A Look at Window Cleaning Costs – What is the Going Rate?

Welcome to Quotation Check and our guide to window cleaning costs in the UK.

If you want to know what the going rate is to have your windows cleaned in 2018, this page is for you.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • A researched price based on feedback from 28 window cleaning businesses.
  • Water fed pole system or traditional ladder clean – what’s the difference and which one is best?
  • Conservatory cleaning cost.
  • How to find a reliable, trusted window cleaner.

Our Window Cleaning Price Guide – Updated For 2018

In February and March 2018, we asked 28 window cleaning firms from the south of the UK to give us a price for cleaning the exterior windows of a three-bed semi-detached house.

We wanted the frames and sills cleaned too but not the inside of the window; we also had one sliding patio door and one Upvc front door that we wanted to be cleaned.

The prices below are an average of the figures provided to us; you can use this as a guide to window cleaning costs in 2018:

ItemTotal Cost
3-bed house£12.25

Water Fed Pole System or Traditional Window Clean

window cleaning equipment in van

Van mounted hot and cold window cleaning pole system. Image source.

A traditional window cleaner will use ladders, squeegees and cloths to clean the windows and (usually) the frames. This method has been used for hundreds of years and is effective.

For those difficult to reach windows, like those located above a conservatory or really high up, a traditional pole attachment can be used.

Water fed pole systems are high-reach poles connect to a supply of pure filtered water.

The operator of these systems doesn’t need a ladder, the equipment can be used to reach any window on the home.

In addition to the obvious health and safety benefits of using a pole system on every window, the purified water shouldn’t leave any watermarks or film on the glass.

Which Window Cleaning System is Best?

Many modern window cleaners claim that the film left by cleaning agents used by traditional window cleaners attracts the dirt and that they don’t stay clean for as long.

However, many traditional window cleaners claim that water fed pole systems are not as thorough as a squeegee and cloth clean.

The debate about which system is best has been going on for years and shows no sign of abating.

The truth is, while both systems can be effective, it depends entirely on the operator.

Based on our experience, we think a traditional ladder-based squeegee and cloth clean is best, but that’s just our opinion.

Should Window Cleaners Also Clean the Frames Too?

Some window cleaners include thorough frame and sill cleaning as standard while others price for this separately.

Some offer to brush off any cobwebs and “wipe down” the frames and sill while others state that they only wipe down the sills.

Other cleaners we spoke to stated that they will thoroughly clean the frames during the first visit and that a wipe down for maintenance is all that’s needed during subsequent visits.

We suggest clarifying what is and isn’t included in the price as every window cleaner is different.

Just because a cleaner doesn’t include the sills as standard doesn’t mean he isn’t a professional, more likely that he wants to give his customers more choice.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Conservatory

We asked our chosen window cleaning firms if they also offered a conservatory cleaning service.

We wanted the roof panels, ridge trim and frames included in the cost.

Most did offer this service but some of them asked us to email them a photo or insisted on a visit to first inspect the conservatory.

From what we gathered, there are two types of conservatory clean:

  • Absolutely filthy and hasn’t been cleaned in years.
  • Well maintained and just needs a wipe over to keep it looking fresh.

A filthy conservatory that hasn’t been cleaned in years will have ingrained dirt and algae on the Upvc frames as well as blocked gutters. Based on the information provided to us, we think an average-sized conservatory in this condition will take around 4 hours to clean and cost between £90 and £110.

A well-maintained average-sized conservatory that is cleaned regularly as part of the window cleaner’s round is a different story altogether and won’t need any deep scrubbing, in most cases a pole system can be used to clean off any dirt and pollution in a fraction of the time. Based on the prices given to us, we think such a clean will cost in the region of £50 – £75.

The Best Place to Find a Window Cleaner

If you’re looking to use the services of a window cleaner, we suggest you forget about the Yellow Pages, your local newspaper or flyers that are pushed through the door.

The most reliable way to find a reliable window cleaner is by word of mouth and the best place to read reviews and get impartial advice is from local forums and Facebook groups that have a dedicated section covering your area.

If you have an online group covering your area, join up and ask your neighbours if they know of a local window cleaner that can be trusted. You can also ask about prices and what is and isn’t’ included in a clean.

How Often Should Windows be Cleaned?

This is entirely up to the customer and will depend on how exposed to the elements the home is.

Most window cleaners have rounds with certain streets allocated to certain times.

This means the window cleaners can work efficiently without having to drive back and forth which wastes fuel and time.

The average window cleaning frequency is every month but every two months is also a popular service