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How much does it cost to hire a painter/decorator to paint a room? What is a fair price to pay for this type of work?

Obviously, the cost will depend on the size of the room and exactly what is being painted, walls, ceiling, skirting boards, window sils etc.

Our Quotes

Cost to paint a roomWe asked dozens of tradespeople to quote for a living room to be painted. We assumed the following:

  • All furniture will be removed from the room
  • Only minor repairs needed to the existing wall and woodwork
  • No wallpaper stripping
  • Walls, door, ceiling, skirts, door, window sils and frames to be painted
  • Emulsion to walls and undercoat/gloss to woodwork

Based on our research you should expect to pay on average £435.00 to paint a room. See below for more detailed information:

LocationMedium Sized BusinessLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£475.00£500.00
South, SW and Midlands£375.00£450.00
Outer Region and North£375.00N/A

Don’t forget our quotes include the woodwork in the living room as well as walls and ceiling. The Table above includes labour and materials.

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Extra Costs

If you want wallpaper removed then this will add extra time and more cost to the quote. Wallpaper removal takes time and it’s often difficult to ascertain the condition of the wall underneath until the paper has been stripped.

Painters and decorators are used to repairing damaged walls, minor repairs are part-and-parcel of the trade. If however you need to have the entire wall re-plastered, then this cost more. See our guide to wall plastering costs for more information.

The condition of any woodwork is also a factor that affects the price. If gloss is peeling and requires a “burn off” then this will add an extra day to the job. Gloss rarely peels on interior woodwork, except on interior window frames.

If your ceiling or walls have nicotine stains, they will need to be thoroughly washed with sugar soap prior to painting. This can take some time, depending on the level of staining.

Our price chart above assumes “best case scenario” and that your walls, ceiling and woodwork do not require any special preparation work.

How Long Will The Work Take?

The work will take one skilled and experienced painter and one labour (trainee) around two days. Perhaps a  little longer depending on the amount of woodwork. The first day is when the preparation work and the first coats are applied. These are allowed to dry before the painters come back for a second day to apply the second coat.

The work can take longer if the condition of the walls and woodwork means extra preparation is required. In our quotes we have assumed that they are in good condition and require only minimal preparation work.

Price Fluctuation

The vast majority of the cost of painting a room is taken up in labour fees, most decorators can get a good discount on the cost of the materials.

If your chosen tradesperson isn’t too busy he/she may lower the prices just to get some extra work. When they are busy (like in the summer) expect the quotes to be more expensive.

Where you live is also a primary factor in how much it costs to paint a room. Living costs in London are considerably higher than anywhere else in the United Kingdom and this is reflected on the charges made by tradespeople like painters and decorators.

Questions to Ask Your Painter/Decorator

Is the priced fixed or is it per day/hour etc?

Are they VAT registered? If so, does the quote include/exclude VAT?

What brand paint are they going to use? Brands such as Dulux can be three times as expensive as some “home brands” from DIY stores.

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