Home Improvement Projects See Price Increases of Up to 18% in 2021

Over 1000 prices compared year-on-year

Fixed prices and estimates from UK businesses

Home "improvement" and "maintenance" prices compared

8% increase in the number of firms providing estimates rather than fixed quotations

A Report by Quotation Check

Thinking about building a home extension?

It will cost you 18% more than it did this time last year, reports Daniel Woodley of Quotation Check.

Other sectors within the home improvement industry saw inflation of 17%, 12% and 7.5%.

2021 home improvement price increases

Headline: Quotation Check reports an 18% increase in home extension prices in 2021 compared to 2020. Other home improvement projects soar by up to 17%.

Summary: Quotation Check is a home improvement “price checking” website that publishes average figures based on estimates and quotations from tradespeople and home improvement businesses in the UK.

Over 1000 estimates and quotes are sourced from various locations around the UK and published online with yearly updates.

Quotation Check is different from most other research websites as it publishes prices that include both materials and labour for projects within the domestic home improvement sector.

A broad analysis in late 2021 reveals that:

  • Average home extension costs increased by 18%.
  • All “Major” home improvement prices increased by an average of 17% year on year.
  • “Minor” improvement projects increase by 12%
  • “Maintenance” projects have increased by 7.5% year on year.
  • There was an 8% increase in the number of respondents supplying estimates rather than fixed quotes.

Key Points:

This is the most significant year-on-year increase since Quotation Check started gathering prices in 2014 and in a statement, Daniel Woodley described the price hikes as “unprecedented in modern times”:

The price increases we’ve seen are unprecedented in modern times and in some sectors are more severe than inflation levels witnessed in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Daniel Woodley – quotationcheck.com

Projects involving concrete, steel, timber, oil-based products and imported goods experienced the highest price increases but even projects where few materials are required saw inflation well above the national average.

Sectors with the lowest price increases were cleaning, “handyman services”, waste removal and garden maintenance.

Note to editors: All price increases displayed on this page include materials and labour.

An Analysis of 6 Key Sectors

Below is an analysis of the price increases for 6 home improvement sectors:

  • Roofing.
  • Electrical.
  • Plumbing.
  • Extensions.
  • Gardening.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades.


Quotation Check received 225 estimates and quotations for 9 common roofing repair, overhaul and maintenance projects including:

  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Replacing damaged roof tiles.
  • Painting roofline boards.
  • Installing Upvc roofline boards and gutters.
  • Installing a new flat roof.
  • Replacing a roof valley.
  • Laying a new tiled roof.
  • Roof cleaning and moss removal.
  • Roof coating/sealing
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Gutter cleaning8%
Replace damaged roof tiles24%
Painting roofline boards9%
Replace roofline boards and guttering with Upvc19%
Replace flat roof (fibreglass) and decking24%
Replace a roof valley18%
Lay a new tiled roof, inc timber battens and felt19%
Roof cleaning/moss removal8%
Roof coating/sealing11%
Average Roofing Price Increase15.5%


The average increase in the roofing sector was 15.5%

The most significant price increases were seen in projects involving oil-based, timber or concrete building materials: flat roofs, Upvc roofline boards, concrete tiles, fibreglass and resin.

The lowest price increases were seen in labour-intensive projects where few, if any, building materials were required; gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, roofline painting projects.

Waiting times for some projects where large quantities of roof tiles were required were over 5 months.


Quotation Check received 220 estimates and quotations for 10 common electrical projects, including:

  • Home electrical inspections.
  • New consumer unit (fusebox).
  • Home batteries.
  • Solar panels.
  • Aircon installation.
  • Bathroom fan installation.
  • Replacing a power socket.
  • Full house rewire.
  • CCTV installation.
  • PAT testing.
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Home electrical inspection6%
Replace consumer unit9%
Home battery7%
Solar panel installation9%
Bathroom fan installation8%
Aircon installation17%
Replace a power socket8%
Full house rewire11%
CCTV installation11%
PAT testing4%
Average Electrical Project Price Increase9%


The average increase in the home electrical sector was 9%

The most significant price increases were seen in projects involving wiring and appliances such as aircon units.

The lowest price increases were seen in labour-intensive projects where there is more competition, such as PAT testing and electrical inspections.


Quotation Check received 215 estimates and quotations for 9 common plumbing projects, including:

  • Powerflushing.
  • Radiator replacements.
  • Boiler servicing.
  • Power shower installation.
  • Booster pump.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • New boiler.
  • Sink and taps.
  • Drain unblocking.
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Replace radiators9%
Boiler servicing7%
Power shower13%
Booster pump14%
Underfloor heating15%
New boiler9%
Sinks and taps12%
Drain unblocking8%
Average Plumbing Project Price Increase10%


The average increase in the home electrical sector was 10%

The most significant price increases were seen in projects involving imported electrical goods.

The lowest price increases were seen in labour-intensive projects such as drain unblocking, tap replacements and powerflushing.


Quotation Check received 52 estimates and quotations for 3 extension projects:

  • Loft extension.
  • Conservatory.
  • Single storey extension.
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Loft extension19%
Single storey extension18%
Average Extension Price Increase18%


The average increase for extensions was 18%

The most significant price increases were seen in loft extension projects, followed closely by single-storey extensions and conservatories.

Some of the conservatory prices we received were “fixed price” quotations, while all of the loft and single-storey extension prices were “estimates” that may increase due to product price increases.

