Typical Price to Cut Down a Tree?

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What is a fair and reasonable price to have a tree completely cut down?

Tree work is one of the hardest jobs to price correctly when you can’t visit the property and make an assessment, not only is every tree different but so is access requirements and what exactly is located underneath said tree?!

Whether you end up paying a couple of hundred pounds or a couple of thousand will depend on:

  • Height of the tree
  • It’s overhang
  • Access to the tree location (ie rear garden in mid terraced house, no access = problem)
  • Type of tree
  • Whether it’s near a public footpath or road
  • Will you want the waste material disposed of? (It could weigh several tonnes!)
  • Do you want the stump grinded down?

Height of tree – this is a factor because it will require equipment and time to get up there, there is also the risk that parts of the tree will have further to fall and are more likely to cause damage. Hence why extra care is needed, that all takes time, more manpower and ultimately costs more.

The overhang – some types of trees are more likely to overhang sheds, greenhouses and fences etc. the bigger the overhang the more costly the job!

Access – if your tree surgeon has no access to the rear garden where your tree is located, then how will he get there to cut it down? By going through the house? Or by perhaps by taking down fence panels on neighbouring gardens? This will all add to the cost, especially if he has to cart the felled tree back to his van like this!

Type of tree – some trees are just easier to work on than others. It is a cost factor.

Public road/footpath – if your tree is overhanging a public footpath or road then you will need to get permission to close off the area. This isn’t going to be cheap, depending on the road of course.

Waste disposal – if you can dispose of the waste yourself, perhaps because you have a big garden then you can save a fortune. Carting a felled tree to the front of a property so it can be loaded onto a vehicle takes time, paying to dispose of said waste costs lots of money, especially if the tree weighs several tonnes!

Stump grinding – this will stop the roots forming into a new tree. How far down the stump needs to be grinded to prevent this will depend on the type of tree.

Our Example Quotes

We gathered as many quotes as we could from tree surgeons up and down the country, one thing we noticed was how much their prices differed! For example, our quotes varied by well over £1000 for a large tree in a rear garden with access issues.

Here is our data, the costs are averaged and rounded:

Job 1 – 35 ft Multi -Stem Tree in Rear Garden With Good Access

For this quote we are assuming a 35ft Beech tree (multi-stem) in a garden with good access, the stump will be grounded down, the contractor will be taking away all of the waste. The work will take around half a day with 2-3 workmen carrying out the removal.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£500.00£700.00
South, SW and Midlands£425.00£500.00
Outer Region and North£350.00£425.00

Job 2 – Take Down 100ft+ Oak Tree Poor Access

This cost is to fell a large 100ft+ Oak with poor access and to cart away all the waste. There will be several tonnes of material to be carried to the vehicle and disposed of. This is a very labour intensive job and will require two tree surgeons for a few days and three “lads” carting the material to the vehicle. There will be multiple journeys to the disposal yard. Price includes grinding the stump out.

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£N/A£N/A
South, SW and Midlands£N/A£N/A
Outer Region and North£N/A£N/A

Job 3 – Pruning/Trimming

The following is a price/cost example to trim/prune an Oak tree, we assume easy access and the tree surgeon will be removing all the waste material, we are assuming a small team of two men working for one day:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£700.00£850.00
South, SW and Midlands£550.00£650.00
Outer Region and North£450.00£550.00

How did we get these figures?

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2 Responses to “Typical Price to Cut Down a Tree?”

  1. Martyn GrantFebruary 23, 2017 at 8:09 pm #

    what a load of nonsense.

    A 100ft oak would cost around £2000 + plus as a minimum. it would take several days to do in a back garden and with the average wage of £100- £130 a day for staff on site, plus average overheads of 50k of equipment on site that would be a cheap price. our average day rates as a NON VAT reg company is around £750 for a 3 man crew. if the tree is larger than that corneas up to £900 a day. if we need to use cranes, cherry pickers or the tree is dangerous then that increases again.

    The thing we win a lot of work as we are slightly cheaper than most.!

  2. Jo carterAugust 18, 2017 at 12:29 am #

    How much approx would it cost to cut down 2 20ft plum trees. Also a 2 ft conerfer,taking say trees and killing roots, I live in Warwickshire thank yo

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