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How Much Does a Block Driveway Cost in 2021?

Block paved driveways are so versatile and have many benefits compared to other surface types:

  • Hundreds of blocks to choose from.
  • Thousands of designs and patterns.
  • It’s easy to replace blocks should you need to i.e. an oil spill etc.
  • They suppress weeds and rarely crack or split.

On this page, we’ll answer common driveway questions such as:

How much does it cost to lay a block paved driveway?

How long does the work take?

What is the best material to use as a driveway surface – blocks, tarmac, gravel or concrete?

Where is the best place to source quotes from local and reliable driveway installers?

We Asked 32 Installers to Give Us Prices For a New Driveway

See how much the average price is below

The big question:

How much does a new block driveway cost?

As prices vary from location to location around the UK, we contacted 32 installers from various towns around the country and asked for prices to construct two driveways, one at 60 square metres and another at 100 square metres.

As a rough guide – two to three cars can comfortably fit on a 60 sq mtr driveway while a 100 sq mtr can fit up to five depending on driveway shape and layout.

The average of the prices we gathered is displayed below, use this as a guide to block driveway prices but note the following:

  • All prices include VAT where applicable.
  • Full excavation of the existing driveway.
  • Levelling where possible and installation of weed barrier.
  • Installation of new sub-base.
  • Sand base on top of sub-base.
  • New blocks installed including edgings to borders.
  • Small step to the front door.
  • A new drainage channel leading to an existing garden soakaway.
  • All waste material is taken away and disposed of.

Block Driveway Price Example 1 – 60 Square Metres

The figures below are an average of the prices given to us by the 32 installers we contacted in 2021.

This is for a standard driveway installation using regular blocks and excludes items listed further down the page under the title “extra costs to consider”.

London Area£5500£6300
South, SW and Midlands£5000£5500
Outer Region and North£4500£5250
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Block Paved Driveway Cost Example 2 – 100 Square Metres

The next batch of prices we requested was for a 100 square metre driveway.

As with our first project, this is a standard installation using regular driveway blocks, a drainage channel to an existing soakaway and edgings along with a small step to the front door.

London Area£10000£11000
South, SW and Midlands£N/A£N/A
Outer Region and North£9000£10000
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Other Costs to Consider

As we are sure you can appreciate, it’s very difficult to provide a price for a block driveway without inspecting the property first, and the figures displayed above are just an average for a standard installation and exclude:

Kerb dropping/lowering – as footpaths belong to the council, you’ll need to get their permission to lower a kerb and pavement if you need to create or widen access to your driveway. The process isn’t always easy, especially if you live next to a busy road as there are lots of health and safety requirements to check first. We investigated the cost to lower a kerb, and the figures were eye-watering, often into the thousands. 

Drainage – since 2008, all new driveway installations must have a provision for rainwater management. That means rainwater from your driveway cannot discharge onto the public footpath or highway. If you already have a soakaway in place, then the cost will be minimal, but if you need to install a new soakaway, the cost can be quite high, it depends on the specifics of the driveway and land. See our guide to driveway drainage regulations here.

Block Type – standard driveway blocks currently cost around £20 per square metre while more expensive cobbles cost upward of £50 per square metre. On a 100 square metre driveway, that’s a price difference of £3000, and that’s just for the blocks.

Pattern Design – some patterns require lots of cuts and wastage, which can add to the time and cost of the project.

Levelling – if you want a driveway replaced on a like-for-like basis, the ground probably won’t need much levelling. If you wish to create an entirely new driveway or extend an existing one, you’ll need to level the ground which may create many tons of waste, or you may need to pay for hardcore to be delivered and laid. Either way, ground excavation and levelling isn’t easy or cheap.

Any extra work required such as raising flowerbeds, tree removal, brick walls, large doorsteps or relocating underground pipes or cables etc. can add to the cost of the block driveway.

How Does a Block Driveway Compare to Other Types of Driveway?

If you’re undecided about which type of driveway to install, consider these points:

Resin (see resin driveway prices) – the most expensive option but you get a driveway made from gravel that is bonded together with a resin. The result is a strong, durable surface that’s grippy, low-maintenance and looks stunning. The popularity of resin has exploded in recent years, check out our guide to current prices.