Gardening and Landscape Gardening

Quotation Check received 265 estimates and quotations for 10 gardening and landscape gardening projects:

  • New patio.
  • Tree felling.
  • Garden shed installation.
  • Decking.
  • Soakaway installation.
  • Garden fence.
  • Turf.
  • Artificial grass.
  • Wall repointing.
  • Garden wall construction.
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Tree felling4%
Shed installation6%
Timber decking17%
Soakaway installation16%
Turf laying5%
Artificial grass11%
Wall repointing5%
Garden wall construction8%
Average Gardening Price Increases9.6%


The average increase for gardening projects was 9.6%.

The most significant price increases were for the installation of timber products.

The lowest price increases were for projects where little or no materials were required, such as tree felling and wall repointing.

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

Quotation Check received 58 estimates and quotations for 2 projects:

  • New kitchen, including tiling.
  • New bathroom, including tiling.
Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Kitchen suite inc tiling11%
Bathroom suite inc tiling12%
Average Kitchen and Bathroom Price Increases11.5%


The average increase for kitchen and bathroom installations was 11.5% although there was significant variation with some installers highlighting significant price increases for very specific items such as imported goods and some timber goods.

Comparing Major Home Improvements to Minor Projects and General Maintenance

The data can be split into four categories:

  1. Maintenance tasks such as garden work, gutter unblocking, painting, cleaning.
  2. Minor home improvement projects include front doors, electrical upgrades, garden decking, new boilers, flat roofs.
  3. Significant major works include loft and single-storey extensions, conservatories, bathroom and kitchen upgrades and structural work.
  4. Home extensions only.

Below is a breakdown of the average price increase per category:

Project:Year on Year Price Increase:
Maintenance Tasks:7.5%
Minor Home Improvements Projects12%
Major Home Improvement Projects17%
Home Extensions Only18%
Home improvement price increases

Fixed Quotations Verses Estimates 2020-21:

The prices gathered by Quotation Check are either quotations or estimates.

A quotation is a fixed price that includes the materials and labour. An estimate typically consists of labour prices fixed per hour or per day but the timescale and material prices are estimated.

Compared to 2020, there was an 8% increase in the number of businesses and tradespeople providing estimates rather than fixed quotes.

This is a significant increase on previous years and is most likely due to the volatility of prices for goods and materials.

A Snapshot of Material Prices Increases:

By using the Internet Archive, Quotation Check has has also researched the price increases for 15 building materials and goods, the increases are displayed in the table below.

Each item was checked at 5 nationwide retailers and compared to historical prices via the Internet Archive.

All price increases are averaged:

Item:Year on Year Price Increase:
1.8m fence panel16%
Bulk bag of sand15%
4m Upvc gutter length42%
150mm x 5m Upvc fascia board21%
Rubber flat roof pack7.5%
Fibreglass roof kit67%
Plasterboard sheet9.9%
Shower booster pump4%
Aircon unit (home)4.5%
Solid wood worktop12%
Consumer unit5.5%
Driveway blocks17%
Bag of cement9.5%

Note to editors: Quotation Check published this summary page on the 27th November 2021. The project price guides within the main website will be updated by the end of December 2021 and updated again in 12 months time.


Do the prices displayed include labour, materials and VAT?

When comparing prices year on year we take the price the customer would pay as the final figure. This includes labour, materials, waste disposal and VAT if applied.

Do you use the same companies each year when gathering quotes?

Quotation Check sources quotes from a fresh set of companies, tradespeople and businesses each year.

How do you select the firms who supply quotes and estimates?

At random, Quotation Check doesn’t accept payment or incentives to use specific firms and they don’t promote any of the firms that responded with prices.

Where in the UK are the firms based?

Quotation Check randomly selects firms from various locations around the UK.

How often is the data refreshed?

Quotation Check sends out quote and estimate requests once per year and then updates the website, usually by year-end.

How long have you been publishing home improvement prices?

Since 2014.

What is the difference between an estimate and a quotation?

Quotation Check considers a quotation to be a fixed price that cannot change without both sides agreeing to the new figure. It’s typically used on smaller projects where the total cost of labour and goods can be easily calculated, and it may form part of a fixed price contract.

An estimate is more flexible and is often used when larger, more complex projects are priced. For example, an estimate may go up if the cost of the materials increases or the customer wishes to upgrade goods or if the builder has underestimated the project’s cost, or if Building Control demand changes to the project.

The estimates Quotation Check has included in the data may underestimate the project’s cost as they may not include future price increases.

How is Quotation Check different from other pricing websites?

As far as we are aware, Quotation Check is the only online service that compares quotes from tradespeople and smaller firms in the UK.

There are plenty of services that examine prices within the construction sector but these tend to focus on the national housebuilders and larger firms.

What process do you use to gather the quotes and estimates?

For smaller projects, we take measurements, photos and videos which we send to the tradespeople and firms.

For larger projects, we invite the tradespeople and firms to view the property.

We gathered three quotes from the trade network you suggested and they were all similarly priced. We were delighted with the finished product and cannot recommend your website enough. Your prices were very helpful for those like us, that have no idea how much gardening work should cost.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we advise consumers to source quotes for home improvement projects online where possible. To minimise the transmission of the virus, the number of tradespeople and sales staff entering homes should be kept to a minimum.

Having been ripped off and thoroughly overcharged for previous work, I decided to research prices online before choosing my next tradesperson, Thank you for your research into costs – very helpful indeed.

We were quoted over three times the figure suggested in your guide so we searched around and found a more reasonable price. Your guides are excellent and saved us over £500.

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