A Detailed Look at Conservatory Prices – How Much Should You Pay?

A few years ago I despised conservatories, I’ve always seen them as plastic or glass boxes that are either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Why would one want a conservatory when one could build a more practical and versatile extension?

My opinion changed about a year ago when I had the chance to visit a property with a large conservatory bolted onto the rear wall.

The difference between this conservatory and all the others?

This one had a tiled roof instead of glass or plastic panels.

What a difference that made to both the look and feel of the home.

The structure no longer felt like a conservatory, privacy was improved, it was more thermally efficient in the winter and not uncomfortably hot in the summer.

It also looked more appealing when viewed from the garden and I’m convinced any potential buyer would prefer this to a plasticky structure.

Our Conservatory Price Guide

We sent out price requests to conservatory installers in 2016 and early 2018.

On this page, you’ll find the results of our findings.

Don’t forget; this is just one of many price guides we have created during the last two years. See our full price list here.

Upvc plastic framed but glass roof conservatory

A Reminder From the Team Here at Quotation Check

Since 2014, the team here at Quotation Check has been gathering quotes from tradespeople and businesses in the UK.

We typically update our guides every two years or so to keep the information fresh and relevant.

We publish the results which you can locate via our price list.

There is one caveat you should be aware of, though.

Companies and installers that sell big-ticket items such as conservatories and Upvc windows often employ salespeople.

The price paid for a new conservatory won’t just depend on where you live, the size and specification chosen or even the time of year, but will depend on how well you can haggle.

Here is an Example:

We asked one well known national company in the UK to provide us with a price for a conservatory, they quoted us an initial figure of £17000 before applying various discounts and offers as we haggled and negotiated.

From “Winter discounts” to “first customer on your street” price reductions and various other tactics to rush us into making a decision.

The final price we were offered?


That is a reduction of £5000 – a very significant discount indeed.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes to haggle so you may or may not get the same prices we did.

Conservatory Extras You Should Consider

The prices we have displayed below are based on a standard conservatory installation, they exclude extras that you may need or want.

Either all or some of the following charges will apply to your installation:

  • Glass roof panels instead of polycarbonate – The cost is variable and depends on the size of the roof, the type of glass and of course, the installer. The companies we sourced figures from suggested price increases of between £1250 and £4500, the most expensive option being for higher specification thermal reflective glass.
  • Brown woodgrain effect finish  – Brown is more expensive than white, that’s because it has a woodgrain pattern embedded into the plastic. Expect this to cost an extra £1750 to £3000.
  • The number of window openers also affects the price – We chose a single small window opener and one larger window opener per side of the structure.
  • Roof Windows – We chose one fully opening roof window but could have chosen more, although this would have cost us more.
  • Air conditioning units – These are perfect for keeping the conservatory at an ideal temperature throughout all the seasons of the year. These can vary in cost but expect to pay several thousand for a discreet and silent premium product.
  • Wall knock through – This is where a wall is removed to widen the opening between the home and the conservatory. Not every project requires a wall knock though as some houses already have a patio door. Expect to pay several thousand for the labour, the steelwork to support the wall above, making good the plaster on the inside and the sliding patio door itself.
  • Bi-fold doors – These are a popular option but come at a price, from £1750 for a budget door up to £6000 for a premium product.

We didn’t ask about flooring and blinds so don’t have a guide price for these items.

Average Conservatory Cost in the UK

Below you’ll find the results of our research into conservatory prices in the United Kingdom:

Lean-to 4m x 2.8m/3m:

LocationLean-to 4x2.8m/3m
South/ South East£10,000.00
North /North West£9000.00
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Victorian Style 4m x 3m/3.5m:

LocationVictorian 4mx3.5m
South/ South East£12000.00
North /North West£11000.00
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Note: Prices above are for a standard conservatory with polycarbonate roof, white trim and includes base work.

Ballpark Figure for a Premium Installation:

Assuming you want all the extra items with your conservatory, use this calculation as a rough guide for a 4m x 3m installation:

Standard installation – £12500

Thermal glass roof – £4000 (self-cleaning options can cost even more)

All Windows to have openers – £1000

Maximum number of roof opening windows – £1000

Wall knock through, lintel to support upper wall and sliding door installation – £2500

Bi-fold door mid-range – £2500

Air conditioning unit £1500 (supply-only, these units cost from £500 for a cheap one and up to £1400 for a premium product)

Total Cost: £22500 (excludes blinds and flooring)

As you can see from our price guides on this page, the cost of a standard installation can be quite low but when the extra costs are factored into the quote, the price can easily double.

How do our Figures Compare to Others?

A recent survey of 269 people by the consumer group Which? revealed the average cost of a conservatory was £12000.

