Average Cost/Price to Paint Exterior Outside Walls (Masonry/Pebble Dash)

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Photos Taken by Our Very Own Tradesman

The following photos were supplied by Daniel, our very own resident tradesman:

masonry paint to exterior wall

Dulux Weathershield being applied to pebble dash wall

White asonry paint to pebble dash wall

Weathershield masonry paint to pebble dash wall

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Exterior Walls?

Assuming there are no unique access requirements (no conservatory to bridge etc) then use the cost/price tables on this page as a guide for painting exterior walls/masonry.

We suggest you also read our advice further down the page for information about the difference between smooth and pebble dash walls.

The average wall painting cost for a smooth wall is £880.00 but see the examples below for region specific prices:

Example Cost 1

For a semi-detached house with three SMOOTH walls to paint, we assume they are already painted, so you only require one stabiliser and two top coats:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£1100.00£1200.00
South, SW and Midlands£925.00£1050.00
Outer Region and North£600.00£750.00

Example Cost 2

For a semi detached house with three PEBBLE DASH walls that require minor cement repairs, one stabilizer and two top coats:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£1200.00£1200.00
South, SW and Midlands£950.00£1100.00
Outer Region and North£625.00£800.00

Example Cost 3

A large detached house that has just been rendered with pebble dash. Requires a brush off, stabilising and 3 coats of masonry paint:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£1300.00£1500.00
South, SW and Midlands£1050.00£1100.00
Outer Region and North£850.00£900.00

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More Info

Below you find some helpful information gleaned from our chosen contractors:

If you are thinking about painting bricks or stonework for the very first time then we suggest you consider the long-term implications and ask yourself if you are prepared to have the walls repainted every 8-10 years to keep them looking fresh.

Bricks will last centuries but the paint you use won’t.

If the work isn’t necessary, then you may be better off leaving your brickwork as it is. (The author of this page personally hates painted brick face. Even more so when the paint is 20+ years old, with grubby flaking paint.

That said, if your bricks are already coated in paint, or you are looking to paint render/masonry on a wall then the information and price guide on this page should be of use to you.

Smooth Verses Pebble Dash

Perhaps you thought that both a pebble dash and a smooth wall will cost the same to paint? Sorry to disappoint, but pebble dash walls take longer and require more paint, if using a brush then the paint has to be “dabbed” onto the wall and this takes ages.

It can take twice as long to paint a pebble dash wall compared to a smooth surface; this is reflected in the price/cost of painting exterior pebble dash walls. Smooth surfaces are easy to paint as one can use a roller, which can cover a wide area very quickly. This also ensures the paint is applied evenly and efficiently – saving money.

The Best Masonry Paint

Without a doubt the best masonry paint is Dulux Weathershield (competitively priced on Amazon).

The exterior of your house is not an area where you will want to use inferior paints, also bear in mind that the main cost involved in this work isn’t the paint itself, but the labour.

We suggest you avoid cheap paints as it’s a false economy, you’ll only be repainting the whole area again in a few years time and that will cost you more in the long-term.

Whatever paint you eventually choose, do make sure it has a fungicide built-in. This will prevent moss/mould etc from growing on the wall.

How to Prepare/Paint the Surface

Consider the following as a checklist for either yourself or your contractor:

  • Scrape off any loose paint
  • Brush over wall to remove dust and cobwebs etc
  • Wash any excessive dirt etc off wall
  • Apply a moss killer (such as this product) to any mould/algae
  • Complete any minor cement repairs
  • Use stabiliser* to dusty paint or bare surfaces
  • Apply coats (2 usually, 3 on an unpainted surface) of paint using roller/brush/dabber

*If you don’t use a stabiliser on dusty surfaces then the paint will adhere to the dust and not the wall! If possible, have this work done in the spring, summer or autumn. Avoid having any external painting done in winter as it will take much longer for the paint to dry, and if it rains before the masonry paint on your wall has dried…

Cost Factors

When getting a cost quote for painting walls/masonry we suggest you make sure it includes all of the following:

  • Scaffold/access requirements and separate cost for this
  • Minor cement repairs to render
  • Preparation work – rub down, moss/mould treatment, etc
  • Stabilizer
  • Good quality paint

Cost of the Materials

Good quality masonry paint – £4 per litre (that’s trade/Amazon price, you’ll pay more at B&Q) Stabilizer costs around £3 per litre Sand/quick drying cement for minor repairs – £20 Moss killer (example) – £20 Brushes and tubs etc – £30


Most manufacturers claim a coverage of up to 15 square metres per 1 litre of paint. You can easily halve that coverage (and some!) if you are painting pebble dash or an unpainted surface for the first time.

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