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Driveway Prices

See how much tarmac, block, gravel, resin and concrete driveways cost in the United Kingdom with our updated price guide.

Block Driveways

Block paved driveways can be found everywhere and have many benefits. Discover how much does a block driveway costs here.

Gravel Drives

The cheapest option and arguably one of the best aesthetically but how much are installers charging a new gravel driveway in the UK?

A great website with realistic prices for various home and garden projects.

Honest prices that reflect what contractors are charging consumers in the UK.

With COVID-19, it can be difficult for consumers to gather quotes from home improvement firms. Thankfully, this site [Quotation Check] has published the average prices traders are charging for common home and garden projects. Use their guides as a comparison; it’s safer than inviting strangers into your home.

My husband and I were quoted £3000 for a roof clean but after seeing your research we shopped around and found a reputable company to complete the work for half the price.

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