A Statement by Daniel Woodley

A statement regarding Quotation Check’s 2021 home improvement price guide update

Increased demand and tight supply is pushing up prices, with many sectors within the home improvement industry witnessing double-digit inflation, but how much of this is just a rebound spike? Are builders pre-empting future material price hikes?

Quotation Check’s 2021 home improvement price guide update is based on over 1000 estimates and quotations from tradespeople and firms from various locations around the UK.

Almost all sectors saw inflationary pressure above the governments’ published figures, but with the cost of some materials rising monthly, are builders and installers factoring future price hikes into their quotations?

Yes, but only in a few sectors.

Roofing is one of them.

Some roof tile stockists are currently reporting delays of up to 170 days, and with inflation so unpredictable and volatile, it shouldn’t be a surprise that local builders and tradespeople and bumping up their quotes to factor in future price rises.

The cost of imported plyboard has soared by up to 65%, with stocks low, but regular British made OSB boards saw price increases of around 10%.

Fibreglass resin kits for roofers have been in short supply with price rises well over 50%, but rubber roof rolls have seen only moderate price hikes.

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility is critical.

These are unprecedented times and many projects are experiencing double-digit inflation.

I urge consumers to source several quotes and estimates from both local and national traders and to ask about waiting times, stock levels and other types of materials or products that could be used as alternatives in the event of a delay or price hike.

Daniel Woodley – Quotation Check (quotationcheck.com)

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