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Kerb Lowering Cost Guide

By Quotation Check

Prices Updated For 2021

Based on Figures From Councils & Contractors

By Quotation Check

Part of Our Driveway Series

A Look at How Much it Costs to Lower a Kerb and Pavement For Vehicle Access

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Kerb lowering is also known as kerb dropping but most councils and contractors refer to it as vehicle crossovers or as a VCO for short.

There are several reasons why one may want or need to lower a kerb:

  • To extend the access point to an existing driveway.
  • For access to a new driveway.
  • To upgrade an existing entry point so commercial vehicles can be used.
  • Access for wheelchair users.

Just so we all know that we’re on the same page, here is a photo of a dropped kerb:

Dropped kerb costs

We Contacted 16 Council-Approved Contractors To See How Much it Costs to Lower a Kerb

See what the going rate is for kerb and pavement lowering

We contacted sixteen council-approved contractors from various locations around the UK and requested prices to lower the kerb and pavement so we could gain access to a new driveway.

Here is the process:

  • Contact the council and check their process.
  • Arrange an initial inspection which will look at suitability, health and safety, any services (cables, pipework and so forth) under the pavement etc.
  • Make a formal application.
  • Arrange for the work to be completed by a council-approved contractor. The work will involve new lower kerbs, new lowered tarmac pavement and possible reinforcement of the pavement to protect services.
  • Final inspection by the council or representative and signing off of the paperwork.

As there are hundreds of councils in the UK, the exact process varies from one to another and there’s no universal price for the work.

The prices displayed below are an average of the figures given to use by the contractors.

Use this as a rough guide to kerb lowering prices in the UK:

Kerb and Pavement Lowering Price Example

The figures below are the total cost for lowering a kerb and pavement and include any fees that are charged separately. For example, many councils charge an initial inspection fee and an application fee, both of which are in addition to the actual cost of the construction work.

Also bear in mind that the costs vary wildly from council to council and in the last three years we’ve seen some nearly doubling the cost for this type of work.

Location:Average Price:
London Area£1900.00
South, SW and Midlands£1750.00
Outer Region and North£1500.00

Additional Costs to Consider

The prices above do not include the cost of relocating street furniture such as street lights Neither does it include cable or pipe rerouting.

Other things that will almost certainly increase the price:

  • If the street requires traffic lights to manage the traffic.
  • If the dropped pavement leads to commercial premises.
  • The size and gradient of the vehicle crossover being non-standard.
  • The driveway leads directly onto an A, B or C classed road.

We have heard of the total costs reaching over £6000 in some cases but this is quite rare. 

Common Reasons For Application Rejection

As there are hundreds of councils in the UK and each one has its own policies regarding kerb lowering, we can’t list all the reasons why an application might be rejected but here are the most common:

  1. Too close to a tree.
  2. The street has designated on-street parking.
  3. Street furniture cannot be moved and is too close to the driveway.
  4. Too close to traffic lights, roundabouts or junctions.
  5. Drivers using the driveway will not have a clear line of sight in either direction along the road (distances vary from council to council).
  6. If the road is generally busy and the driveway is too small for the vehicle to turn around (i.e. needs to reverse in or out of the driveway).
  7. The driveway is too small, and any vehicles are likely to overhang onto the pavement or highway (exact measurement requirements vary).

In a nutshell, kerb lowering can be a fairly simple process that costs between £1500 and £2000, or it can be a difficult project costing many thousands if the council even accepts the application.

Your Next Step:

Get in touch with your local council

Get in Touch With Your Local Council

Many local councils have published information packs for kerb lowering, you might able to find them by searching Google for “vehicle crossover” along with the name of your council.

Final Thoughts

We hope we haven’t put you off your kerb dropping project; in fact, many are completed each year without too much fuss at all.

Also, do consider that many homebuyers will pay a premium for off-street parking, especially if the property is located in an urban area with limited parking.

You might be able to recoup the costs of the project should you go on to sell the home in the future.

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