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While the UK isn’t known as a particularly hot country, but we do get a week or two each year when the temperature indoors is uncomfortably warm.

Also, as homes are now better insulated, they tend to retain heat well into the night, which might explain why it sometimes feels warmer inside then in does outside.

If you want to know how much a fully installed air-con unit costs, you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find:

  • A simple calculation you can do to reveal which unit is best for you.
  • A fully installed price.
  • Where you can get a custom price.
  • Alternatives.
  • Helpful info and tips so you spend your money wisely.

We Asked 16 Installers How Much Home Air Conditioning Units Cost

We recently contacted 16 air conditioning installers and asked for a price to supply and install an air-con unit to our master bedroom.

As our living room is south-facing and retains heat well into the night, we also asked for a separate price to install a unit in this room too.

You can use our findings as a guide to how much a home air conditioning system costs in the UK.

Here are the specifics of our projects:

  • We wanted a split system with a unit inside and a fan outside as these are the most efficient.
  • Our living room and bedroom are typical for a UK home with a combined floor space of 45 square metres.
  • We wanted a quiet system and were prepared to pay a little extra for this (i.e. we didn’t want the cheapest system on the market but didn’t want to break the bank either).

Project 1 – Cost to Install Air Con Into a Bedroom

There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep in a hot, stuffy bedroom and if you had to choose one room to place your air-con unit, this would be it.

Our master bedroom is located at the rear of the property on the first floor and measures 5m x 4m so has a floor space of 20 square metres.

We were told that the smallest unit suitable for our room would be around 7000BTU but that it’s better to go one size up and turn down the power if we found it too powerful.

The last thing we wanted was to spend money on an underpowered unit, so we chose a 9000BTU air con system for this room.

Here is how much we were told the fully installed unit would cost:

London Area£1800£2000
South, SW and Midlands£1700£1900
Outer Region and North£1500£1600

Project 2 – A Two-Room Air Conditioning System

As our living room is directly beneath the master bedroom and also gets hot in the summer, it made sense to ask how much an extra air-con unit would cost.

The price below is for two air-con units connected to a single fan outside, the power output of the whole system is 18000BTU.

Our living room is 25 square metres in size and is south-facing.

If your second room is some distance away from the fan, it will cost more than this as the electrician will have lots of extra piping to complete.

London Area£2300£2500
South, SW and Midlands£2000£2200
Outer Region and North£1900£2000

Our Prices Include the Following

The prices on this page include the following:

  • The wall mounted air-con unit(s).
  • The external fan.
  • All parts for the wiring and piping.
  • Installation by a qualified electrician.
  • A certificate of completion (by an electrician who can self-certify the installation).
  • VAT.

What These Prices Exclude

The prices on this page are for a standard and typical home air-con installation. You may pay more if:

  • You live in a flat or apartment depending on how far the fan will be from the unit and how easy or difficult access is.
  • You want more than one or two rooms air-conditioned.
  • You want a ceiling mounted (ducted) system.
  • Your rooms are larger or have very high ceilings as you may need a more powerful system.
  • Our rooms were at the rear of the house, which is also where the fan will be fitted, so this was a straightforward installation, yours could be more complicated.

How To Quickly and Easily Estimate How Much Your Home Air Con Will Cost

Here is a very easy and quick way to estimate how much a fully installed air con unit will cost, assuming a standard installation:

First, measure the width, length and height of your room(s) and then head over to this nifty BTU calculator.

For an average size room, it will suggest a BTU of between 6000 and 8000.

Now go and find a suitable unit from any of the suppliers listed below, we suggest you do your research and find one that has good reviews online and isn’t too noisy (many sellers display the noise in decibels and you can compare it to everyday sounds on this chart). You may also wish to check the size of the unit, so it fits onto your wall.

Amazon (a very good place to read reviews).

Air Con Direct (you can ask a question on each product page, perhaps about the noise level in decibels, for example.)

We know from our research that the approximate installation cost of an air conditioning system is around £1000 to £1300 for a single unit and from £1300 to £1500 for a two-room system (this includes things like brackets, wiring essentials etc.). So just add either price to the cost of your chosen unit.


Alternatives to fully installed air conditioning units fall into one of two categories:

  • Fans.
  • Portable units.

Fans – These don’t actually cool the air, but the feeling of a breeze over your skin can make you more comfortable when it’s really hot. The downside is the noise, effectiveness and the fact that they take up storage space when not in use. We prefer tower fans as they are often tall enough to blast air over a sofa or bed and are so slim they don’t take up much space in the room or storage.

