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Danny has over 20 years experience in the construction industry, first as an employee and later as a contractor for clients such as the NHS, Wimpey Homes and Interserve.

In later years, Danny set up his own small business with two employees in the south-east of the UK.

One thing that Danny noticed over and over again, was the number of enquiries about prices. From telephone calls, text messages and emails; time and time again, consumers were looking for a ballpark figure for home improvement projects.

Most were budgeting for an imminent future project, some needed guide prices for insurance quotes, occasionally homebuyers wanted to know how much it would cost to repair a property they were interested in. Some wanted to compare prices between different firms.

In 2014, Quotation Check was created to help answer the question: How much does that cost?

This website is designed with one goal – to help you find out how much home improvement projects cost based on real quotes from real firms.

We’ve researched figures for various projects, from electrical and plumbing repairs to house extensions and garden landscaping.

Rachel works as an administrator for a private hospital but has helped out tremendously with the Quotation Check project during her spare time.

From sending email enquiries to companies, chasing them up with phone calls asking for clarifications to creating our extensive database of figures.

Rachel’s work has been crucial to the success of our website and her skills as an administrator have proved invaluable.

Mike helped us in the early stages of our project with our guides, FAQs (frequently asked questions) and other content creation aspects of this website.

He has over 20 years of experience in the building industry in the UK, mostly working on extensions and medium-sized projects.

The 2020 Website Update

In late 2020, we sent out fresh price requests for most of our listed projects.

We then updated the prices on our site to reflect the new information.

We also updated the site so it’s more modern and displays better on smaller devices such as mobile phones.

We hope you find our price guides useful but please read our disclaimer, it’s important.

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