How Much Does it Cost to Seal/Coat a Roof?

Welcome to Quotation Check – The web’s leading home improvement price comparison site. Are you considering having your roof coated and sealed? Do you want to know how much it typically costs to have this work completed? We have been researching costs for over two years and believe you can use our guide to save money off your quote.

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About Us and Our Research

The price guides you see displayed in the tables on this page are based on written quotes we gathered from various companies around the United Kingdom. This page was last updated on .

We collected these figures during October and November and then calculated an average price. You can use this guide when negotiating with sales people or when budgeting for a future project.

There are some caveats and limitations to our research; every roof is different, the prices charged by companies may fluctuate throughout the year, and of course, different businesses will have different overheads and profit margins.

That said, we still feel our site has much to offer and is a great starting point for homeowners researching prices.

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Average Cost/Price to Clean and Coat a Roof

Roof coatings are coloured or translucent types of paint/sealers that are spray applied to the tiles. They are usually used to improve the visual “kerb appeal” of the roof.

Homeowners that have issues with excessive roof moss growth may benefit from having their roof cleaned and coated. Although a chemical fungicide treatment may need to be re-applied every few years.

Roof cleaning and coating

We contacted over 30 roof coating companies from various locations in the United Kingdom and asked them to provide a cleaning and roof coating cost for a semi detached house. We also asked a few friends/relatives to get prices and provide us with the paperwork.

Our quotes were all for the following:

  • semi-detached house
  • good access all round
  • standard concrete tiles in average condition
  • no remedial work required (cement work, chimney stack etc all in good condition)
  • we wanted the tiles pressure washed, treated with a chemical to prevent moss and finished with two layers of roof coating in brown colour

Not all of our chosen companies actually provided us with a quote. Some didn’t respond, and some initially did but then didn’t show up. Most of the larger companies we got in touch with sent a salesperson to our property, some of which were quite pushy.

We did get enough written quotes for our semi-detached house to calculate an average that we feel is representative of the cost you can expect to be charged for roof coating.

We also asked a few friends and family members to get quotes for similar work; the data has been compiled into the table further down the page.

The Highest and Lowest Quotes we Received

When we received quotes from our chosen companies we were surprised by the huge difference between the highest and lowest prices:

The lowest quote we received – £850.00

The highest quote we received – £4800.00

The figures above were for the same property, a semi detached house with roof tiles in average/good condition.

Because of the differences in price, we strongly urge you to get several quotes before you proceed with any work.

Our Guideline Price:

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£2000.00£2500.00
South, SW and Midlands£1750.00£2500.00
Outer Region and North£1500.00£1750.00

As you can see from the table above, the average cost to clean and coat a roof is around £2000.00.

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What Work is Done?

We have done some research into exactly what work is involved with a roof coating refurbishment. There are many guides available on the internet and also some helpful YouTube videos. Most of the companies we contacted will do all or most of the following:

  1. An initial site survey that checks the access up to the roof and the type of tiles, whether they are suitable for painting and also the general condition of the roof.
  2. Setting up of safety equipment. This usually involves scaffold towers to provide roof edge protection or harnesses and roof ladders. Covers and tarpaulins are also placed over patios and flowerbeds.
  3. Replace broken tiles and disconnect gutters from drainage pipes. This is important because they don’t want high pressured water to penetrate into the loft via broken tiles. The gutters must be detached to prevent the muck from blocking the underground soakaway.
  4. Pressure wash the tiles, starting at the top of the roof and working downwards towards the guttering. This is quite a messy task so the roof cleaning contractor may decide to first brush off any excess moss manually before they start the power cleaning process.
  5. Treating the tiles with a fungicidal wash to prevent moss and algae growth underneath the new roof coating
  6. Apply two coats of roof coating in the chosen colour. It is important that there is sufficient drying time between each coating and also after the fungicidal wash is applied.

Roof paint onto tiles

How Long Does the Roof Coating Process Take?

We asked all of our chosen roof coating companies how long the work will take and most seemed to indicate between 2-3 days.

The first day is when the roof is cleaned and the tiles treated with the fungicide. There may also be a lot of cleaning up to do. The first day is also when any remedial work is carried out, such as ridge re-pointing, replacing broken tiles, gutter repairs etc.

The second day is when the first layer of roof coating is applied. If this is done in the summer then the second could be applied later on the same day. However, if the work is done on a cooler day, the drying time will be much longer and they will instead have to come back on a third day to apply the second coat.

If the weather is wet or windy then your job may be delayed, damp conditions make it impossible to correctly apply the coating. Because the paints are applied by a sprayer, they shouldn’t be applied in windy conditions.


We did a lot of research into roof coating and do not believe these types of paints/coatings should be applied in winter or during damp conditions. It would be best to wait until the summer months, just like you would if you wanted to paint any other exterior part of your property.

While roof coatings can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, they are not an appropriate alternative to a re-roof should your tiles already be very old and close to the point where they need to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long will the coating last?

A) Most coatings come with a 10 year guarantee, but from the research we have conducted 6-8 years is far more realistic.

Q) Will the coating prevent moss growth?

A) No not entirely but it may reduce moss growth in the short term.

Q) Can the roof coating be applied without the roof tiles being pressure washed?

A) No, the roof needs to be thoroughly cleaned first to remove oils, algae, moss and other contaminants that would otherwise prevent the coating from adhering correctly.

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    l have had a quotation to have my roof done there quote was a lot more than that and my house is up and over there quote was 5 thousand and 8oo hundred pounds l thought that really expensive so l thank you for your surveys l will not be using this company yours

  2. Gerald BromleyMay 13, 2017 at 2:19 pm #

    Just had a quotation to clean, spray with an anti fungal coating ,and add a colour .
    The quote was £6128-00 will be getting a few more quotes befor going ahead with this venture .
    Mr G Bromley

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