Portable air con units – All air conditioning units need to vent warm air outside so any portable system will come with ducting that must be placed through a partially open window, through a hole cut in the windowpane or straight through the wall. The downside of these systems is that they are often noisy, heavy, large and the ducting is unsightly. If you do choose one of these systems, get a handyman to cut a hole through the wall and fit removable caps on either side so you can push the ducting through when needed and remove when summer is finished.

Inventor Chilly Unit

Chilly portable air con

This portable free-standing air con unit has plenty of positive reviews on Amazon and is one of the highest-rated products. You will need a window kit if you want to duct this through a window.

Best Fan

Tower fan

While this fan doesn’t chill the air, the breeze certainly makes you feel cooler. We like the three power settings, the timer, the remote control and the fact that it rotates and is quiet.

Princess Portable Unit

Portable air con

Another free-standing air con unit, this product stands out from the rest due to great reviews and its weight. At 15kg, this device really is portable but is still powerful enough for a small room.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Air Con System

Consider these 6 things before you spend your money on a new air conditioning system:

  • Noise: Often overlooked by buyers is how much noise the device will produce at different power settings. If the documentation for the device isn’t published online, ask the manufacturer before you buy.
  • Efficiency rating: Check the energy rating of the air-con unit, most are exactly environmentally friendly, but a low rating could mean it’s an older model that will cost you more to run.
  • Where it will be placed: The furthest point away from the bed is usually the best place in the bedroom. While against an external wall is the most popular place in the front room. Again, think about the noise when choosing a location.
  • Upgradable: Small, cheap and underpowered units might be okay for a single room but if you wanted to add an extra room at a later date, will you be able to upgrade the system with an additional unit? Or will you need to replace the whole lot?
  • Features: Remote controlled, app-enabled and even Alexa-compatible air con units are available. Most people would be happy with just a remote control, but if you’re away from home and want a pre-cooled home upon your return, an app-enabled unit would be your best bet.
  • Air filtration: Allergy sufferers will want to note the filtration system within the unit as they’re not all the same.

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Home Air-Con FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to questions about air-con systems, prices and their installation:

When Were These Prices Published?

We sourced prices for home air-con installations in early February 2021.

Do These Prices Include The Materials and VAT?

All of the prices on this page include VAT, labour and materials. We chose mid-priced items, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either.

A typical wall-mounted home air-con system cost around £600 – £700 with the extra cost for labour, VAT, additional materials etc.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Home Air Con Unit?

Even the most straightforward installations can take 5-6 hours while multi-room installations can take just over a day.

How far your unit is from the external fan will largely determine how long the work takes.

What Type of Tradesperson Installs Air-Con Units?

The tradesperson will need to be a qualified electrician to sign off (self-certify) the electrical aspect of the installation. They should also be trained and certified to work with F-Gas systems such as refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

There are plenty of specialist installers who employ tradespeople with the necessary skills, or you could ask your local electricians if they have the F-Gas qualification.

As the average temperatures in the UK increase, more and more people are installing air-con units and as a result, more electricians are getting the installation qualification, so it’s worth shopping around.

How Can I Make My Air Con System More Eco-Friendly?
Solar panels can produce a lot of electricity on hot, sunny, summer days and this power can be used to cool your home through an air conditioning system.

See how much solar roof panels cost here.

Solar battery storage is now more popular than ever and the electricity stored from the solar roof panels can be used to power the home, an air-con unit and even an electric car.

See how much home batteries cost here.

Are Air Con Units Bad For The Environment?

Air conditioning units are notoriously power-hungry and even modern products use up a lot of electricity but this must be balanced against the fact that the UK’s weather isn’t hot all year round.

The typical UK summer consists of a week or two when the temperature can be uncomfortable so you won’t be using the system all the time.

Should I Get a Portable System or a Fully-Installed Unit?

A fully installed system is far more effective and convenient and could be a good selling point if you were to put the house n the market at a later date.

Portable units are often noisy and bulky, they can weigh over 30kg and take up valuable floor and storage space. The biggest issue is where to put the ducting, you don’t need to worry about this with a fully installed split-system as the fan is outside.

Here are two photos of portable air con units. They show how creative you need to be with the ducting, although window kits are available.

Portable air con venting


Venting for portable air con unit

Do I Need to Notify my Local Building Control of the Work?

A qualified electrician or installer will provide you with a certificate to show that the work has been completed safely. If required by law, a copy will be sent to the local Building Contol and any potential buyer will be able to check that the installation was completed by a qualified person.

Do I Need to Upgrade the Electrics in My Home?

Most air-conditioning units, while very power-hungry, can be installed to the existing wiring within a home. However, if your consumer unit (fusebox) is very old, it might be worth having your home’s electrical wiring tested before you have the air-con installed.

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