Example of a Quotation for House Rewiring

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Below you can find an example of a typical written quotation you can expect to receive when requesting quotes for a house rewire.

This electrician’s quotation template is based on our research into electricians costs which include house rewiring, replacing a fusebox and moving a socket/switch.

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Page One

The first page of any written quotation is just an introduction, it should contain a logo, the address of the company and other contact details along with a date. It should also state what else is enclosed with the letter. Larger companies will want to include a reference number to make it easier to locate on a computer.

quote template house rewire

Page Two

Page two of our electrician’s quotation template contains a works schedule, this provides an overview of the planned work. Bullet points are a great way to highlight the key areas of the project in a way that is easy to read without overloading the customer with too much information.

This page also states what is included and also excluded in the house rewire project. There is also a section at the base of the page providing weblinks so the customer can visit an internet page that answers common questions (faqs) and where they can see a photo or video gallery of recent work by this electrician.

page 2 of our template quotation for a house rewire

Page Three

Page three of the quotation is where each specific item is listed along with a product description.

Here the customer can also see how many sockets/lights etc are planned for each room. This form should also include each area of the house, such as garage, shed, porch, bedrooms, living rooms, halls, landing areas, kitchens and bathrooms etc.

This type of spreadsheet isn’t used by all tradespeople but is very useful for electricians so both they and the customer know exactly how many fittings will be installed and their approximate location.

Template for electricians - house rewire

Further Pages

In addition to the template pages above, the electrician may also provide a floor plan with the location of each switch, socket and light noted. This is particularity helpful if you intend to change the location of existing fittings, or if you adding lots of new fittings/points.

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What do you think of our example template? Are you a customer that has received quotations from electricians? How did they compare to our example here?

Are you a sparky? What do your written quotes/estimates look like? Do you provide more or less detail than is found in our example?

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