What is a Fair Price to Pay For a Bathroom Extractor Fan?

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How much does it cost to replace an extractor fan in a bathroom?

bathroom extractor fan vent

Most of the electricians we contacted had some follow-up questions which we had to answer before they quoted us:

  • Are we looking to swap like-for-like or looking to install a fan for the first time?
  • Is the bathroom located beneath an open loft or is it under another room?
  • When the light is switched on, do we want the fan to activate as well?

We, therefore, based our first cost example on the following assumptions:

  • A straight swap, remove the old extractor fan and install a new one.
  • Check the wiring is up to standard.
  • Check the ducting and outside grill is not blocked and is working correctly, etc.

How Accurate Are The Prices on This Page?

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Quote 1 – Swap Like-for-Like

Extractor fan costThe prices below are an average of the figures we received from our chosen tradespeople.

We have done our best to source quotes from a large pool of businesses from around the United Kingdom.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£225.00£250.00
South, SW and Midlands£175.00£225.00
Outer Region and North£150.00£175.00



Quote 2 – New Installation

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarge Business
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London Area£350.00£450.00
South, SW and Midlands£300.00£400.00
Outer Region and North£300.00£300.00

The second quote we requested from our selected electricians was for a more complicated project – Install an extractor fan for the first time:

  • Supply and install all the wiring so the fan switches on when the bathroom light is activated.
  • Cut through the wall and install ducting to the outside of the wall where there will be a new grill to prevent insect entering the ducting.
  • Bury the wiring into the wall and plaster over it.
  • The contractor will not decorate or tile over the plaster; we don’t want that work included in our quotation.

While this quote is to install a fan on a wall, we expect it to cost the same or nearly the same as a ceiling fan with ducting through the roof eaves.

We assume that after the installer completes the work, a qualified electrician will provide a “signed off” certificate. This paperwork is a legal requirement for this type of work and especially meaningful when done in a bathroom or a kitchen where there is moisture.

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Three Types of Bathroom Extractor Fan

There are three ways to remove the moisture from a bathroom:

  1. Via a ceiling fan, through ducting into the roof eaves and exiting via a grill
  2. Via a wall, through ducting and via a grill
  3. Via a fan in a glass window; this type of fan is less common these days as it involves cutting a hole in the glass

Variations in Price and Cost

The location of the fan and the distance to the exit point will affect the cost of the work, but the primary factors are the wiring considerations. If there is a loft above the bathroom, then it’s an easy job to locate the existing wiring circuit and connect to it, just go in the loft, and the electrics will be there already.

Things become more challenging if the bathroom is located in an apartment/flat or even on the ground floor. Floorboards, carpets, floor tiling or laminate flooring, may need to be lifted to find the wiring. That is going to cost and cost a lot! If you want the fan to start when the light is switched on (as standard) but would like a separate switch/cord to turn it off early then, that will also cost more.


There are dozens of different extractor fans on the market, our quotes above are for standard fans that cost around ~£50 to purchase. You can choose to upgrade to high powered versions or “silent” fans that are suitable for those that work night shifts and need to sleep when others are awake and showering 🙂

We firmly suggest you spend some time researching the products available before purchasing a fan; you should be able to check the noise level and extraction rate of each product by visiting the manufacturer’s website or checking the datasheet.

Why Have a Fan Installed or Upgrade an Existing One?

Bathrooms without windows usually have an extractor fan. They suck out the moisture and prevent damp problems such as mould, smelly carpets and damaged plaster.

These fans can also be installed in a bathroom that has a window; you may not want to open that window on a cold winters day, but that moisture still needs to be extracted from the room.

Many homeowners upgrade the fan to a high powered one or “silent” one for obvious reasons, it’s usually best to pay that little bit extra for a good quality product in the first place. The labour costs to install such products will be the same, and the additional cost for the fans are usually negligible.

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