Tarmac (see tarmac driveway prices here) – traditional and popular but can look bland, especially after a few years when the colour dulls. It’s obvious when a repair has been carried out, and tarmac often cracks, leading to weed penetration. The price is similar to that of a block driveway. Rainwater management will be required for non-permeable tarmac.

Gravel – (see gravel drive prices here) there are lots of different sizes and colours to choose from and it’s the cheapest option. Gravel is noisy underfoot so deters burglars but could annoy the homeowner. Rainwater naturally soaks through the gravel so there’s rarely a need to install costly drainage channels and soakaways.

Stamped concrete (see our price guide here) – patterns and coloured dyes are stamped into concrete as it dries meaning you can choose from lots of different colours and designs. Drainage management will be required for most concrete driveways, they can also be slippery and it’s difficult to repair or alter them once the concrete has hardened. The price is similar to that of block driveways but more than gravel. Concrete may need to be re-sealed every 5-7 years or so to retain colour.

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Block Driveway Installation Cost

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Block Paving Driveway Q&A

When Were These Block Driveway Prices Published?

We sourced these driveway prices in 2021 and updated this page to replace the previous research we did in 2016. Not much has changed with the prices only increasing roughly in line with inflation.

Which Companies Supplied You With These Prices?

We sourced prices from a wide variety of firms, including larger companies and smaller businesses. Both driveway specialists and landscaping firms have us figures as both carry out this type of work. We sourced the prices from various locations around the UK.

Do I Need Planning Permission For a New Driveway?

If you aren’t increasing the size of the driveway and rainwater will be discharged within the property boundary then provided there are no restrictions, you shouldn’t need planning permission. For new driveways, you may need planning permission if you are unable to prevent the rainwater from discharging onto a public footpath or highway or you need to lower a kerb. Planning rules are complex and subject to change, so start with the government’s planning portal.

I Don't Want Drainage Channels on My Driveway. Are There Any Other Options?

Yes. We suggest you look into permeable tarmac or blocks that allow rainwater to soak through the material. This video shows how three tons of water soak away in seconds. Expect to pay more for permeable materials but they work great at preventing flash flooding.

Can't The Installer Just Remove The Existing Blocks and Replace Them Like-For-Like?

Most old driveways will have sunk slightly and will need a new sand base at the least, so it’s not always possible to simply lift and replace the existing blocks. If your driveway is in excellent condition and you just want to change the blocks for aesthetic reasons, the cost of the project will likely be less than the figures we’ve shown on this page.

Are There Any Installer Associations Where I Can Find Reputable Installers?

There are very few independent driveway installer associations and none that we recommend. You can use our network of tradespeople to find a suitable installer and of course, there’s also Checkatrade, Trustmark, Which? and other general associations. 

Where is the Best Place to Ask a Technical Question About The Installation of a Driveway?

The Paving Expert is by far the best place for technical information related to paving and driveways. The site has also been updated recently and is now much easier to navigate.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Block Paved Driveway?

A 60 sq mtr driveway will take between 3 and 4 days while a 100 mtr driveway will take around a week to 9 days. Expect the work to take longer if fewer workers are on-site and it’ll take less time with more working on the project.

What Type of Company Does Driveway Installations?

There are specialist installers that install block driveways and only block driveways. You’ll also find that many hard landscaping firms carry out this type of work too; along with patios and brickwork, it’s very much bread-and-butter for them.

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Your prices were spot on for us – we paid just over £4500 for our new driveway. Your insights into drainage were also helpful.

We recommend comparing the prices you’ve been given by contractors to those published by Quotation Check and other price comparison websites.

Experts say that consumer should get three quotes for their home improvement projects but [Quotation Check] gathered hundreds of quotes and published them online, what a great idea and time-saver!

My husband and I were quoted £3000 for a roof clean but after seeing your research we shopped around and found a reputable company to complete the work for half the price.

A real eye-opener… we saved so much money by searching the prices and your site was very helpful.