom shelf of your local DIY store. While these products are cheap, they aren’t always cheerful, they can also be quite runny/weak and therefore difficult to apply.

You can read reviews of Dulux Weathershield by checking out this page on the Amazon website.


Don’t be tempted to paint asbestos type boards with gloss, it may match your recently glossed timber fascias but the gloss will soon peel off the cement/asbestos boards (see photo at top of page as an example).

Always do external painting during warm dry weather, summertime is best. Avoid painting during the winter as the cold weather and shorter days will increase the drying time between each coat.

It’s always best to remove the guttering and gutter brackets so the entire fascia board can be painted. If your guttering is more than 10 years old then consider installing new guttering. You are already paying the labour cost for your painter/decorator to refit the guttering so the only additional cost is that of the materials.

Guttering is not as costly as you think. Visit this page to see how much it costs to fit plastic guttering to a house.


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