15 Hand Selected Personalised Gifts For Dog Lovers

We love dogs, so much so that we recently spent over a week researching interesting world facts and statistics about them.

You can explore more in our All About Dogs guide.

But what is the best gift to give someone who loves dogs?

A personalised one, of course!

Below you’ll find 15 of the very best dog gifts, chosen by us:

1) Personalised Hand Drawn Dog Portrait

We can’t think of a more personalized gift than a hand-drawn portrait of someone’s pet.

Quality is what counts here as cheap knock-offs created with low-quality paper won’t last the test of time.

We say go for a local UK-based artist who has experience in drawing pets in a portrait style. Not only will you be supporting a local/small business, but you’re far more likely to get a drawing that will delight the recipient.

We’ve spent hours looking through portfolios and galleries online, and in our opinion, the best of the bunch is Sarah Leigh.

Sarah is based in Kent, UK and has over 13 years of experience drawing pets and animals; she also claims to have never missed a deadline.

No artist worth their salt will offer cheap, low-cost portraits, so don’t expect quality and highly personalised drawings to be cheap, but there are several options and prices, so go check out her website.

Here is an example of her work:

Dog gift: portrait

2) Engraved Leather Collar

Most dog owners buy identity tags that are clipped onto the collar, but we think an engraved leather collar looks much better.

Note the word engraved; this isn’t a cheap collar where the dog’s name is printed onto the material with low-quality ink; it will be engraved via a laser, ensuring that the collar lasts for years.

This collar is made from Bridle leather treated with oil to stop the leather cracking; it comes complete with a heavy-duty metal buckle to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

Colours: Blue, Brown and Tan.

Sizes: 22cm to 56cm neck measurement.

Engraving: Space for a name and telephone number.

Optional extras: Matching leather lead.

Delivery: Super quick and usually on your doorstep within 3 working days.

As this product is on sale via Etsy, you’ll be supporting a local business too.

Engraved collar for dogs

3) Personalised Dog Towel Gift

Another affordable gift for dog lovers is this personalised drying towel which can be manufactured with the dog’s name and an image of a paw.

Key points:

  • Quick-drying and absorbant.
  • Available in brown and grey.
  • Measures 120cm x 70cm

We think this would make a lovely standalone gift or could be perfect as part of a hamper or collection of personalised dog gifts.

The ratings and reviews speak for themselves; go check them out:

Personalised dog towel gift

4) Custom Wooden Dog Lead Holder

This wooden dog lead holder would make a perfect gift for any dog lover as you can personalise it by changing the default words from “walkies” to names, places, even dates.

Key points:

  • Made from wood so it can be left as it is or painted/stained.
  • Measures 40cm x 19cm x 2cm.
  • It comes with 3 metal hooks which are perfect for dog leads, coats and hats etc.
  • The wood is solid and thick, not thin and cheap like some alternative on sale.
  • The manufacturer has stated in the Q&A section that they can customise it further by adjusting the width of the product.
  • Various fonts are available.
  • See customer photos of this product; we think it looks lovely.
  • Outstanding ratings (5star) and reviews so far.

You can see a digital mockup of this product online, so you’ll know exactly what it looks like before purchasing.

Click the image to read the full product description:

Wooden dog lead holder

5) Personalised Phone Case

We think a personalised phone case or cover would make a perfect gift for any dog owner, and there’s plenty of offerings out there from products where you can upload a photo to stock images with customised messages or names (like the photo below).

  • Choose a case that fully protects the phone but adds bulk.
  • Or choose a back cover (second photo below).
  • Lots of different options for dozens of phone models.
  • Affordable and reasonably priced dog-themed gift.

Tap the image below to find out more:

Personalised phone case
Dog themed phone cover

6) Custom Feeding Bowl

No list of gifts for dog lovers would complete without a dog feeding bowl, and we think the funnier, the better.

You can customise the name on this bowl, and reviewers have commented on how sturdy the bowl is, which is important as dogs often nudge, chew or even flip over their bowls.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: 12cm
  • Medium: 15cm
  • Large 18cm.

This food bowl is sure to make the recipient giggle

There are plenty of other dog bowls out there, but this is our favourite.

Dog food bowl as a gift

7) Personalised Dog Jacket

I know that some dogs don’t mind going out in the rain and wind, but mine certainly doesn’t! As soon as the front door is opened and he gets a drop of rain on his coat, the tail goes down, and he pulls back.

