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What We Do

Quotation Check sends out home improvement price requests to tradespeople and businesses once per year.

The prices obtained are averaged and displayed on the website in easy-to-read tables.

The published price guides offer insights into how much home improvement projects cost in the UK.

They also provide a snapshot of inflation within the home improvement sector.

Who We Are

Quotation Check is the product of Daniel and Rachel, a team of two that takes time off each year to send out price requests and to update the website.

Both are based in the UK.

Daniel Woodley is a former contractor with over 17 years of experience in general construction and in project management.

Rachel Westwood works as a senior administrator for a private hospital in England.

The 2021 Home Improvement Price Guide Update

2021 is a year few of us will forget, and the team at Quotation Check has seen price rises well into double figures for several sectors within the home improvement industry.

The roofing industry, in particular, has seen shortages of materials leading to project delays of several months while builders are faced with near-monthly price increases for plyboard and steel products.

In late November 2021, Quotation Check released their anticipated Home Improvement Price Guide Update, which you can find here:

2021 home improvement price increases

Quotation Check’s Price Guides

Our price guides below are currently being updated (as of Nov 28th 2021):

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Our Most Popular Price Guides:

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Garden Improvements

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We gathered three quotes from the trade network you suggested and they were all similarly priced. We were delighted with the finished product and cannot recommend your website enough. Your prices were very helpful for those like us, that have no idea how much gardening work should cost.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we advise consumers to source quotes for home improvement projects online where possible. To minimise the transmission of the virus, the number of tradespeople and sales staff entering homes should be kept to a minimum.

Having been ripped off and thoroughly overcharged for previous work, I decided to research prices online before choosing my next tradesperson, Thank you for your research into costs – very helpful indeed.

We were quoted over three times the figure suggested in your guide so we searched around and found a more reasonable price. Your guides are excellent and saved us over £500.

Consumers now have access to average prices based on real quotations.