Wallpapering a Room – A Price Guide

Thank you for visiting our site here at Quotation Check – The web’s trusted guide to construction and home repair prices/charges. This page is all about wallpapering, how much it costs to hang wallpaper in a room, how long it normally takes and how it’s done. We have sourced quotes from decorators in late 2016, so explore our prices on this page.

Wallpapering was very popular until the mid-1990’s when it fell out of fashion and painting walls became popular. Recently wallpaper that’s manufactured from high-quality materials has seen something of a renaissance. Many homeowners now wallpaper just one or two walls in a room and paint the remaining, the paper is often used to create a feature wall in the room.

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The Specifics

We contacted dozens of painters and decorators from various locations around the United Kingdom and asked them to provide us with a quote to wallpaper all of the walls in a front room.

Some of our chosen contractors asked to visit the property to inspect the walls. Some asked for dimensions and what was currently on the wall (i.e paint or wallpaper), while a few others asked us to email them a few photos.

Below you can find our wallpapering price table, the figures are an average of the prices we received. This page was last updated on .

Don’t forget; our research into wallpapering is just one of hundreds of prices we have investigated. See the full price list here.
Wallpaper cost guide on Quotation Check

Quote 1 – Hang Wallpaper to Wall That is Currently Painted

This quote is to hang wallpaper onto a wall that currently has paint applied to it. The wall doesn’t currently have any wallpaper on it and is in good condition. Because there isn’t any paper to remove, the work should be completed more quickly and this is reflected in the quotes we received. We have excluded the cost of the lining paper and wallpaper as there are so many to choose from at varying prices:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
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London Area£375.00N/A
South, SW and Midlands£300.00N/A
Outer Region and North£250.00£N/A

Quote 2 – Strip Existing Wallpaper and Hang New Wallpaper

This quote is to strip existing wallpaper from the walls to a front room, repair the wall as required, line the walls and then hang new wallpaper. We have excluded the cost of the lining paper and wallpaper, this quote is just for the labour:

LocationSmall Business /TraderLarger Business (5+ employees)
Need a Custom Price? >>>Compare Up To 3 Personlised Quotes Here
London Area£550.00N/A
South, SW and Midlands£475.00N/A
Outer Region and North£450.00£N/A

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How Much Work is Involved in Wallpapering a Room?

The amount of work involved and how long it takes to wallpaper a room will depend on the condition of the walls and the overall size of the room.

If the wall is currently wallpapered then this may need to be stripped off with a steamer and a scraper, this depends on how many layers are on there. If the walls aren’t papered but are just painted then the work will not take so long, but the walls may need to be scrubbed with sugar soap (a popular cleaning fluid) if there are oils such as nicotine stains present.

We have included the cost of cross lining the walls first as this will result in a much superior finish. This isn’t always necessary but is good practice, especially for older walls. Always read the instructions that come with the wallpaper, thinner types almost always require lining.

How Long Will the Work Take?

Preparing the walls and cross-lining will take a day, perhaps 1.5 days depending on the condition of the wall. The wallpaper will be hung on a second day.

So allow 2 – 2.5 days.

If you have existing wallpaper, then this will require another day to remove and preparing the walls may take slightly longer. It all depends on the condition of the plaster, which could be damaged by the steaming and scraping.

We assume one tradeperson is working on the job. It will take less time if your have two or three in there, could be quite crowded though!

Hanging wallpaper

What About Preparation?

A wallpaper steamer will create condensation so it’s best to remove as many of your possessions as possible. Large items such as a sofa should be placed in the centre of the room. You decorator will cover over this.

The floor/carpets will also be covered by your decorator who will use tape to secure it to the skirting boards.

It’s always best to ask about preparation work with your decorator before he starts the project. Removing all your possessions from a room and placing them back in there afterwards could take hours, so make sure you ask the decorator what is included in his price.

5 Tips For You to Follow:

Check out the video below for tips and advice on how to wallpaper a wall correctly:


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  1. PamJanuary 16, 2017 at 10:37 pm #

    What is the price to hang a roll of wallpaper to a clean stripped wall. Your examples are useless if they don’t quote per roll. I need 3 rolls hanging. What should the average price be?

    • DaveApril 6, 2017 at 10:27 am #

      Approx £80 – £100 dependent on surface area ie if excessive cutting is needed.

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