I also know that when he has his coat on, he’s just fine.

Another reason to consider a dog jacket is protected from dirt and mud; you certainly won’t need to clean your dog as thoroughly after a walk if he’s partially protected from the elements.

This jacket can be personalised with the wording of your choice and is manufactured from waxed cotton, which offers protection from the rain and is easy to clean. On the inside is fleece, meaning your pooch can stay warm on even the coldest of days.

Choose from three sizes and several colours.

This isn’t a cheap, poorly made product, we know because we purchased one from our dog, and it looks and feels like quality, and so far, it has stood up well to the rigours of our long walks.

Dog gift - warm winter jacket

8) Dog Shoulder Bag

Keys, dog treats, a phone, poo bags, a dog lead – how much is a dog walker expected to carry?

I always take a small rucksack for long walks to carry all the items I’ll need, including food and drink, but this over-the-shoulder bag is perfect for shorter walks when you don’t want your pockets bulging with items.

There are six colours and several designs to choose from, and you can personalise the front with your own wording.

The bag size is 19cm x 18cm x 5cm, and it comes with a 102cm long strap. Waterproof and easy to clean, this bag is perfect for long muddy walks.

Check out this walkies bag which would make a perfect gift for a dog lover.

Walkies bag

9) Dog Blanket With Image

Take a high-quality photo of your pet dog and upload it to this site where it will be printed onto this dog blanket.

Choose from two sizes

  • Medium – 60cm by 98cm
  • Large – 95cm by 145cm

Made from fleece, this personalised dog blanket has edge stitching for that lovely finishing touch and is machine washable at 30°.

We think this would make a perfect gift for any dog owner:

Dog blanket

10) One For the Kids – Puzzle

Another great gift for dog owners, especially those with children, would be this puzzle that you can customise with a photo of your pet.

Key points:

  • 252 pieces
  • Sturdy cardboard
  • Gloss finish
  • Arrives in a cardboard box with a personalised sleeve.
  • UK made.

This gift would be perfect as a Christmas prezzie or for kids on their birthday.

Dog Puzzle

11) The Daily Bark Card

A funny card will a smile on the recipients face, and for dog owners, this one is perfect.

The Daily Bark is a fictional tabloid paper printed on the front of this greeting card which you can personalise with an image of any dog.

  • An affordable way to add a personal touch to any gift
  • Quich delivery
  • Large A5 size so will certainly stand out
  • High-quality print
  • UK made.

Check out this dog-themed birthday card here:

Personalised birthday card for dog lovers

12) Personalised Photo Frame With Clay Paw Imprints

So we’re getting a little soppy now, but children would love this, and it will bring back wonderful memories one day.

This frame contains space for a 4 x 5 inch photo and has two squares of clay that can be imprinted with a paw.

The clay dries in 24 hours and is easy to use.

Hang on a wall or place it on a tabletop; we think this would make a lovely keepsake gift for any dog lover, it’s certainly different!

Size: 11″ x 9″ x 0.7″

Material: Wood

Colour: White

Personalised photo frame

13) Personalised Door Mat

Make a statement at the threshold to your home, or should we say to your pet’s home!

This mat can be customised with your dog’s name and is available in two sizes and three different colours.

Colours: Slate, terracotta, taupe.

Sizes: 40″ x 50″ and 50″ x 75″

Materials: Rubber-backed nylon.

This product is for indoor use, but there are many other outdoor doormats that the purchaser can customise.

Dog doormat

14) Hanging Slate Plaque

Made from slate, this hanging plaque would look lovely above a dog’s den, feeding area or even above a door.

You can personalise it with your choice of words which will be placed directly under the paw print.

This gift measures 25cm by 10cm and has a rustic string for attaching to a wall.

There are many other similar products out there, but we really like the slate. 

Popular alternatives are wood and metal.

Personalised slate plaque

15) Hand Made Felt Dog

Well, this is certainly unique – these are hand made by a local UK-based craftswoman who sells them via her Facebook page.

Each little dog is made from felt and is 100% personalised and hand-crafted, based on photos of your dog.

We really love these little creatures, and by purchasing one, you’ll be helping out a local business/craftsperson too.

Go check out the photos at Laura’s Felt Dogs:

Felt dogs

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