22% of those surveyed paid between £5000 and £10000, 25% paid between £10000 and £15000 while 14% paid between £15000 and £20000.

Source: which.co.uk

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Tiled Roof Instead of Plastic or Glass?

On average, the cost of a tiled roof bumped up the cost of a typical conservatory by about 20% and was comparable to the cost of installing thermal reflective glass panels.

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Can The Figures Here Be Trusted?

We think so and believe they are a good starting point for those investigating conservatory prices.

Quotation Check’s figures are all based on real quotes and estimates from legitimate companies in the UK.

We gather these figures and display an average cost, so you can see what others are paying and hopefully save yourself from being overcharged.

You can read more about how we gather quotes here.

Do bear in mind that every job is different and you may receive different prices.

Quotation Check is a popular website and has been featured on the Money Saving Expert website, on Mumsnet and several other publications both on and offline.

An author writing for the Direct Line online magazine also cited our service as a place to source prices:

When Were These Prices Updated?

We appreciate that outdated prices are irrelevant prices and this can be very frustrating. That is why we intend to update our full price list every two years or so.

This conservatory costs listed on this page were last updated on the and are based on quotes we gathered in December 2016 and again in January 2018.

Victorian Vs Lean-To

The two conservatory price examples shown in the table above are for the most popular conservatory styles in the UK – a straightforward and affordable lean-to and a more classic Victorian style.

lean to style

Lean-to Conservatory

Victorian Style

Victorian Style

Both of our prices include the following:

  • Ground preparation works
  • Install footings and concrete base (this is the foundation for the conservatory)
  • Construct a dwarf brick wall – usually ~1metre in height
  • Install Upvc windows and doors
  • Roof installation – Upvc trim with polycarbonate plastic panels
  • Electrical work – light and sockets
  • Plastering and painting

How Long Does a Conservatory Build Take?

It’s always a good idea to ask how long the company will take to erect the conservatory.

We did just that and the companies gave us varying timescales. Do bear in mind; we did speak to salespeople whose goal is to sell us a product, even if that means being overly optimistic.

Here is what we know about building a conservatory and is based on feedback from conservatory companies:

  1. Full site survey (different from the salesman’s measurements) – within a week.
  2. Submit a planning application and acceptance (not always required but do check) – 1-4 weeks.
  3. The construction of conservatory in the factory – 1 month in winter and up to 3 months during the busy summer period.
  4. Ground preparation works, digging out the foundations and general clearance, etc. – 1 day.
  5. Laying foundations and constructing the base – 1 day.
  6. Construction of small brick wall – 1-1.5 days.
  7. Installation of the conservatory inc roof, leadwork to the wall, rainwater guttering, etc. 1 -1.5 days.
  8. Install the electrics, wall plastering and sils- 1 day.

As cement and brickwork need time to dry/harden, expect a delay between different tradespeople being on site.

As you can see from the guide above, the actual installation of the conservatory doesn’t take too long.

Can You Get a Better Deal in Winter?

The winter months are the quietest for window companies, roofline fitters and conservatory installers in the United Kingdom.

Based on our experience in the trade and the last few years of researching prices for Quotation Check, we believe you can make a saving during the quiet winter season.

Obviously, you will need to negotiate hard, and every company will have a different policy, but we know from experience that many traders have shorter waiting periods during the winter.

The summer is when waiting times can reach several months, and you are less likely to get a great deal.

The bottom line is this; when companies have few projects on their books, they often reduce the prices just to keep things ticking over until business picks up.

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2 Responses to “A Detailed Look at Conservatory Prices – How Much Should You Pay?”

  1. Andy FraserFebruary 23, 2017 at 12:07 am #

    Help needed. We have been given a quote for a Lean to conservatory from CR Smith. The size is approx. 5m x 2.75m x 2.1. I set of double doors. A sliding door from the kitchen into conservatory and a new kitchen window approx. size 1.5m x 1m. Also a firewall will need to be built 2.75m x 2.1m. We are not getting blinds supplied or tiles fitted by them, they are installing 3 power points and 2 light fittings. Also a climate control unit comes as standard with the conservatory, we said we didn’t want one, but were told it comes as standard and that the price of the unit cannot be knocked off the quote. We are not replacing a conservatory, so I dare say foundations will have to be installed. Conservatory is floor to roof glass, with polycarbon roof, we don’t want a dwarf wall. We were quoted £28100. at first, when we said that was more than what we prepared to pay the quote suddenly dropped to £27100. We still think that the quote given is still far far too high. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. John (conservatory style expert) SmithingfieldJuly 23, 2018 at 9:16 pm #

    Conservatories are a hard one to estimate the cost off, there is so many variables, styles, sizes and add on options available to consumers. It would be helpful if you created a price guide for each style style, in each material that included the most common sizes! Great guide though I enjoyed reading it!

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