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Prices Updated 2021

Prices for Concrete, Resin, Gravel, Blocks and Tarmac

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How Much Does a New Driveway Cost in 2021?

Are you looking to replace your driveway? Perhaps extend it or even build a new drive?

Let us show you the going rate for tarmac, resin, concrete, blocks and gravel driveways in the UK.

We updated these driveway prices in 2021.

Just choose your preferred surface materials from those listed below. We’ve also got information about the cost to lower pavement kerbs and driveway rainwater drainage regulations that came into effect back in 2008.

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What is the Best Type of Driveway?

Appearance is of course highly subjective, but we prefer resin driveways based on aesthetics while gravel is by far the cheapest option.

Driveway Blocks (see how much a block driveway costs here) – there’s plenty of block driveways in the UK as this material is extremely popular. Regular blocks can look bland and dull but there are other options such as cobbles. Prices are in the middle of the road – cheaper than resin but costing more than tarmac and gravel.

Tarmac (see tarmac driveway prices here) – traditional and popular but can dull due to UV rays. Repairs and extensions are possible but can look patchy. The cost of a tarmac driveway is slightly less than a block driveway and much cheaper than resin. A good option for a large driveway.

Gravel (see gravel driveway prices) – the cheapest material you can use on a drive but gravel movement and noise can be an issue. If constructed to a high standard, gravel drives can be both stunning and practical although cleaning can be troublesome, especially if you have trees that shed lots of leaves. Pine needles, in particular, can be tough to remove from gravel drives. 

Resin (see resin drive prices here) – our favourite type of driveway but it’s also the most costly. A glue binds specialist gravel together to create a strong flat surface that holds the weight of vehicles and lets rainwater soak trough, so no puddles.

Pattern Concrete (see concrete driveway prices) – old, dull slabs of horrid concrete from the 1960s are long gone and in their place are stunning coloured concrete imprinted with a pattern of your choice. There are advantages to concrete and a few disadvantages, so check out our guide.

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