How Much Does it Cost to Replace Wall Cladding?

Cladding boards are often secured to the outside of a property as an alternative to brick face or render.

Traditionally, cladding was made from timber with each board overlapping the next to create a waterproof panel.

Nowadays, plastic and composites are more commonly used on homes in the UK, they’re competitively priced, last much longer and don’t require painting or ongoing maintenance.

But how much does it cost to fit Upvc plastic cladding boards and what options do you have?

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Our Cladding Price Guide

In 2015 and again in early 2018, we contacted dozens of cladding and roofline installers.

We asked them all to provide us with detailed written quotations to replace the existing timber boards on a single wall underneath a gable.

We requested separate prices for white and brown woodgrain-effect cladding boards.

Below you’ll find the results of our research, you can use this as a guide to how much plastic wall cladding costs.

Obviously, as every property is different, we’ve provided some details and specifics about the project below:


  1. We assume that the fitters will use their own access equipment, they will not be using a specialist scaffold company which would cost more.
  2. The existing timber boards will be removed, the fitter will not be capping over them.
  3. The prices displayed below do not include the installation of any additional insulation which may be needed, depending on how much is there already.
  4. All waste material generated from the project will be disposed of by the fitter.

Brown Or White Cladding Boards

Woodgrain effect brown cladding boards

Woodgrain effect brown cladding boards

White Upvc plastic cladding boards have a smooth plain surface that looks similar to glossed timber.

But as you can see from the photo above, coloured boards have a woodgrain-effect finish that mimics stained timber. These colours are universal so will match any woodgrain effect windows, doors or conservatories you have.

Cost to Buy Cladding

There is a big difference between the cost of white and Rosewood or Mahogany effect plastic boards.

Compare the prices we sourced in 2017 below:

5m Length of White Upvc Cladding – £17.00

5m Length of Rosewood Upvc Cladding – £34.00

White Joining Strip – £10.00

Rosewood Joining Strip – £17.00

White Edge Trim – £14.00

Rosewood Edge Trim – £29.00

Needless to say, a large cladding project will cost considerably more if the boards are coloured.

Shiplap or Open “V” Boards

Modern cladding boards are manufactured into two different profiles; Shiplap and Open “V”

Open “V” boards are usually 100mm(H) while Shiplap is 150mm(H):

Open V whote Upvc cladding

Open “v” Cladding Board in White

Shiplap Cladding Boards in White

Shiplap Cladding Boards in White

Project 1

Below is our researched price guide for the installation of white Open “V” cladding boards to a large wall under a gable.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£1950.00£2750.00
South, SW and Midlands£1750.00£2250.00
Outer Region and North£1250.00£2000.00
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Project 2

The price below is for the same project but this time with BROWN Rosewood effect cladding boards:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£2500.00£3500.00
South, SW and Midlands£2250.00£3250.00
Outer Region and North£2000.00£2250.00
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Project 3

Cladding can also be used as a ceiling panel and is often found in carports and porches.

We asked our contractors to replace a small amount of white cladding to the underside of the porch:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
London Area£300.00£450.00
South, SW and Midlands£350.00£400.00
Outer Region and North£250.00£300.00
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All prices on this page have been averaged.

We’ve sourced dozens of prices over the last few years, so feel our guide should be a good indicator of the going rate to replace exterior cladding boards.

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